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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members Get EA Play on November 10


Microsoft announced the date. Xbox: November 10, Pc: December:


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
Doh December for pc


I'd kinda guessed it would be. Now they just have to announce the last Star Wars game is coming on the same day and jobs a good'n.
Game Pass already had way too many games, now over 60 more added just like that is nuts.

Will get Anthem and play Titanfall 2 instead.


Yeh but when was the last time EA made a game that is above 80 in metacritic.

I'm not for that metacritic stuff. My problem with EA Access after a while was, EA just don't releases that much stuff that's of my interesst. So I quit my subscription.
But well, at least I can than play Mass Effect, Battlefront and Dragon Age without inserting the discs ^^


I've not renewed my EA Pass and have bought game pass ultimate. I actually already own most of the good games on game pass but hardly any on EA pass.

Far too good a deal now to not have if you enjoy video games of every genre.

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Fallen Order has to be added soon right?
Yeah, I would think so. You can already find deals for $25 though, if you really want it. I bought it a month ago for that, great game
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