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Wow, this guy is certainly ready for Diablo III


I'd be in the dick
I think that the set up is pretty cool but all of those candles reflecting in the screen and in my peripheral vision would be distracting. At least he didn't spend too much cash on this either. It's just some candles and paper.


I liked this one:

Not enough wax!

How big is your Day 9 gif collection?
I've got a couple.

Data West

coaches in the WNBA
I've cleaned my entertainment center about 15 times waiting for it.
Maybe that's what he's doing. Giving himself a challenge to clean up to kill time with.


Nice, but I bet he's going to remove it before launch. I can't see myself playing with all that crap laying around.


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Do you realize how stupid you sound when you are 'concerned' about his sexual life? Stuff like this is far more impressive than anything most people who put those comments do with their lives everyday. Mind your own fucking business?

I liked it.


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Now that's a setup! To the smart ones complaining about the glare...

New revolution in town, it's called blowing out candles.
Thats a sweet looking monitor, the black levels look great and there is no light bleed.

I just bought one but I'm not 100% satisfied with it, I want the one in the OP.


Lmfao. I'm dyin'. The last pic where everything is lit and it's all smokey is the best, hahaha.

I'm not as dedicated, but my excitement for D3 is almost as high.
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