WWE 2k18 |OT| Neville May Walk Out, But Yuke's Are Still Here For You

I was somewhat excited for this when i heard Kurt was going to be in for the first time in years but.... yeah.... I'll pass. Yikes....

I keep praying they get it right one year but boy....they just instead try to bloat the roster with dozens of more characters than needed and don't manage to fix any of the actual nuts and bolts problems with the games.
Graphically worse? Of course not.

Gameplay wise? Different strokes. No Mercy is still one of my favorite games of all time, and in many ways it still holds up. I even have an updated current day roster for it and still play it occasionally. However, It just can't compete in many ways with the current 2K games in terms of realism, presentation, match types (TLC, Hell in a Cell etc). Basically, I appreciate both games for different reasons, and while I'd love a spiritual successor to No Mercy, I still appreciate what we have these days from Yukes.
You are accepting mediocrity just like the product it's trying to emulate.
I am really impressed after 30 minutes. The new lighting model makes a huge difference imo. Also, there are certain details I love. The audio in the NXT arena is just right. Also, I played a match in Toronto and I swear the crowd started go leafs go chant. Lol

I think I am going to be a big fan of this game.

Definitely runnin at a higher rea on PS4 Pro.
Talking to people in career mode is pointless, you get the same bollocks all the time. But the mode seems less of a stupid grind now, so that's good.
I think my partner might have pre-ordered this for my christmas as she has done for the past 2 years. I had to tell her not to get me it this year because it looks like absolute shit ( didn't know she had pre-order it) and she looked stunned and upset so i'm guessing she has to cancel it and look for a new gift , but I had to save myself from the tedium and her hard-earned money.