Xbox is Shaping the Future of the Console Ecosystem (Playstation is 1 ecosystem, which is called PS5

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Oh right, I thought you had mental health problems but it makes more sense now.
Dont go that far. It was technical problems in my part. That Enter key got me in to this nonsense. First it was supposed to be 1 image. Found the article. First sentence of post was good. 2nd post was coming up with something, and accidently hit that. Post went a head.

I just hope the mods close this soon.


1. tldr.
2. Shill cunt.
3. Hope you get perma banned.
4. How does Phil Spencers cock taste?.

go away gtfo GIF


Which alt account are you? All you ever do is post puff pieces about Xbox. Astro turfer perhaps? The new longdi?

Nah longdi was legit. Just an innocent fanboy, I didn't even mind him even though he loved to fly as close to the sun as possible. At least he was a fanboy and honest about it unlike some of these other disingenuous knobs.
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