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Worst (funniest?) fanboys meltdowns?

Infamy v1

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May 13, 2020
I dont think anyone can best @THEAP99, he can make LastWord look nice.

Ofcourse the stupid Discord drama he started along with his fans
It's crazy that things like this and the OP as well as so much more that we see on a regular basis is actually a thing.

This type of rabid fandom that leads to astroturfing shills that aren't even paid by said company they worship to do these things is what is wrong with gaming today, and makes me ashamed to share my favorite hobby with these man-children.

I remember reading an article a few years back that was about Apple having the worst fanbase, and I actually spit out my water and laughed. I literally lol'ed. Ah, the sweet summer child that wrote that article...
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Kos Mos

Nov 2, 2018
How can people think that exclusivity is a good thing for gaming? Maybe they haven't gamed long enough? Maybe they didn't actually have to wait in line outside of a store in the freezing fuck cold November rain on release day all night just for the store to tell them they don't have enough copies of the game to go around. Maybe they didn't ever have to get on a call-in wait list and have to sit twiddling their thumbs on release day in hopes the store was going to call them. Digital mitigated a lot of that but that shit scars, man. It remains to those who had to experience it more than a few times. If the same game (especially masterpieces) release on multiple systems, it does nothing but good. And that's the great thing. There is no negativity when more people are happy than just a few. Bring on Bloodborne and Last of Us: Remastered for the PC. When a masterpiece is created, it should ultimately be experienced by as many people as possible.

I definately miss games from the Original X box and Xbox 360 since I no longer have those consoles:
Infinite Undiscovery
Blue Dragon
Kotor 1 and 2
the Fable trilogy
Jade Empire
Lost Odyssey
The 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe ran and looked better than the ps2 version, (bonus points for it's psp exclusive sequel)
Magna Carta 2
The Witcher 2
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Apr 29, 2019
I loved this moment so much, chillz :lollipop_blowing_kiss:
Lol I remember this jumping up in their chairs over games that took forever to come out and be forgotten. Only game from that night announced on that stage that ended up being a big deal was ff7 remake

Kos Mos

Nov 2, 2018
This was a video? Some one actually made a video?? I always thought it was a post on a forum first. (this one really)

Scary to think that some of the examples in this thread may breed at some point.

Yeah I have to believe that these people were playing characters of themselves, but it never really took off for them like it did for youtubers like AVGN, Spoony, Nostalgia Critic, Redlettermedia, ect.


Feb 15, 2019
These guys who bought a brand new PS3 on launch day and smashed it with a sledgehammer in front of people waiting in line to buy a PS3 at Best Buy



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Dec 24, 2015
I don't know for sure - personally I kind of stay out of all the console war stuff since I'm just a PC gamer but from my experience Final Fantasy fanbois are the worst.