Xbox 360 10th Anniversary Bundle Spotted [EU]


Xbox release in Europe on March 14 2002

Amazon France has revealed a new bundle for the Xbox 360 system. The “10th Xbox Anniversary” bundle includes the 250 GB system, 3-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Card, two wireless controllers, a disc copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary in addition to digital copies for Fable III, Gears of War 2 and Halo: Reach. You can check out the package for the “10th Xbox Anniversary” system bundle, in addition to a few images of the contents that will be in it (as well as some screenshots of the aforementioned games), in the slideshow to the left of this article.

The “10th Xbox Anniversary” system bundle for the Xbox 360 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of EUR 280.00, which is approximately $370.83 in U.S. dollars. Amazon France has listed a release date of March 9th for the upcoming product.



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10th anniversary of what? The OG Xbox and Halo: CE were both released in 2001, and the 360 is obviously not 10 years old. So.. i dun geddit

Edit: Unless they go by the European release date for the OG Xbox


10 years from the release of the original Xbox in PAL territories, for those who don't know. JP as well it seems.
That's an excellent bundle considering it's 280€. I payed around that for 250GB Slim with 3 months of Gold, Crysis 2 and Forza 3 and that was with only 1 controller.
Awesome bundle for anyone looking to see what the Xbox is all about. Both Halo games are great picks, Fable 2 might have been better but oh well, and it would have been nice to see Gears 3 but that is too new I guess.


Are the game preinstalled or just download codes? Imagine the delight of uninformed buyers when they get home to play some games and have to wait 8 hours to get them all downloaded.


Wow, when this gets the inevitable discount in the future, there will be some happy first time buyers. Would be an amazing deal for $300

Edit: NVM, Halo 4 will have totally killed Reach's population by then
And was succeeded in europe in December 2005! Heck even japan got the Xbox before Europe. Is this bundle MS trolling europe? Let's celebrate one heck of a short-lived console!

Pretty sure they're celebrating 10 years of the Xbox brand in Europe, nothing to do with the specific console.


That's a good bundle but doesn't it seem kinda late in the generation to be pushing a bundle like this? Most expensive model 360, extra controller, online subscription, four games. It seems more aimed at the "hardcore" crowd that would've bought a 360 years ago.

I would think they'd wanna start pushing the low-priced Arcade 360 along with a casual game or something.
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