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WTS - Callisto Protocol + Dead Island 2

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Selling AMD bundle key that includes both Callisto Protocol and Dead Island 2
70$ - Paypal

You MUST have a qualifying AMD 6000 series GPU installed in your system to activate this bundle!
Step 1
: Login to AMDRewards.com - Login or set up your www.AMDRewards.com profile.
Step 2: Enter in AMD Coupon Code - Enter the AMD Token Code(s). Token Code is required to verify installation of the qualifying product with the Product Verification Tool (PVT). The PVT will prompt you to download a file onto your computer. Accepting all terms of the PVT will allow it to run and verify the product.
Step 3: Confirm your Game Reward - Select the Game(s) you wish to redeem by adding to your cart and confirm your selections.
Step 4: Activate your Game Reward - Activate your Game(s) by following the onscreen instructions. You may need to click on the Activation link. You may be prompted to enter your Steam, Epic account information to complete checkout. You may need to sign up for an account.
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