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Xbox LIVE Indie Games - The September 2010 Thread

The September thread, for all the best (and worst) games that came out in August, and the discussion of whatever September brings us.

August has been busy, especially the tail end of it. On August 25th and 26th a ridiculous 21 games came out. Great for gamers, but utterly useless for devs. With New Arrivals only carrying 15 games, some people made games that were visible for less than a day before being shunted off never to be seen again. You’d hope that no good games were caught in that but having seen the early sales of the number one game this month, it looks like it could have suffered. So go now and download it, because it’s worth your time and money!

You can buy any of these games via xbox.com by clicking the link associated with each game, or on the Games Marketplace on your Xbox 360. Simply enter the marketplace and scroll up to Indie Games, where you can check the top rated titles, the games that have just come out, or “browse” to find the games mentioned in this thread. Indie Game trials last eight minutes, which is often enough to establish what you think about it. Even if you don’t buy any of these games, at least trial them, tell people what you think, get more people trying them.

Go. Play. Enjoy. Tell us what you think! Tell all your friends! Get them to tell all their friends…

(Xbox LIVE Indie Games are available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. If you’re outside those countries you can still play these games by setting up a Gamertag for free for one of those countries. It’s worth doing.)

The Gold award, for the absolute best game that came out last month.

Gravitron360 is excellent. It’s a stylish, beautiful game which I guess most brings to mind memories of Thrust. You pilot a ship that feels perfect to control, with every boost with the right trigger making the ship react exactly how you’d expect. Rather than rotating the ship left and right with, well, left and right, the direction you press the analogue stick in is the direction in which the ship heads. Your mission is to destroy a number of targets and then escape the planet’s atmosphere. Choosing to save some engineers along the way, or not.

The engineers can repair your ship and are worth a few hundred points, but if you take too long to pick them up, or don’t have enough damage to make it worthwhile, it’s probably better to just leave them and pick up the time bonus. Unless you’ve got a conscience, or are excellent at the game and just don’t take that long to pick them up.

To help with getting excellent, your skills are forced to improve in a number of challenge modes. There’s one where you have to pick up engineers quickly, and another which forces you to race through checkpoints, and a couple more besides. These challenges are very, very difficult, and will take a lot of practice to beat but developing the skills in these challenges will lead to much improved scores over the main game’s 70 levels.

It’s 80 Microsoft Points, this one, which is an absolute pittance for the amount of quality gameplay you’re getting.

The Silver award, for games that are incredible, but hey, only one game can be the Gold award winner. In any other month, any of these could have earned it!

MILITARY SNIPER-SIM 3.18 was ridiculously close to getting my shout for best game of the month. It’s a sniping game, you're given targets and you have to hit them. It doesn’t look great, but what makes this excellent is how in depth it is, and in particular its logbook.

First, you take a shot under normal conditions, but even then you have to take into account your breathing and trigger action. Then you can change stuff up, the wind, the temperature, the target distance. Each of these affect the path of the bullet. When you get a successful hit it's noted in your logbook and you can then use the settings you found out to adjust your rifle and make sure next time you have a shot in those conditions, your shot is perfect. Practice practice practice and fill in the logbook, and you can take on a ten shot challenge under variable conditions and see how well you can score. The first sniping game on XBLIGs or even anywhere that's been done really well, and genuinely feels like how I’d expect sniping to feel. Brilliant stuff.

Go rate this one high, because it’s got a fairly low score right now, and I can only assume it’s because people were expecting some depth-free sniping experience like their generic FPSs would give them.


Breeze is, I don't know what genre, platformer? You have to blow a daisy through a level to a target by rotating a fan around it and then using the right trigger to adjust the speed of the fan, being careful not to hit the daisy, or blow the daisy into any obstacles or walls.

It controls perfectly and the gravity/fan physics are spot on. The best bit is the dev times, which are very difficult to beat but if you manage it, you get a gold star (and a round of applause). There are sixty levels, it looks lovely, it sounds beeeeautiful, and with the dev times to beat you'll be playing for ages.


Star Crisis is from Excalibur Studios. You're given missions to complete, the first being to board a ship. You then take part in a horizontal shmup type game to get there. You can fire straight forward with the right trigger. Left and right movement is on the analogue stick, and you thrust with the left trigger, which you need to do because the game takes gravity into account, if you don't thrust you'll just fall to the bottom of the level and won't hit anything.

There are power-ups and stuff to collect, points to rack up and missions to complete. Much like the dev’s other game, Aesop's Garden, it has an awesome style and brilliant music which is still buzzing round my head now, it's fun stuff.


ちえりのドキ★ドキ湯煙ぶらり旅 or, that hot spring game. It’s nothing short of bizarre but it's also a lot of fun. You simply have to stay out of the water at the bottom of the screen by swinging from the dots, bouncing on an old guy’s head and shooting rubber ducks. I’m reassured that the game is based on a true story.

It takes some getting used to, the controls are backwards and you have to press the right stick up to fire down, for example. It won’t be long before it’s second nature though and then you’re left with what is actually one of the most unique shooters you’ll ever play, both in sheer absurdity and gameplay mechanics.


Clover: A Curious Tale is one of the most ambitious games on the service. A huge, voice-acted 2D RPG with a massive script, loads to explore, and loads of puzzles to solve. Screenshots probably don’t do it justice but it has a lovely style, too.

There’s not much plot to speak of in the early stages and the gameplay is very much about finding the right item and giving it to the right person, but the style and charm kind of negate that problem, it’s fun hearing what the people have to say. Well, sometimes, it’s always fun reading it but the voice acting can be a bit strange with weird tone and emphasis. Check out the soldier at the very start for an example of that! It’s fun though, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Bronze Award, not the best games out this month, but every one of these is still either great, or has a really unique aspect to it that more than makes it worth trying.

"The harder the stage, the less the clothes." Oh yes, it's 萌めくり. It's one of those games where if you flip one tile, the surrounding tiles flip, and you have to have them all facing the same way to see a HOT GIRL NAKED!!!! picture of a girl. The presentation is nice, though, I like the bright and chunky logo/fonts and the music is quaint and Katamari Damacy-esque. There are some special blocks too. Grey ones can't be flipped, blue ones flip twice if you click on them (the surrounding blocks only once) and green ones flip every block in that row/column. There's a lot to consider and it’s really hard. The game I mean. The game is hard.

Unplugged is sort of infuriating, but not how you'd think. You're in a sink and have to stop enemies getting to the plughole in the middle and avoid it yourself. It's one of the ugliest games on the service, and you play the first level and it's just a shit twin-stick. In my head I was typing "rubbish twin-stick" and leaving it at that. Then you get to the next level and the water rotates quicker, and all of a sudden your bullets start spraying around wildly taking the flow of water into account, and you really have to give some thought to where you're shooting. The effect of the bullets is pretty excellent, yet the rest of the game is so horrible looking, and the first level is so plain, that most people won't even get that far. Infuriating, because it's better than it lets on.

I've played BioHack’s trial three times and still don't get it. My gut is telling me that there's an awesome puzzle game here but it's so confusing and complex, I need to play all the tutorial levels at least twice more I think, just so that I can really work out what's having an effect on what. At the moment, I have no idea why the things I do affect the game in the way they do. It’s here because I’ve seen enough to know that there’s a pretty good chance it's excellent. The scoring system certainly has potential for beating your scores by a few points each time and getting better and better. Just be prepared to trial it in excess of five times!

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is a great game, but not really the most effort filled port from the PSP. Plays with huuuuuge borders. It's still fun though, and if you don't have it on PSP you absolutely should get it here. You have to chase monsters up a vertical level, double jumping into them three times to kill them. The twist is in the score/combo system. To get better combos you have to jump on each platform once, and jumping on a platform twice resets the counter. Lots of scope for perfect runs, etc. Controls excellently. It's good, but if you've got a PSP maybe get it on that instead.

ADVENTURES of CAPTAIN Becky should really be terrible. It’s a 2D platform game over short levels staring a girl with very bouncy tits and very few clothes. It should be terrible. It’s actually surprisingly competent though, with enemies that you have to observe to get to know their patterns before taking them on. Of course, the true draw is in the edit mode. You can edit absolutely everything about Becky’s appearance. Everything. It’s ridiculously comprehensive. And pressing the “random” button is almost as fun as the game itself.

Codex is a pretty decent puzzle game. You have a 4x4 grid of tiles and you have to match a pattern by sliding them. Sliding a line knocks a tile off the end and you control that tile. It adds in blocks that can't be moved and stuff to keep things interesting, and there are pretty harsh caps on the numbers of moves you can make so you really need to think about what you're doing. Being rated fairly badly at the moment for some reason, I’ve no idea what people were expecting when they looked at the screenshots and downloaded it, it’s certainly good at what it does.

Avatar Grand Prix is nice, but comes with issues. The second track in particular looks fantastic and has all kind of IP theft going on. Anyway, just a racing game really but it lets you qualify, which is nice. The BIG problem is that the drift controls don't work very well. The idea is to hold the brake button when you've got speed around corners and if you hold it, you get a boost. If you don't have enough speed you don't drift and you stop, and if you drift too long you slow down and also stop. Absolutely needed to be on a different button or require a tap to operate. Quite fun driving around otherwise but you probably won't win without mastering the boost.

King Spray is, bizarrely, one of the best looking Indie Games available. It looks excellent. It's not a game, though, it's just a grafitti simulator (I guess.) I was all set to write it off as MSPaint with cumbersome controls but actually, the effects you can get from it are awesome, and if you put some effort in you'll create some excellent stuff - I dunno what you'd do with it then though. And the controls are a bit cumbersome.

Fish Squid Time Machine is SYNSO mixed with ****** ******. At first, you'll think "what the hell is this?" and then it makes more and more sense. You constantly turn one way and pressing a button turns you the other, so you can use this mechanic to go forwards. You have to collect small fish and avoid big dark ones, as far as I can work out. People will enjoy this the same way people enjoy Space Giraffe. It looks mental and incomprehensible, but if you stick with it you'll probably get into a zone and get some huge scores. At the same time, it feels like I’m falling for an elaborate practical joke in recommending this at all, because the whole package feels a bit like the devs are just taking the piss.

Magnetic Wars is great, but I found it really hard. You can attract and repel bullets (think a bit like Ikaruga) by switching the polarity of your ship. It's a nice looking twin-stick, it's fun, it's hard, but I think it'd have been improved if the polarities were much better illustrated, it's sometimes not clear what's happening. There’s loads of scope for memorising enemy attack patterns though, so if that’s your kinda thing you’ll love this.

Some people are born without imaginations, and those people make games about zombies. Here, we celebrate these people in the same way you’d celebrate when your straight-F child gets an E-minus. In P.E. or something.

THE ZOMBIE SHOTGUN MASSACRE is a strange beast. You are a bikini clad girl and you defeat zombies in a level that's angled like Golden Axe or something.

You perform fetch quests and, bizarrely, pick up cards now and then with scantily clad women on for little apparent reason. I'll be honest though, despite it not being great, I was actually having fun with it. There's attempts at humour which occasionally work and it’s fairly mindless fun in the same way all shooters are.

Some games are bad. Really bad. So bad that they don’t even deserve a functioning link to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. But if you’re in the mood for some punishment, or just want to be reminded how much better the games above are, check these out, last month’s most terrible games.

So Many Girls So Little Time would be the best game I'd ever played if it was the only game I'd ever played. It's a time management game where you have to arrange dates with girls and make sure they don't clash with other dates with other girls, etc. There's no record of what's going on so you have to remember about ten dates at once and how long they are. You then decide what to talk about to which they will say "maybe I should be more interested in <what you said>." That's the extent of the game's script, there's no humour, none of the girls have a personality, there's literally nothing. I played it seriously for about three minutes before I was bored and just hit A to every choice until I died. Not in the game, I actually died.

Battle-SX. Right. I'll throw this out there straight off - I'm terrible at beat-em-ups, can't play them, never been able to, never shown any signs of improvement. I'm sure I'm better than this game makes me feel, though. I've played it four times, and am still yet to land a single hit, or at least a single hit that does much in the way of damage. First, I ran in and punched and kicked and the AI blocked literally everything, and the second I let up launched into a barrage of blows that killed me. I tried again and the AI attacked at the same time I did, my hits did nothing, AI - barrage of blows killed me. So, I tried blocking. In response to this, the AI attacked me so relentlessly that there was no opportunity whatsoever to let my guard down and counter, and the second I got bored and did so the AI continued to just rain down blows on me which I could do nothing about. And killed me. It’s beyond me.

Protect Zoey from the Zombies, you've read the title, so whaddya think? Is the game going to be good or bad? You went for bad, didn't you? CORRECTAMUNDO! Horrendously animated zombies walk towards you at the top, middle or bottom of the screen and you shoot them really slowly, and upgrade weapons by spending the cash you earnt. The structure is nice, but there's little in the way of actual gameplay.

Balloon Boy is based on that topical news event, the balloon boy thing that was in the news recently. No, wait, not recently, almost an entire year ago. You just float and avoid stuff while travelling as far as you can. Collision detection is awful which makes it unplayable. It's impossible to tell whether you're at a safe distance from a hazard. Their next game will be about the Pakistan cricket betting scandal, and will come out in 2013 when it’s not relevant anymore.

Escapism is another ball dropping (shush) match-three game which has gimmicks but literally nothing that makes it feel different or in any way interesting. It pretends to be some kind of art statement but is astonishingly ugly.

Meep is Doodle Jump but sometimes it puts you in situations where it's literally impossible to advance so is totally beyond having a point.

Little Green Men is Lemmings. The moves are all from Lemmings, the mechanics are all from Lemmings, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it turned out that the levels were just skinned Lemmings levels.

Sidewalk Sally is a game you know is going to be bad as soon as you see the box-art. You're not quite prepared for how bad, though. You press A to skate and then X or Y to jump over cracks in the pavement, or small obstacles. That's it. The timing is all weird so you'll fall over most of the time anyway but even if you don't, the game doesn't track any kind of score at all so it's a complete waste of time.

And to end on an awesome note…

Every month, we’ll revisit a couple of games that you may have missed from months gone by. These games are lost in the depths of the Games Marketplace, pull them out of there! Played a really awesome Indie Game in the past? PM me and we’ll see about getting it in here in the future.

NINJA BROS. &#24525;&#32773;&#12502;&#12521;&#12470;&#12540;&#12474; or, well, Ninja Bros for short is an excellent puzzle-platformer. All you have to do is get your ninja to the exit in these tiny little levels. Except…

… When one ninja moves, they all move. This means that while one of them might be safe, another might be heading straight to a trap and to his death. Luckily, they can all jump independently and this means that there’s some proper platforming to deal with as well as working out how to solve the level with all your ninja’s safe. It’s a brilliant concept, perfectly executed.


Globe Clicker is, well, it’s sort of a game and sort of a geography quiz. Cue some joke about how Americans don’t know about geography, or something. All you do is point to a globe at where you think a specific country, city, or landmark is located. That’s it.

You’re given a score based on how long it took you, and how far away from the target you were. If you get enough points, you can move onto the next level. Or, if you’d prefer, you can customise your game so you can just revise African cities or something, I imagine that continent is most people’s weakness! Well, I’m sure you’ve read all this and thought “nah, not for me” but don’t write it off without giving it a try, just because it’s educational doesn’t mean it’s rubbish.

And, well, it’s just awfully pretty. There’s something lovely about rotating a 3D view of the world like this, no idea what it is, but it’s there.


So, what did you think of these games? What do you think of what you’re playing this month?

Enjoy your Indie Games.

(Also hosted at Console-Arcade.com)
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August 1st

The No Button Game
Ultimate Electronic Drums
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August 2nd

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August 3rd

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So Many Girls So Little Time

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Satellite Eagle

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August 12th

Protect Zoey from the Zombies
RC Helicopter Sim

August 13th

Word Attack Action
Avatar Squadron

August 14th

Star Crisis

August 15th

Happy Jump
Basketball Trick Shot

August 16th

Clover: A Curious Tale
Zombie Arena

August 17th

Avatar Zombie Massager Extreme
Smiley Smashout
Avatar Cash Dash
Jet Pack War
Akimbo Paddles!

August 18th


August 19th

Return of the Noose!
Poker Stacker 2
A Jumper Robot Adventure

August 21st

Spatial Rift

August 22nd

BLASTER AND MORION&#12502;&#12521;&#12473;&#12479;&#12540;&#12450;&#12531;&#12489;&#12514;&#12522;&#12458;&#12531;

August 24th

Got Balls?
Amazing Facts
Monsters (Probably) Stole...

August 25th

Subliminal Suggestions
Avatar Grand Prix
Jump'n Bounce
Avatar Man
Stick Massage
Balloon Boy
When Zombies Meet Avatars
Bigger And/Or Better
Astro Taxi 2

August 26th

King Spray
Sword of Rapier -&#12477;&#12540;&#12489; &#12458;&#12502; &#12524;&#12452;&#12500;&#12450;-
Sidewalk Sally
Baby Soothing Machine
Castle Ninja
The Endless Abyss
Super Tricky

August 27th

Fork Lift
Avatar Slam Dunk
Run Rectangle! Jump! Shoot!
Little Green Men

August 28th

Extreme Ball

August 29th

Drag Impact
Magnetic Wars
Fish Squid Time Machine
Snake Death
Avatar Orbitroid
Tap Training

August 30th

Device Hero


Ty for this thread. I didn't even know these games existed. I will definitely check some of them out now. :D
I bought Gravitron 360 today and it is damn good. I'd even go as gar to say it is a better controlling and designed game than Gravity Crash even though it had the luxury of coming later.

Once again though the 80pts for this is terrible. He should have charged more and I would have paid it. 240pts would have been ideal for the guy.


Running off of Custom Firmware
Essential threads. Browsing Indies on the 360 is so fucking pointless since they don't actually tell you anything meaningful about the games. Thank you. I'll be sure to check some of these out.


Gravitron360 is a great game. Bought it immediatly after trying the demo. Will try Breeze, Star Crisis and Treasure Treasure later.


Another great thread - nice work :)

And that soldier at the start of Clover is me! True story. I suck at acting :(
ninge said:
Another great thread - nice work :)

And that soldier at the start of Clover is me! True story. I suck at acting :(
Oops, I feel kinda bad now :lol

You just weren't... authoritative enough. And I guess kind of unlucky in that you're the first person in the game and so were the easiest to mention!

Parallax Scroll said:
Awesome thread as always, toythatkills. If only we could convince Microsoft to put your recommendations on the dashboard!
They'd just put them somewhere where nobody would find them!
Awesome thread as always TTK, glad you made no mention of those piece of shit dev's who made a "game" so they could get (milk) more money to "develop real games". Would hate to give them more exposure, hopefully their cashcow was more of a cashflop.

Although, I do think you were a little harsh on Monsters (probably).. game is super fun, one of the better games this month (at the minimum silver award status). Sure it's just a port of the PSP version but since I never touched it until it came out on indies it was very refreshing and definitely worth the 240pt price tag.
We've been working on Excruciating Guitar Voyage for the past couple of months.
We're hoping it will come out on XBLI later this month (depending on peer review time etc..). It's also going to be available on PC.

It's a unique platform-puzzle-adventure style game, with its own cut'n'paste graphical style...

We made a trailer which shows off a few of the features of the game (including Crickets)

hope you enjoy!!


Dr Zhivago said:
Inferno looks good. Twin-stick Gauntlet?

Excruciating Guitar Voyage - great trailer. HELICOPTER.

Inferno is out and it is very cool. It's a cool looking twin stick gauntlet with even deeper RPG aspects (level up various weapons/stats/abilities, buy stuff in shops, etc).


Oops, I feel kinda bad now - You just weren't... authoritative enough. And I guess kind of unlucky in that you're the first person in the game and so were the easiest to mention!

Don't worry about it at all - everyone that acted in the game were complete amatuers who actually work at Blitz Games Studios as artists/designers/programmers/prodcers. They recorded the VO for clover in their own time through the Blitz1UP programme - which helps indie developers with their games - which has gotta be a good thing :)

The fact that some of it actually sounds pretty passable is a massive bonus! Many lols were had during the recording sessions.
Dr Zhivago said:
Inferno looks good. Twin-stick Gauntlet?
I'm glad it's not just me getting a Gauntlet vibe then! It's excellent, easily my favourite radianGames game and bought instantly. Yeah, so it's a twin-stick but it's set in individual levels where you have to gather keys and find exits, collecting gold along the way which you can use to unlock upgrades, or buy bombs. You buy upgrades with upgrade points which you earn for beating certain levels. The whole thing works brilliantly. Obviously the controls are spot on because, how could they not be? The enemies are nice and varied too, with each having different attack patterns to learn. It's probably the upgrading that the RPGer in me likes the most though. Wonderful stuff.
Inferno is awesome. :)
It is nicely Gauntlet-ish, what with the generators, keys & 'Death'. Just lacking 'Blue wizard shot the food' :lol

Tried Treasure Treasure, love the whole Gameboy look but the gameplay didn't really grab me.


Gravitron sounds like an instant buy to me, will try it tomorrow.
Keep on posting these threads anyway, they're great !

PepsimanVsJoe said:
Gotta finish Aphelion first though.

Is it any good ?
mujun said:
Inferno is out and it is very cool. It's a cool looking twin stick gauntlet with even deeper RPG aspects (level up various weapons/stats/abilities, buy stuff in shops, etc).

I tried Inferno and while it does play somewhat differently than most twin stick games on the service it looks and feels a lot like them due to the tired neon-esque visuals. It didn't really feel like Gauntlet to me although I could see where someone could say that.

Treasure Treasure was a big disappointment. It's beautiful and different looking but I had no fun at all with the Trial. It really seems like a "co-op or don't bother" affair and the controls felt less than user friendly.


listen to the mad man
state_vector_collapse said:
You deserve some kind of prize for services above and beyond the call of duty where these threads are concerned Toy - top stuff as usual :)

MS actually does have such a prize, but I won't jinx toythatkills by mentioning it


Great thread as usual - not tried many of last months yet (I did get the demos though) as I was having a greatest hits and playing all the ones I found out I'd missed!


Got Treasure Treasure (Mostly because of the look. Game is fun too; alternating between both characters) and Inferno (Love the look and the music and the whole leveling up and maze-like thing of looking for the exit).
Stumpokapow said:
MS actually does have such a prize, but I won't jinx toythatkills by mentioning it
You just HAVE mentioned it! I wouldn't worry, I'm not doing this for prizes or owt :)

Ninja VS. Zombie should blatantly be terrible, it should be the worst game ever, but I love it. We're three for three so far this month! (I'm ignoring Trapped for now). It's a platform game where you have small levels in which to kill all the zombies, or get to an exit. Zombies can't be killed by your attack, and as the game says: "When you apply a strong attack to the enemy, the enemy is blown off." Erm. Yeah, so you have to hold X to do really powerful punches to smash zombies into walls of spikes, I cannot stress enough how satisfying that is. You can also trigger switches to shoot knives into zombies heads, also brilliant. What I loved is the variation though, you get six levels in the trial and every one uses the same basic mechanics in different ways. Level six in particular was brilliant, it's one of the best timing-based platform levels I've ever played. Granted, I can't think of another one specifically, but getting the timing right for this level and making it to the exit felt awesome.

But why, why are you here doing this, Ninja? "This research institute is doubtful."

(Note: don't try and play this with an analogue stick, you'll drift left and it's impossible.)
Keikoku said:
Is it any good ?

It does the job if you like random battles, sci-fi, and building up your abilities. It also has a decent bit of polish to it(considering the genre and service its on). Otherwise though ehhhhhh. This is the first game in what looks to be a series but I can't say I'll be continuing.

Oh and I think the main character wears sandals. =(


Neo Member
I think late-July had a weird dashboard issue where like 14 games came out in one shot (I usually know these things, but am out of the loop a bit recently). And top downloads seemed to be wonky for several days.

I hope Gravitron sees a nice revival because I think it felt some of the negative effects of those hiccups (less exposure).

I agree it's a really slick game. I had some trouble with the default controls but found some of the alts much better. My only other minor critique (and this goes for Inferno too) is that I think those light/bloom effects are often way overdone. It's like every object has a small sun behind it.

Both great games though - that's just me being visually picky (and old maybe).
Avatar Bowman 2 is the same as Avatar Bowman, but in 3D, and it comes complete with exactly the same problem that makes the first game so pointless. For those that didn't play it, it's basically shooting plungers at each other in the same way you fire missiles in Worms. Each player stands on a podium and doesn't move between shots though, which means if you get the shot right once you can just keep making exactly the same shot and get a hit every single time.

Human Invasion is a shmup in which you can't actually move your ship, just slowly fire in different directions and sit and watch as missiles hit you which you can do nothing about. Saying that, even though I must've been hit thousands of times I still didn't lose, so God knows.

Trapped looks alright, but plays pretty horribly. Your avatar gets trapped in a cave and you wander around for a bit. Bats fly at you and you swing your sword and they die at random, you certainly don't make contact. Then a mine blows you up for no reason. Then you fight some ogre thing and just swing, step back, swing until it's dead. Then you have to fight five more until you're bored.

Jewel Dervish is the more interesting game in this little batch. Think Bust-a-Move/Puzzle Bobble but the jewels are in the middle around a special jewel, and depending on where you hit the jewels, it rotates. So every shot is under slightly different conditions. It's pretty unique. You have to clear all the jewels around the special one to win. The presentation is horrible though, especially the help screen, and it can be quite difficult to get shots aimed precisely. Still, worth having a go with.

Bit of a slow month so far!
Not really feeling Inferno.
I get the concept in that it's a twin-stick shooter mixed with Gauntlet but the challenge isn't there at all(which is especially bad because both twin-stick shooters and Gauntlet depend on their difficulty to make them great games). I only played until my demo period ended but I figured that was about as much as I was going to put up with the game.

Kafel said:
Nuclear Wasteland 2030, coming this month, 80 points.


I noticed in the Suggestions section there is a link to Classic Game Room HD(these guys are great btw)'s review of Fallout 3. Suddenly it struck me.

Are the mutants in Nuclear Wasteland using the same voices as the Feral Ghouls in Fallout 3?


I have 200 msp to spend in one or two indie games, what would any of you recommend? (I don't have any, so feel free to say whatever game).

I only wish Gravitron was in a higher resolution. It has got to be 640x480 or something because it looks pretty rough. Judging by the screens with the framerate counter he had loads of headroom to make it higher res.
I quite like Jewel Dervish, although it does feel a bit like a prototype from which a proper game may one day emerge.

Inferno is quite easy to begin with, but it does get harder.
Warm Machine said:
I only wish Gravitron was in a higher resolution. It has got to be 640x480 or something because it looks pretty rough. Judging by the screens with the framerate counter he had loads of headroom to make it higher res.

Probably unoptimized coding because it's a port of a couple years old PC game engine to XNA.
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Bit of a slow month so far!
And so began the flood :lol

Denki Juggle is brilliant, notable mainly for having probably my favourite avatar support of any game I've played. I'm not gonna say what it does, but it's brilliant and really made me smile. It's kind of like Pong with one paddle, balls bounce up and you just keep bouncing them. It looks great and sounds better, but it's not the easiest thing to control with an analogue stick, and D-Pad support is absent. I think I prefer it on iPhone (and it's a third of the price) but it's certainly worth checking out the trial. Full game includes multiplayer too, which the iPhone doesn't have.

Vexis is a very nice puzzle game. You have to make a white block get to a black block by rotating the level 90degrees left and right and using gravity to weave a path through. There are some special blocks that keep disappearing, and others that will fall after three seconds in whatever direction is down at the time. I like it a lot, can't beat one of the training levels though!

Pure Carnage is kinda cool. There are four turrets and you can play with four players, or just control a couple yourself and the other two auto fire. One turret on each stick. You have to fend off hordes of enemies that approach. There are some power-ups like spread fire that you can use if it's getting tough, which it really does.

Techno Kitten Adventure is The Helicopter Game if Popcap made it while on acid. It's annoyingly hard to see the obstacles, but it's surprisingly fun and I really like the way the music influences the game, even if the music's a bit pants. Unless that's your kinda thang!

&#12452;&#12464;&#12491;&#12483;&#12471;&#12519;&#12531;&#12501;&#12457;&#12540;&#12473; (Ignition Force) has a help screen in Japanese and I really need to be able to read it to make sense of this game. I have no idea why the face buttons seem to fire the same but one of them makes an energy bar go weird. I have no idea what the energy bar means and why it keeps going up and down and changing colour. I have no idea why my ship flashes now and then. I have no idea why the game fades out after about 20 seconds. Did I lose or is that the end of the trial? I just have no idea what's going on at all.

Evacuation has a really good tutorial and you think wow, this is actually a really neat game. You are in a top-down city and have to navigate humans (green triangles) to a hospital to protect them from mutants, kind of strategy-like. It works really well in the tutorial. Then you play level one and all of a sudden the city's far too big, the game's far too fast to keep up with, and nothing seems to work quite how it did in the tutorial. Civilians just wander instead of heading to hospitals and end up dead. I don't know how it went so wrong.

Divided Combat has hilarious box-art. The game itself is decent though. It's a very very small tower defence, basically. You choose your troops and face off against tougher and tougher enemy waves, You can build walls and earn money to get more and more powerful units. It's very simplified in look and feel, but will get complex when you're building walls to fend off enemy tanks and stuff.

There's a couple more games on the way today too that haven't quite shown up yet!
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