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XBONE LEAKS EVERYWHERE: Halo2 HD Nov2014; Halo5/Fable 2015; Crack3 2016, new SKUs...

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Jul 16, 2008

"Leaks" getting weirder and weirder


Oct 17, 2012
The timing of the Titanfall rumor was weird and it got debunked pretty quickly.

Nobody knows for sure what happened, but tonight cboat leaked some information that seemed to be clearly and obviously wrong, it was immediately shot down definitively by Respawn. At the same time, this guy made some weird comments to cboat in that topic, which could have been playful joking, but read another way sounded like he was saying cboat was played like a fiddle. At the same time this thread, the leaks have been getting weirder, but Gopher made a winking comment ("leaks") suggesting all was not as it seems.

Again, I am not a conspiratorial person. But it is undeniable something really weird is going on here. Whether it's anything sinister or not I don't know, but I just want to know the truth. That's in my nature. To get to the heart of things like this.

Thanks for the quick summary, didn't pick up on the leaker commenting at CBOAT in that thread.

Incredibly weird. Along for the ride.


"GAF's biggest wanker"
Jun 8, 2004
Thread for the archives .
Guess you really had to be there, cuz just flipping through the thread now to catch doesn't seem like anything too amazing happened here. Seems like everyone's trying to fill in the blanks with a story that's more exciting than reality.



Feb 25, 2008
don't worry about CBOAT, he's probably coming up with the most insane leak to beat out all other leaks.

I'm not going to comment on any of the leaks, but I do want to say one thing. Some of you may not know this, but CBoaT at one point did have a Facebook, and only had a select few of us added. I've had the pleasure of talking to him in jarble-garble through one a many sleepless nights in medical school.

He NEVER EVER once came off as a person who would say or do anything to resemble what half the hate posts are suggesting. He legit just wanted to inform you people. He actually is a gamer, and not some flailing fanboy as some of you believe. That's all I'll say on the matter.

I have a flight to Pakistan in the morning from Boston, and I've had an insane week in the hospital, but I'm absolutely stunned at the vehemence through PM, twitter, and the public arena.

GSG Flash

Nobody ruins my family vacation but me...and maybe the boy!
Jul 7, 2004
It honestly feels like MS is at war with GAF. I think we've gotten into their heads :p
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