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Xbox Founder - PS4 Wins The Console War 'By A Nose'

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New interview with original Xbox Founder Ed Fries commenting on how Xbox One is faring against PS4.

The man who fought Microsoft’s first “console war” says it looks like his former company lost the most recent battle to arch rival Sony.
Ed Fries, who led the team that created the first Xbox in 2001, said things seem to be slowing down in this installment of the high-stakes sales battle between the Xbox and PlayStation franchises.

And the winner is: “I think it’s PS4 by a nose,” he said.
Fries said things could change with the upcoming release of virtual and augmented reality devices. Microsoft and Sony have taken different approaches in that emerging space and so that wildcard could still shake things up.
But the way things stand now, Fries said Microsoft doesn’t look like it will quite be able to close the gap after his former company bobbled the Xbox One launch in November 2013.





It is just amazing how quick people can dig out a good picture of Pinocchio. There is even a .gif. Simply amazing.


It's unfortunate that he's writing off the Xbox One so early in the generation. But totally, I agree with him that MS fumbled
and dropped the ball out of the gate.

But I applaud MS for really trying to turn things around and win back core gamers by putting out solid games (Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2) and by undercutting Sony in price. Even still they face a steep climb.
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