Xbox Live : Games on Demand. August this year

Jun 4, 2006
There is a special MS lunch going on, Majornelson is announcing more things. Like the following :

Confirmed by Garnett on his Twitter :

Games on Demand service coming to Live in August with 30 titles

Win avatar items as rewards in games coming soon
Also a marketplace to buy stuff for your avatar on the way

-coming more-

There you have it. Awesomesauce.

PR statements to follow.
Jun 7, 2004
Memphis, TN
from Gizmodo:
Microsoft had too much news for the keynote, so they're taking care of the spillover now: First up, full Xbox Live games on demand. That's right, you can download Mass Effect, Bioshock and more. Using a real credit card—no Xbox Live points—with retail-like pricing. They're coming in August.

Not every game, but it is a mix of third-party stuff: Sonic, call of Duty 2, Crackdown, Bioshock Mass Effect and more. Dodged whether games will be downloadable the day they're released to retail.
Feb 12, 2006
robut said:
why would this not be at the conferance?
Seriously. I had to watch all that bullshit waving and this could have been said in less than a minute? Fuck the conference - this is where the action is.