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Xbox Series gonna win the next generation - and I'll tell you why


Mar 26, 2007
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May 18, 2020
I thought this was going to be a post that was no different from a million others that came before it.

I enjoyed reading your LATAM perspective. Good points you've made. When you say LATAM is the 4th largest market in the world, does that include China? Cause China is basially inaccessible so it's basically irrelevant to console makers. Therefore LATAM is really the third largest.
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4-Time GIF/Meme God
Dec 21, 2013
Recife, Brasil
It's going to be another SNES vs Mega Drive

Mega Drive did very well in Brazil (and still kinda does), while SNES was for people with more money. Microsoft needs to capitalize that
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Not Banned from OT
Jul 17, 2004
They won't win but will be more competitive. In 2-3 years when more casual gamers start to jump in these 23 studios will be starting to crank out games the first wave will be good timing for that. The good news I think Microsoft will actually grow the market this time. Sony still gets lots of sales Microsoft gets more sales with more dual console ownership and getting lots of people looking for value with gamepass versus 70 dollar games.


May 15, 2017
I'll echo the TLDR sentiment but I don't think there's any way MS sells more worldwide. Maybe they sell more in the USA, possibly the UK, but just don't see them anywhere near overcoming the PS brand elsewhere in the world.

It will definitely be much more competitive though and everybody will benefit from that.
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Jun 21, 2018
Only read the first two lines, everything you wrote could have been summarized in:

1.- Gamepass and worldwide availability vs PSNow and availability in less than 20 countries after 8 years

2.- A More powerful console in relation to its competitor

3.- Xcloud vs Remote Play

4.- Better and more continuous communication and marketing before its launch vs. secrecy on Playstation side

5.- The purchase of Bethesda and Microsoft ensures IP's that sells millions of units.

6.- Easier transition for users who already had Xbox due to its backward compatibility and improved library already purchased
7.- A low-end product to entry on a new generation in a world that suffers from an Economical impact due to the COVID factor

Playstation at this date wins in superb exclusives

I'm mentioning all of the above of a person who never owned an Xbox console and I'm trying to be as neutral as possible, this gen it's gonna be tough for Sony.


Sep 14, 2013
The only way I see them having a chance is if they acquire SEGA and someone else that's decent. Realistically speaking, even if they do and everything instantly becomes available only on Xbox and GP on pc as well, it will be years before anything exclusive comes out (Bethesda, too)

This is what's gonna happen. They're going to get outsold 3:1 if not more, however, because of their strategy and a leg up on the competition, they're still going to rake in more per year then the competition. Who really wins though? The guy that sold more or the one that actually made more money yiyo?
Aug 25, 2020
Here's how it will go. Sony will sell more consoles, Microsoft will have an overall bigger consumer base. There will be substantially more customers in the Xbox ecosystem in one way or another than Sony will in Playstation.


Aug 29, 2016
it was stupid of microsoft to create a console with half the power, at half the price... because if the Series S is more popular that the PS5, it will not matter. But if it is several times more popular than the series X, it is horror show for Xbox series X games... because the studios will not design for the series X then retard the game for Series S... they will make the game for the series s, and then “bling” it up for the series X
they could double the frame rate for the series X... but they did not do that for the xbox one vs ps4 (xbox one could have done that IMO 60fps at 720p, vs 1080p30 for the ps4)

this is all moot for the ps5, different company console... and different game studio teams. studios IMO generally have one team per company console... (xbox 1/ series S X vs ps4/pro, ps5... could explain why Mark Cerny went with same the CU number (36) compared to ps4pro, just 2x faster for the ps5, to make it easy on the studio teams)

the Series S xbox just shows that microsoft has given up on competing in the console space... (yes they have the “best” in power console (series x) BUT they put themselves at risk that the WEAKEST new console Series S will be popular, thus “killing” off the series X.

the series S can not compete with the Series X... if it can, why buy the series X. people asked (i kinda did, but I will admit that i bought the ps4pro for the vain reason it is “pro” lol, not that i am pro) that about the ps4pro vs ps4... is it turns out answer is because it is version the ps4.5 (get it?, same number of CU’s as the ps5, but a ps4, thus a ps4.5 and the missing 0.5 is the ps5’s 2x RAM, super-plaid-speed storage, 2x speed CPU )

well this is all moot, buy the xbox one series S for 1080 gaming, and the xbox one series X for 4k gaming... problem is the digital version of the ps5 is 100 dollars less than the series X. meaning do you really think the series X can do 4k60 gaming, and the ps5 NOT?

and i think microsoft ripped off all the people that trusted Microsoft by buying the xbox one x at 500 (the ps4pro was 100 dollars less. ) microsoft discontinued the xbox one X. why? it is NOT weaker the the series S...
IMO ps4pro = xbox one X.
(xbox one X same price as xbox one series X, but the xbox one x = ps4pro)
microsoft blighted the world with the weak xbox one, causing the ps4 to never use its true potential... (until now, with the ps5, and the ps4pro (ps4.5 lol) the future looks good for the ps4, ps4pro, and ps5... because ps4 is half of a ps4pro, and a ps4pro is half of a ps5...
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Jun 16, 2020
This thread is worth saving, not cause I think Microsoft are gonna sell more boxes than Sony, but just for the laughs if they ever do. So many posts not understanding that wishful thinking doesn't prevent a market from changing.

It'd be like that amazing Switch thread from a few years ago, where everyone is tripping over themselves to make jokes about how it'd be dead on arrival.
Aug 25, 2020
Why does everyone still think this is about selling consoles? It seems Sony(and their fanboys)are the only ones who are still stuck to that business model. If Sony continues down this console only road, the Playstation division will suffer by the end of the generation. "BuT ThEy SoLd 100 MiLiOn Ps5S" Ok, Microsoft's customer base is over a billion. The fanboys on either side need to wake up to see where the industry is going.

I imagine by the end of the 9th generation, Sony will be relying on their own studios for content, and scrambling for third party, as MS will probably own about half of the major third party studios by then.
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Damian black

Feb 9, 2019
what happened to 'MiCrOsoFt dOeSnt Care iF YoU Buy Xbox'

how are they going to win op if they dont sell consoles anywhere but america?


Nov 21, 2014
TL;DR... I never study for school exams, why should I be bothered to read all of that...
Aug 25, 2020
Go ahead and mock. The fanboys are as delusional as ever. I'm sorry you people fail to comprehend anything written on here and are stuck to your console of choice and can't see what's happening in the industry. There's so much salt in here I'm going to be put on a bland diet by my physician.
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Feb 18, 2020

Xbox has been paying attention to LATAM Countries for 3 generations and this is the generation that gonna give this dedication a feedback.

No way dude. Xbox Series X costs the same as the PS5 (5000 reais). Also, Xbox digital games are often more expensive than PS4 ones (when both are on sale).


Aug 16, 2020
How popular was the original Xbox globally? Not at all, it sold 24 million. Then the 360 went on to sell 84 million. It's almost like your average gamer has no idea how popular something may become. Even analysts can be off by A LOT but random gamers on here will tell you exactly how it's going to be.
MS diminished the momentum and popularity they gained with the 360 with the One X
Now they're left with fanboys making sorry threads like this one
As a gamer Sony has delivered on the gaming front and that's why I secured my PS5 with a preorder
The XSX is a nice but not must buy right now for me because most of its exclusives are years away
Once MS gets better at releasing multiple AAA games in a timely manner, then the momentum and popularity they lost may slowly start to come back
Last gen had too many droughts in terms of exclusives for the One X
People bring up game pass and multiplatform games, but most people don't want to play old games and if all the games can also be played on PC and other consoles, what's the point?
MS needs to do a better job of pushing out system seller AAA games and more frequently
Buying Bethesda and now having 23 studios is a good start
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May 11, 2018
Of course I don't have proof of PS1/PS2 era, but here's my PSN ID since 2010: MongeSemNome
I've been a sonyf*g as long as I was able to put my hands on a psx. I'm going for PS5 Next Gen.

But I really see the scenario that I've painted happening, since Digital-only might just become the norm.

No way dude. Xbox Series X costs the same as the PS5 (5000 reais). Also, Xbox digital games are often more expensive than PS4 ones (when both are on sale).
I'm talking about the Series S, specifically. It's gonna expand the playerbase in LATAM countries over the price difference. And the Brazilian ps store just adjusted their price on a somewhat 20% increase


Feb 18, 2020
Of course I don't have proof of PS1/PS2 era, but here's my PSN ID since 2010: MongeSemNome
I've been a sonyf*g as long as I was able to put my hands on a psx. I'm going for PS5 Next Gen.

But I really see the scenario that I've painted happening, since Digital-only might just become the norm.

I'm talking about the Series S, specifically. It's gonna expand the playerbase in LATAM countries over the price difference. And the Brazilian ps store just adjusted their price on a somewhat 20% increase
Even then, Series S will not surpass the PS5 even here. No disc drive is a no go for many people, cause buying and selling used games is BIG on Facebook/OLX.
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May 1, 2020
Playstation will take the lead in this generation as well however Xbox will not be left as far behind as last generation. In short Xbox will do much better this gen but Playstation will still be leading.
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Apr 9, 2020
I agree XSS + gamepass is killer combo. Thats something Sony has no answer for.
For new users digital ps5 + ps+ (aka plus collection) is very nice. These games are hugely better then anything on gamepass. But its one time "gift". Gamepass will evolve, there will be new games, etc...

For classic gamers, Sony is excellent, but for budget people XSS+GP is simply great. I think there is a chance doing something like Luna + PS Now and other services against xCloud. That would be huge competition. Stadia is dead. Geforce Now is great, but Luna seems to me like much more potentital (in business model point of view, I dont know how it will cope up technically).


May 2, 2013
I agree XSS + gamepass is killer combo. Thats something Sony has no answer for.
For new users digital ps5 + ps+ (aka plus collection) is very nice. These games are hugely better then anything on gamepass. But its one time "gift". Gamepass will evolve, there will be new games, etc...

For classic gamers, Sony is excellent, but for budget people XSS+GP is simply great. I think there is a chance doing something like Luna + PS Now and other services against xCloud. That would be huge competition. Stadia is dead. Geforce Now is great, but Luna seems to me like much more potentital (in business model point of view, I dont know how it will cope up technically).

Sorry but for new PS5 users the combo PsNow with Ps+ is a tremendous value, granted you can access PSNow of course. PsNow is 60 bucks per year and you can find better deals on cdkey or other resellers. Ps+ is the same price. With a bit of search you can have this combo for the equivalent of 10 bucks per month which grants a catalogue of 800 games on PSNow with PS4 and PS2 games being downloadable and PS+ gives you the PSPlus collection and 2 new games per month.


Ni hao ma, fellow kids?
Jun 7, 2004
Imo xbox one would have blitz ps4 in NA and parts of Europe.... if Phil was in charge then. We ended up with TVTV kinnect weaker system. 360 had great momentum.

Oh well a generation lost.

We should see the Series fighting back, their prelaunch hype is well ahead of one's


Apr 19, 2018
I personally think they are in a better long term position right now but I can't predict human behavior...


Jun 21, 2018
Yeah. But we know what happens when Sony is backed into a corner.
If we take what happened when Xbox 360 was winning the last-gen? Sure, Ps3 lower its costs, brought back its Classics via digital download and backward emulation via software, and consolidate it when Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2 then 3, The Last of Us etc came out....then they win the gen. Bring that Sony back......


Jul 26, 2018
With $80 for games + season passes and other microtransaction bullshit, no one wins really.
Apr 27, 2018
East USA
I'm still deciding, I know the PS5 will be great initially now that we know the launch titles and the Series X will be sparse in exclusivity, but I've been playing ESO with quite a few of my friends on Xbox One so it's still a toss up for me.

Power isn't a big driving force for me especially, although we haven't seen a power gap like this for a long time.


Nov 10, 2013
TL;DR: Cheapest console + LATAM Support + Gamepass

Every start of a generation is an amazing Cold War, where information and hype are practically directly converted into money.

The company that keeps their hand hidden for the longest and keep the image of being the owner of the answer about what's the best console to play is the one that takes the lead on the generation. Whoever gets the lead gets the priority of the small and medium gamedevs, since their resources are scarce to invest on all platforms at the same time, thus generating small exclusives that may or may not become the next Rocket League. Or, like now at the end of the current generation, Fall Guys.

Being known as the company that discovers the best games is ludicrously profitable. It generates memes like "non-PlayStation consoles", so desperate that gaming websites get to put keywords that pull the attention from the public, and their clicks, be it in favor or against.

As a matter of fact, the true winner would be Nintendo, but there's something like 3 generations that it decided to start the race by itself and keep running alone. The Switch is a money-printer (after the failure of WIi U) that fits alright to this argument, but let's be honest, it's not part of the Console War anymore.

That being said, we're in a race with two plastic opponents: Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, either side champions. Virtually we have Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, but no one really knows if their investment gonna have any success, or if it's gonna be the next Zeebo (old console that had two buyers and a raffle over there in Rio de Janeiro. The winner complains about the prize to this day).

but there are some new elements to this next generation. So that their champions can show their true power, their Sargeants must go first and battle for the same point, obsessively. It's the troop's success that's gonna define the success of the monsters in performance.

Console War: Artistic reproduction

At this aspect, the Playstation 5 driveless is technically ahead, since it has the same hardware as the drive-included edition. Compared to the Xbox Series S, also driveless, it has more than double the performance, not even considering the PS5's super-mega-atomic-quantic-SSD

But then let's talk about History

Featured: How to destroy your opponent with three words

Sega Saturn had just announced their western release price, US$399. The lack of communication with western retailers made some companies even refuse to sell the console. If it wasn't enough to stumble with their own legs, here comes Steve Race, Sony representative, speaks "299" and leaves the stage, thus setting the any% speedrun record for destroying your opponent's hopes and dreams.

The consoles were pretty much technically equivalent, but the Saturn was pricier to produce. Sony's strategy was simple: facilitate games licensing at most on Playstation (Epic's doing the same thing, but that's for another article). This technique helped in vaporizing the Nintendo 64, by the way.

Moving Forward: Playstation 2 vs Dreamcast vs Xbox.

Xbox was by far the most powerful console, but Playstation 2 was still the home for new games. Hell, even to this day it's still the biggest game library that ever existed and that's why there are pirate copies of PlayStation 2 being sold at Brazil's Mercado Livre like new consoles

Next generation: Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360

PS3 took a beating the entire generation, no questions asked. It took the leadership at the end of the race, but whoever lived at the time saw the 360 strength and how fun were the wars.

And finally, we come to the main point of my argument: Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

Of the 26 years that I game, I think that this generation was the most lukewarm. I lived by the "PlayStation side", and I only saw the price of the console being justified when I got Bloodborne. The console in November 2013, the game in March 2015. The first AAA kinda cool before that was Infamous Second Son and the fabulous Knack BAYBEEEE

Xbox, aside from being on this same lukewarm period, still had the insignificant detail of hearing everything that you said and registering what you were doing with your hands late at night. After all, privacy is for normies.

But there's a point that never left my mind, at the time. The then Sony CEO, Shuhei Yoshida, gave an interview to Eurogamer (I've read on gamesindustry), saying that he didn't have the slightest idea of why that plastic thing almost without games was selling roughly one million units per month

From here on out is my proposal for the answer that they couldn't get in 2014, and it's just one word: Piracy.

Piracy is so ingrained and part of gamer culture as console wars, no matter which official statements being made.
But what I'm about to tell you comes from the perspective of a poor black young male, that didn't even see himself as black because he believed the term would only be applied to people with the darkest of skins.

I was born and raised in Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My father left the family when I was 6 years old and he only left me one thing: a Master System that was gave as a birthday gift, with Sonic at the memory. I loved that and it was by far the game that i've finished most times in my life. Never had money to be part of the Mega Drive / Snes generation without being visiting the house of the neighborhood rich kid. Didn't know who Zelda was. Spent my time drawing Lemmings digging through the different surface structures in geography lessons. I was the youngest of a family of 5 brothers, from different fathers.

Skipped the Mega/Snes generation. My older brother entered the army and a year later took a course to graduate as a career Sargeant. Gave me a Nintendo 64 because I was getting straight A's. Then I was formally introduced to miss Zelda and spent more time in Hyrule than at home.

My brother got transferred to Recife, Pernambuco (still Brazil). My grades kept being A's. He gave me a Playstation

And then my life changed.

Before that, I could only have access to a few games. Two or three bought, the rest we rent at the weekend to have one more day until handing it back.

At Playstation my brother could buy games instead of renting (everything pirate, obviously). I had never been happier in my life

We came back to Rio. Me still with my PlayStation. I started working in a small lan-house of the neighborhood (like those that have different consoles for you to play). Earned R$1 hourly. Worked from 7pm to midnight. Took a test for a preparatory course and got 90% discount from my grades. My biggest pride was paying my course with my own money.

All this still completely neck-deep in piracy. The lan house didn't have a single original game. But it was there that I've played PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast. Hundreds of titles that I would never reach. It was working there that I improved my English learning and writing, that I've learned by played videogames, and I've started my learning of Japanese, that I still study.

Then it was my turn and I did like my brother. Enlisted, but didn't enter. Took the course for Sargeant, entered the same school as my brother, almost 10 years after him. My first paycheck with the first bank account that I ever had. Didn't have the slightest idea on how to use a debit card.

For a year and a half, along 332 mates and friends, I've got through the experience of becoming a professional. First São Paulo, then Minas Gerais. You know the value of your friends when you starve with them.

Graduated, came to Campinas (Sao Paolo). First thing I did with my Sargeant paycheck?

Bought a Playstation 3. Used, but works to this day. Created my PSN ID. Created two, by the way. One Brazilian to record trophies, that still didn't have PS Store, and one US to buy games.

That was 2010. Playstation 3 was released in November 2006, 4 years before. And 4 years later it still didn't have a Brazilian PlayStation store. It was released one year later. And didn't change much. It was the only store that copied the same Plus games from US. I bought used games from Ebay, once I was already at the middle of the generation and had an immense backlog to play. But it was the first time that I was in the generation. Playing everything original, with case and manuals (I miss them)

One thing that was common practice, not just mine but with all my gaming friends, was to buy games that I finished pirate copies at the past. My PSN is full of PSX games for this exact reason. Many I didn't even open on the ps3. But we feel the need to give something back, even being so ridiculously late, to games and franchises that gave us so much joy.

2012 I've married the woman of my life. We ordered our first son to the stork (not necessarily in that order).

2013 my boy was born. A mini version of me. We ordered our daughter

2014 my little girl was born. mini mother. Bought my Playstation 4 at the gray market, Santa Efigenia, because Sony thought it would be funny to release the console for R$3.999 (roughly $2000 at the time)

If you can't see what happened, I can repeat: piracy is a temporary state. As you improve your life, the tendency is to legitimize your pastime with more commitment

K, cute story told. What that has to do with the title?



Support, warranty, local factories, games localization, you name it.

Enters Gabe Newell

Think about this my story as a cycle. Something that has been happening since Pong got released. Brazil is the country of Piracy. And yet officially it's the fourth major consumer of games of the world. What this means is that while generations come and go and new consumers enter piracy, those who started on piracy and grew choose which is going to be the legit platform that they'll adopt.

Videogame is already an absurdly hard hobby to have when you're poor.

and then enters the differential of this generation: the driveless.

With the cheaper version of the consoles, you won't have the option to buy used games. Either you buy at Store price (that Sony just raised to the base price of R$300), or you won't play.

And guess which one of the platforms has a service that has an initial signature cost of R$1 and 100+ games?

Sony's trying it's best with the Plus Collection, but the cheaper version of the service is R$24,99 for a month. And that's for a console that's already US$100 more expensive.

LATAM gamers fidelity with PlayStation brand grows thinner every time that word of mouth tells how well treated Microsoft consumers are

Everything that the Xbox Series S, and subsequently X need to do to win the generation is to deliver whatever good games that the 23 Studios from XGS are producing. The disposition to run under the wings of the brand is already there.

Source: SavePoint
I'm propably one of the few that read all of this. Amazing story. Very familiar to mine and many other of my countrymen here in Poland. Although with one difference that sony has much stronger presence here, in minds and hearts of people than microsoft (mainly due to microsoft screwing us over and treating like third world country) but this is changing slowly and this gen, microsoft may become much more popular than it was. Btw funfact: in the begining of '90, piracy was literally legal here due to lack of proper law (country just released itsefl from communist regime and in communism you re supposed to not have any property) so you could see every weekend a police officers buing pirate copies of a games and having no problem with that. When someone had original psx game with black disc this person was a hero or a rich punk. 30 years later and everything changed 180 degrees. Yes, piracy is still there but mainly on pc and not so big anymore. We made a huge leap forward in legal software and people's minds. Now with cheap consoles (xss, ones) and gamepass piracy is even not worthy anymore. And in regards to OP's "giving back", i myself had a story when i owned only cheap pc at a time and was in my teens and pirated a lot and i have downloaded stalker soc game and i liked it so much that after two weeks i bought the original because i felt that the devs deserved it. It was my first legal purchase of a game.
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