XBONE LEAKS EVERYWHERE: Halo2 HD Nov2014; Halo5/Fable 2015; Crack3 2016, new SKUs...

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As a long Kamiya Twitter follower, I would look like to point out that he never went so fast and so hard nuts over a few tweets. Never ever.


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Can Microsoft do no wrong right?


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Approved or not there is a lot of odd things about this one. I don't have the contacts that some of these other folks do but the last thing we need are fake rumors or stuff like this to entice reaction.

Atleast we have a time table of late feb/march to see if it pans out. Not too far for something like this, I guess.


I've got a new conspiracy. Could it be possible that someone who works for MS proved to a mod that they do and then posted all this information just for it to be fake and then hurt Neogaf's credibility for leaks. It would be quite the evil mastermind plan!

I'm like decked out in all tinfoil hat armor at this point. So... yes that thought has crossed my mind as well.
Here is the thing I don't get

If ntkrnl is a legit leaker he is going to get caught easily

If he is an MS plant handing out legit info, why would they drop Titanbomb like this

If he is an MS guy out to get Cboat and using all sorts of crazy leaks to draw him out then MS will suffer a huge backlash. GAF will not forget if MS made up fake info to out a well loved leaker

Maybe Tom Warren some of the answers, how was he able to get such quick confirmation on discless X1 and white X1. I know he has sources but that seemed orchestrated. Those first leaks were true then things have spiraled out of control. 3 unannounced Halos and 2 X1 revisions. wow
The thing I find hilarious is that no matter what conspiracy or theory ends up being true, MS will end up looking like the bad guy no matter what!

It's quite amusing now that I think about it.



We need to respect our leakers privacy where possible, they do us a good service, least we can do is respect what they ask of us

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I have very little idea about what is going on in this thread, though experiencing it live has been pretty entertaining. One thing I will say is that, while I have no idea what ntkrnl's motives are or whether he's legit, the idea that his statement about the fiddle is evidence that he's out to get CBOAT seems misplaced. I'm pretty sure the post was made in reference to a statement about "dueling leakers," and when I read it I assumed it was simply mistaken reference to the dueling banjos scene from Deliverance.

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I'm stickin' around. First night in a long while that reminds me why this place is so fun.
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