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Xbox Games Showcase 2024 + Call of Duty Direct | Official Neogaf |OT|

Are you hyped for the event?

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    Votes: 143 48.1%
  • No

    Votes: 49 16.5%
  • Neither, but i will watch it for the new games

    Votes: 105 35.4%

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Going to watch Formule 1 again, fuck CoD lol.

Show was good, but just a few games were interesting. And again a lot of games have no date. You can bet a lot will not even see the light in 2025.
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El Muerto

I'm sure about half these games will be heading to Playstation. They never announce if it's multiplatform during these events.


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This was a good show. Now it had issues:
1. Almost nothing had a release date. Who knows what shape Xbox will be in once these come out?
2. Avowed has officially lost any interest for me. That game just doesn’t look good,
3. The word exclusive wasn’t used anywhere…unless I missed it.
4. Gears 6 was a pretty awful….one more thing…unless it had gameplay and a release date. Don’t end the show with a trailer.
5…and the DEI crap is becoming so blatant and annoying.
6. No fucking Fallout 3 Remastered
7. No shadow drops or surprises.

Doom didn’t look quite as interesting as I was hoping, but I said the same about Eternal so I’m not worried.
Indiana Jones looks great to me.

I’ll be generous and give the show a B. Absolutely blasted the shitshow from Sony and Showcase.
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Sometimes we need to take a step back to take two foward. It worked with God of War (from 3 to Ascension), and I hope it works with Gears.

Edit: But there's a difference. GoW3 was the end of the trilogy, the Greek gods saga. But with Gears 5, Kait and the swarm didn't end there. It ended with a cliffhanger...
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Not gonna lie.. the show is so far so good till now. Im genuinely hyped for Gears, Age of Mythology Retold, Flight Simulator, and all that on game pass.
I enjoyed seeing Doom, Expedition 33, Gear E-day, Wuchang, Stalker 2 and MGS3 Remake. I will be getting them Day 1 on PC but the rest of the games didn't look all that great to me.

This Showcase was good but didn't live up to the hype. Yeah sure it was better than Sony's SOP and SGF but they weren't high bars to pass and this showcase didn't pass them by much as i was hoping for more gameplay not in-game engine or cinematics and of course more exclusives. This showcase had a lot of 3rd part games that are multiplatform.

But i guess true exclusives are nearing the end.


Look at that COD actually looking really solid - what actual development time can do to a game.
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Xbox does this every single showcase. They show games and barely have any release dates for them.

Also, the new COD is 310 GB. God help you if you have shit internet.
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