Wow, Mario in Super Mario World was an asshole for punching Yoshi in the head


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I only just realized that Mario punches Yoshi in the back of the head in order for Yoshi to stick his tongue out.

This is animal cruelty, someone call PETA.

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He's friggin pointing forward. It looks vaguely like punching because they're on the same 2D plane. His arm is clearly going past Yoshi's head, jeez


He's more of a jerk for totally forgetting to rescue his girlfriend from King Koopa's Skyscraper. Thank God he remembered about the Wrestlemania tickets.

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In Yoshi's Safari, you could shoot Yoshi in the back of the head until you got a game over. I would say that's worse.
I don't recall there being a benefit to jumping off Yoshi at any time.

If you miss a jump with Yoshi, you can jump off and still make it. I also don't remember specifics, but there were plenty of places where you could run, jump with Yoshi, then jump off Yoshi to get even higher.


I always saw him as punching Yoshi in the back of the head, but I can also see it as him "pointing forward with his fist." Weird.


His hand looks extended past the back of Yoshi's head in that screenshot. I always thought it was supposed to be a pointing/gesturing as well


he's not punching he's doing a "charge" or ""attack" gesture like a commander would do riding a horse...
I don't recall there being a benefit to jumping off Yoshi at any time.

In order to reach the secret exit of the Cheese Bridge stage, you need to go underneath the first exit and land behind it which while possible with skillful Super Cape use, sacrificing Yoshi is the most consistent and easiest method. The art used in that picture is specifically from that stage.
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