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Xbox.com website glitch - "The New Xbox"


Take note of the navigation bar to the top left-corner under the XBOX logo

Quickly reverted back to the original website after a refresh.


Thank god you were able to take a screenshot of part of the website.

I am also assuming that it is just the new(ish) dashboard.

Edit: Man I'm dumb.


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Don't tell me that rumor that the new Xbox would actually be called "The New Xbox" is true.... : /

10 Bold Xbox Predictions for 2013
  • 1. State of Decay and LocoCycle will be the stars of this year’s Summer of Arcade.
  • 2. Shadow Complex 2 will finally be announced…as an Xbox Live Arcade launch title on the next-generation Xbox.
  • 3. Said next-generation Xbox will be publicly announced at a special event one month or less prior to E3 in June. It will be broadcast live on Xbox Live and the Internet.
  • 4. Microsoft will take a page from the Apple playbook and officially call the next-gen Xbox simply “Xbox.” Not Xbox 720, not Xbox Infinity, not anything else. We’ll casually refer to it as “The New Xbox” for a while until it’s not new anymore.
  • 5. The New Xbox (see, we’re doing it already!) will cost $400 in its most popular/gamer-friendly configuration. Not a penny more. A basic, smaller-storage version will run you $350.
  • 6. The New Xbox will be released in November and kick serious ass on both the tech bench and at retail store registers.
  • 7. Bungie’s new game Destiny will be the headliner at Microsoft’s E3 press conference and be the flagship title for The New Xbox – though it will also release for Xbox 360.
  • 8. Both the Xbox 360 and New Xbox versions of Destiny will be cross-compatible. It’s all the same Xbox Live, after all…
  • 9. Meanwhile, Alan Wake 2 and Forza Motorsport 5 will be two of Microsoft’s biggest first-party (read: exclusive) launch titles for The New Xbox.
  • 10. Harmonix will have a big new thing for Kinect 2.0 ready to go at The New Xbox’s launch.

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The new Xbox is the old Xbox. That is genius and will save them a lot of money in manufacturing costs. We have all been Durango'd.


Hahahahaha. Oh man. The old XBOX though. So ya. An app.
I would NEVER put it passed MS to do that on purpose either(make it look like a bug) to keep discussion high.


I'd bet on Microsoft doing one last huge push at showcasing apps and features for the 360. I'd like to be proven wrong though.


I don't think this has anything to do with a new xbox, you can clearly see that the console besides the TV is a black xbox 360 slim...


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Oh gosh, the rumors are true: they are actually using that ugly logo for the new Xbox.
Uhh... that just looks like a dashboard update of some sort. I wouldn't be surprised if the tab was just placeholder (the new xbox experience).
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