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Worst Gaming Industry Mistakes


We all know that Nintendo rejecting Sony CD-ROM Drive kinda mistakes but lets get specific?

What are the most "fail" mistakes game industry companies done to this day?

For me, Blizzard had DotA as a mod for years and did nothing. They got everything ready. Then Valve come out of nowhere, created a new a engine and gets rich by selling hats at the moment. Blizzard tries to answer years later with their own Moba which is still alpha.

I mean they could keep Dota and make new versions with SC2 etc. /smh


Wii U late and underpowered, or basically bad call by Iwata trying to emulate their previous success without improving their relationship with third parties.
Sony going with The Cell.

May have served well in the late game, but almost every single multi-platform title suffered because of the gimped GPU and the extreme specialization needed to program for The Cell.


If they actually went through with it, Xbone Always Online DRM.

This took 10 replies. I'm disappointed in you GAF.

Also, needless peripherals. If it's not absolutely essential to the console's design (Wii - Yes, XBO - No) Then it shouldn't be prioritized unless the market demands it.


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XBone reveal
Wii U marketing
Vita marketing
599 US dollars
The N64 keeping cartridges
PSN hack


Microsoft betting on the HD DVD instead of Blu-Ray, while not the worst mistake, certainly proved to be the wrong decision.
The change of post release strategy to pre-planned DLC, based on ideas that were not thought up on launch date and sold to the public as non-refundable season passes with no or little information about them.
1. Nintendo did something terrible going from Wii to Wii U. One of the fastest selling consoles to the fastest bombing console gen over gen, unbelievable how they managed that.
2. The Cell was terrible, took up lots of R&D money, made manufacturing costs super high, Sony went deep with the razor blade model (~900 dollars for a 600 dollar PS3) and it was hard to develop for.


Not sure I'd count Nintendo dropping Sony's cd add-on for the SNES as a mistake, since Sony would have had the rights to the games - Nintendo would have no control over it at all. Should they have snubbed them in the manner they did? Of course not, but Sony had been trying to get into the home gaming market for years by that point - even if Nintendo politely declined, Sony would still have gone on ahead and developed the PlayStation.
Definitely Sony going with Cell.

They hard such a hard-on for the thing I remember they were originally not going to put in a GPU, just a second Cell chip to do all the work until developers BEGGED them not to do that.


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The utter contempt that Sony seemed to have for fans at the beginning of Gen 7, and the ps3 being so costly were some big ones.


- $599
- PSN Hack
- Vita

- X1 initial DRM reveal

- VirtualBoy
- Maybe WiiU if it gets pulled this year

- I don't think they've actually done anything right.


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The over saturation of the rhythm gaming market. While I can also they may have been coincidentally falling out of style as well, Activision tried to milk it way too hard.
Atari made a deal with Nintendo to distribute the Famicom in America as an Atari system, but was secretly planning to ride it to whatever profit they could and then abandon it. However, the 1983 crash was slowly coming to a head and Nintendo backed off when they realized Atari was over-eager to pursue the deal.
What the heck, GAF?

Producing more copies of E.T. than there were Atari 2600s to play them.

It's the classic example, never really to be topped.
Nintendo -> No CD-Rom for N64, Wii U
Sony -> Cell, Vita
Microsoft -> Kinect [or at least 2.0, first one was probably highly profitable], OG XB1 policies
Valve -> Steam Machines??? [These seem to be far less hyped and I worry for their fate]
THQ -> UDraw tablet
Atari -> ET, Pacman
Sega -> Sega Saturn Surprise US Launch


Games for Windows Live, Vista Required, 50 dollars a year for online play. First year of GFWL killed the entire platform. Absolutely terrible.
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