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Opinion Rumor Platform Xbox is working with developer Mainframe on cloud MMO called Pax Dei with scaling complexity


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Finnish studio Mainframe is working on a cloud-native massively multiplayer online adventure for Xbox Game Studios. That’s according to reporter Jez Corden on The Xbox Two podcast, and it’s something that I’ve separately confirmed through independent sources. Mainframe’s game goes by the working title Pax Dei, and it’s something that people on the Xbox team are excited about for multiple reasons.

Cloud-native here means that players can access the same game through any device. The studio is also exploring potential gameplay mechanics that can only work in a game that exists primarily on a remote server.

One key concept, however, is that mechanics scale in terms of complexity. While anyone can do anything in Pax Dei on any device, certain tasks will make more sense depending on where you are playing. So if you’re on your phone at work, you can open up the game and quickly do some crafting or resource farming. Then, when you get home to your PC or console, you can take on some of the more complex missions like raids.

But key Xbox figures are also excited about Pax Dei because of its value in highlighting hurdles with cloud-based development. The hope among those at Microsoft is that Pax Dei can create an opportunity to set up best practices for this kind of game. And then other studios can run that same playbook in the future.

In particular, Xbox is hoping to use those lessons with Hideo Kojima’s potential upcoming Xbox game. Kojima and Microsoft are still finalizing a deal, but the Xbox team is lining up resources to aid the renowned Japanese designer. In June, Microsoft hired Kim Swift to oversee cloud games and to work with Kojima on his project.


Jul 16, 2017
No one has cracked this nut yet. It's about time someone has another shot at it. The possibilities of such a platform are interesting.
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Jun 4, 2020
This is another part of next gen, proper usage of cloud computing but we haven't seen it that well apart from elements of MSFS. I also want to see MS leverage some of their connections to OpenAI within other things like gaming.
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Gold Member
Oct 25, 2013
Imagine GTA V, Skyrim or Fallout where every single house you see is accessible.

That's the immersion i want and something cloud computing could be used for.

ML generated rooms etc. Do all the heavy lifting on the remote side and just stream the map data across to the client,. which it then builds with its built in assets.


Gold Member
Nov 6, 2019
Get vaccinated

Sounds like a marketing term some Azure salesrep would have used back in 2012 while trying to convince us to migrate an environment to it. It's just a cloud app, that's all. Like 90% of the applications people use these days.


Dec 29, 2019
Will be interesting to see what they come up with regardless of what platforms it is on.