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WSJ: Xbox One X won't support VR


There was a surprising omission at Microsoft Corp.’s MSFT -0.77% press conference ahead of a big videogame industry gathering: virtual reality.

Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console won’t support the emerging technology, once considered one of the hottest—and overly hyped—bets in gaming. The decision draws a sharp distinction between the new Xbox and rival PlayStation 4 machines from Sony Corp.

Full article is here behind a paywall, and quotes an Xbox spokesperson on the reasoning behind this move, citing that the customer experience "will be better on PC."

Obviously we knew VR wouldn't be at this year's E3... but it seems it won't be a part of Xbox One X at all now?


I mean, I doubt the PS4 was built with VR in mind, but they ended up doing it anyway. Taking this with a massive grain of salt.


Then why did Turn 10 respond with "We're not ready to announce anything yet" when asked if VR was coming to Forza 7 on X1X?
I doubt this. Wasn't it only a few days ago that they said VR would be coming just not at this E3? That it was a 2018 thing? I don't care much for VR but it has the potential to be something big I believe, doubt MS would just say fuck it to this.


I think that quote was in response for why VR wouldn't be at this E3 conference. The writer is attempting to spin this into something false - a narrative that Xbox One X won't support VR at all.
VR has never been overhyped, if anything it's the opposite where people trash it to the moon and back until they try it and then love it once they understand what it's actually like.

I think VR on Xbox is just a matter of when, not if.


Sounds like fake news. We knew it wouldn't be at e3 or at launch. But they'll add support later if it makes business sense to
I'm sure Microsoft will put out a statement clarifying that they aren't ruling out VR support completely in a hour or so but when PSVR does a million in 8 months and that's the "mainstream" VR solution, I don't see them being all that gungho on VR anytime soon.
When your whole messaging is catching up with your competetor and fixing the things people clown on you on the internet for, it seems weird that they wouldn't put a feature that their competor is currently touting.

The PSVR is currently the cheapest way to get from 0 to full scale VR starting with nothing...


Believes Dragon Quest is a franchise managed by Sony
Good on MS. Sony wasted what i feel is a lot of investment money into a very small niche with VR and Pro instead of more mainstream gaming deals and collaborations in regards to software


Smart choice. VR is yet to be proven long-term and Microsoft needs to focus on building library and userbase. Money would be better spent on that endeavor.


I'm glad Microsoft isn't going full-in on VR because they really don't have enough talent to spread around to it in the first place. I'm definitely glad to hear that Microsoft is not focusing on VR. That being said, the option would be nice for people who care about it - both developers and gamers.
VR has never been overhyped, if anything it's the opposite where people trash it to the moon and back until they try it and then love it once they understand what it's actually like.

I think VR on Xbox is just a matter of when, not if.

VR on Xbox, sure.

VR on Xbox One X... I'm not sure, unless MS is biding their time to reveal their own headset.
A bit disappointing, if true. Do we know if it's true, though? I mean "won't" implies "won't ever support"...and I'm having a hard time believing that.


I mean I don't really care but I think they are assuming because they aren't supporting it this year. Or until it goes wireless or something like that.


Not a loss to me. The slow teleporting Doom VR they showed at Bethesda's conference looked very boring.

It could be cool for a flight or racing sim but not for the majority of games I regularly play. Too gimmicky at this point int time and I would rather have the 1st party Xbox devs working on AAA titles. I remember when Kinect absorbed too much dev effort and took away from real games.
It remains to be seen. I'm under the impression they're keeping any VR plans under wraps until they have something ready to show. I don't think the One X is skipping VR.
Smart. VR is not a very safe bet for this generation. Better to focus on 4K/performance.

The price might kill this thing, but no VR will make no difference. I hope Sony doesn't pull some lame shit about how they have the only home console capable of VR until they have more (better) VR content. Focus on the non-VR games because they should "beat" Microsoft on those and price.
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