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Xbox Games Showcase 2024 + Call of Duty Direct | Official Neogaf |OT|

Are you hyped for the event?

  • Yes

    Votes: 143 48.1%
  • No

    Votes: 49 16.5%
  • Neither, but i will watch it for the new games

    Votes: 105 35.4%

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Peace out people. Cod isn't my jam

Great show though

Im Out Amy Poehler GIF by FOX TV


This was definitely the best showcase I have seen in a loooooong time, so much to look forward to!
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That was a solid show.

Age of Mythology: Retold gameplay and Doom were the highlights (although I still wish they'd make a new Quake...)

Dragon Age was a disappointment. Not feeling the trailer at all. Dunno if it was the choice of the song or the weird art style or what. It felt like a trailer for a comic book film.
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disappointed with that gears reveal... i was hoping to see something gameplay, this was practically just a title reveal so must still be years away 😞
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I'm excited for Dragon Age, Doom, Age of Mythology, MGS3 and Perfect Dark (need some confirmation if game is stealth focused).
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Treyarch is going to knock it out of the park I am sure. They always deliver in my opinion in all aspects; zombies, campaign and multiplayer.


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Committing acts of genocide or human experiments is fucking evil but the people committing that weren't "comical" about it. They were just fucking evil. Not comic book evil.

And yes, I have seen Indiana Jones movies before. I'd just hoped they would choose other antagonists for a change. That was my criticism. Germans have been done enough in previous Indy movies.
eh, I mean Nazis hunting occult artefacts and Indiana Jones killing them is a pretty good vibe. They tried aliens, it sucked.
They tried an Indian cult and it was pretty awesome and underrated.
I’m down for Indiana jones vs other villainy, but the track record is bad.
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