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Xbox and Elden Ring top the charts in busy March | UK Monthy Report

I mean I have a younger zoomer brother who is probably gonna get a SX instead of a PS5 now just because of availability, and he was adamant about a PS5 before. He just wants to play the Suicide Squad game when it comes out. I’m betting a decent amount of people who buy the latest multiplat games are just gonna go with what’s more readily available.
Yup. This chip shortage has been a hidden blessing for Xbox. They're getting tons of sales from people who want to buy PS5, but they're just not available, so if they can get an Xbox, they just do that instead.
It is crazy, literally no updates on horizon. Its been completely forgotten outside of the hard-core fanbase.

Horizon forgotten west....sadge.

Well, lots of great games have been ignored throughout gaming by the general masses. One more for that pile isn't out of the ordinary.

I think they can spur up any needed interest with doing more things like the Aloy in Fortnite stuff, or when the Horizon VR game hits. It should get more people to pick up HFW if they haven't already. Plus by then Elden Ring overshadowing everything will be pretty much done. Heck, it already is seemingly done though it's still doing very healthy for itself.

Microsoft continues to gain ground due to PS5 stock issues - as well as presenting a really attractive alternative for someone who can't find a PS5.

I think this gen is going to be close.

Maybe. It depends on how long these shortages persist and how long Microsoft buys out chip priority. I think continued buying out of chip priority could get the FTC looking into that and compound on other aspects with the ABK acquisition, though, so I don't expect them buying chip priority to last that long or happen that often. Though, having paid for it already, will make it easier for them to put in larger orders of chips on average than they had been doing beforehand. If GamePass growth continues to be overwhelmingly driven by Xbox consoles then I don't think Series can do worst than XBO install base-size this generation, they would probably be able to hit at least 65 million - 70 million on the low-end.

As for long-term marketshare, well I think Sony will try doing at least a few things to address the shortages. Ultimately it's division revenue and profit which matters so I can see them (hopefully) tactically diversifying themselves to increase that in ways that don't jeopardize the established PS ecosystem/brand or relationship with players and, outside of some things like the GT7 MTX (which they've already fixed), they don't really seem to be doing anything jeopardizing that IMHO.

Also this is quite further out but I think the issues with these shortages might drive them to go for smaller APUs next gen that are also slightly less power consuming. Not just to save on costs per die (smaller wafers will get more expensive per mm2) but also to be able to produce more wafers in general, maybe some that can be spun into daughter products with all same featureset support as their main next-gen offerings.

So yes, kind of mimicking MS's strategy with Series S and Series X but I don't think Sony would keep the weaker design to just a stationary box. Besides, any performance lost on going with a smaller GPU (relatively speaking) can be made back up with advances in other system component areas. I think PIM memory & PNM are going to be a big deal for Sony 10th-gen.


Gran Turismo 7 killing it, despite people trying to bury it

By ‘people’, I trust you mean Polyphony Digital?

Because the vast majority of the negative press the game received post launch came from their own actions making it always online and adding in overpriced MTX.

Let’s not do double standards here


My little VRR pleasure pearl goes vrrrooommm.
He goes on to say in the Tweet that 360 outsold Wii in the UK and Xbox One still has a bigger install base than Switch, quite surprised by that.
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