Xbone PR: the 60 Minute Family Plan Revelation


Since people have been asking for a separate thread regarding this revelation, here is a little background:


When your family member accesses any of your games, they’re placed into a special demo mode. This demo mode in most cases would be the full game with a 15-45 minute timer and in some cases an hour...When the time limit was up they would automatically be prompted to the Marketplace so that they may order it if liked the game... The difference between the family sharing and the typical store demo is that your progress is saved as if it was the full game, and the data that was installed for that shared game doesn’t need to be erased when they purchase the full game!

CBOAT confirmed it as 60 minutes.

CBOAT alluded to this in an earlier post.

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It gets more interesting when MS chimes in. Who to believe?

We also have the Verge:

It's impossible to verify that these are the words of an Xbox engineer, but sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans have revealed to The Verge that the company was discussing the idea of limiting each Family Sharing session to one hour and that game progress would be saved so you could play through the hourly caps or purchase the full game to continue uninterrupted.



Man if they would have allowed even this lie to be unveiled and continued course

the world would have collapsed from the sheer fail


I don't get it. What is the 60 Minute Family Plan? Does it have to do with the original policies or the revised ones?

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Even if they did full games, it could have worked out well for publishers.

Say the owner of the game shares it with his friends. Now his friends can play it. But wait! They want to play it at the same time! Now 5 of them have to have the game for them to all play at the same time. They might not have even gotten the game in the first place, but now the publisher sold 5 copies when they might have only sold 2 or 3. But hold on! DLC just came out for the game. They all want to play the DLC, so they buy it (assuming DLC isn't shareable and you don't need to own the game to get the DLC). Now the publisher sold 5 copies, and 10 DLCs! Then one guy is having some hard financial times, so he cancels his Gold subscription. But he was the owner of one of the games! Now one guy has to buy a copy of the game, or they have to find someone else to share with.

Plus, it has the benefits of piracy, like people telling their friends about the game, and then their friends buy it, etc.


That was the stupidest plan of all time. And that xbox employee thought it was brilliant! Shut it down, MS has lost the plot.
Man I wish they would have revealed this before the 180. Meltdowns would have been glorious.

Best thing is PS+ already has done something like this for many games you don't own.


What's the point in gifting a timed demo? Shouldn't everyone have access to the same timed demo?
Man, if that's true, I kind of wish they went with the DRM long enough for that part to get out. I'd like to see the reaction to that. It's good all of that bullshit is gone now, though.
Really scammy of them to hide this before, or in some cases (like Major Nelson interviews) imply it was the full game you could share.

Most of us here knew there's no way publishers would allow full sharing of a game with 10 others.


This is a huge deal, I think. They actively tried to deceive gamers by letting them believe they were giving full access to at least one game for one "family member". Omitting to tell people it was restricted to 60mins is just a blatant BS move.

Microsoft must not think much of their userbase.


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I may be bitter at Microsoft for their One policies (and ex policies) but there is no way in hell that Pastebin was true...is what I'd say if CBOAT didn't confirm it. Holy crap did MS lose the plot severely. Goddamn, they are even more insane than I thought. I wonder if this will end up being brought up by the press. The IGN podcast on the DRM reversal lamented the loss of that feature...that never was.


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I don't get it. What is the 60 Minute Family Plan? Does it have to do with the original policies or the revised ones?

This was before, with all the always on, etc.

They said you could "share" your game library with up to 10 people. People actually believed there would be few restrictions and you could share full games.


I'm sorry, did anyone really believe that family program would work like they first announced? You'd have to be pretty naive.


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Actually a great tool to monetize demos like Psn+. You like what you played? Press this button to unlock the full game! You've already downloaded it...why not? Smart idea. Not a new one but a smart one.


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Why did people think that they would actually allow 10 people to have a full game when only one person buys it after they tried to kill used games?
So its like PS+ full game trials but for everything?

I knew this feature would be restricted to hell and back if it ever came into being. It just smelled like a last minute idea to soften the DRM blow.


Wow, what a fucking letdown for people that were hyped for it.

Trading this shit for used game and consumer rights was the right thing to do, dear god.

But but this was the future of gaming and we were all scumbags and luddites for campaigning and protesting against losing our consumer rights, a heavily locked down console and game sharing that turned out to be little more than a 60 minute demo.

We should learn from this, we should embrace this glorious future according to some.


If its just a trial feature then why did they need to take it away?

It screwed with their narrative. One of the "big benefits", somehow, of being constantly connected, was the supposed ability to enable things like this.

Or, you know, they just mad.


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I wished Microsoft went with their plan just to see how they would fully reveal this feature

Info missing in the OP, your saved data and such from these glorified timed trials could be used for the full game. The guy posting the pastebin seemed happy that they could then sell the game if the user likes the game after playing the 'demo'

This is almost the same as PS+ trials, the only difference is that MS was toying with multiple sessions instead of just one 60 minute trial
Moving this post here since this seems to be the new thread.

What's funny is that they DID hint at this. In an obfuscated way. We just never noticed.

Remember when the DRM was first revealed? The easiest complaint was "What if I wanted to take it to my friend's house?"

Remember the response?

Those gamers that happen to be using a friend’s Xbox One console will only be allotted 1 hour of playtime before they must hop online.

or one hour if you are logged on to a separate console accessing your library.

We just glossed over that because we figured, during the PEAK of the "24 hour check" freakout, that 1 hour offline for visiting a friend was just more shit on the cake.


That was the max amount of time a friend could play a copy. Period

It was in front of our face the whole time.


Knew it.

allowing 10 people to every 1 copy of a game would've made zero sense after all the DRM shenanigans.
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