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WoW: Shadowlands Has a Trans Character and Blizzard Had to Update the Pronouns in the Alpha

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Blizzard obviously do a lot wrong. But this isn't one of those things.

They put in a transsexual character in a way that makes sense in universe, made a small change, decided that because of what things are like lately to put a small patch note on their forum (not a public statement, so not a PR thing) and now we have a thread of people moaning. You're all moaning because Blizzard didn't fuck something up. Imagine that.

One of the lead designers on Hearthstone is trans. You'd think they could walk down the hall and ask for input.
That might be the feedback they were referring to.


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Eh it's fine I guess. I'm more baffled that this game is still alive enough to produce something threadworthy in the first place :messenger_alien:
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