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Xbox Series S and X hits 1m UK sales in strong December | UK Monthly Charts


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560,000 games consoles were sold in December in the UK, which generated just short of £200 million, GamesIndustry.biz can reveal.
As a result, Switch was the No.1 console of December. Just behind Nintendo was the Xbox Series S and X consoles, which enjoyed a bumper 108% increase in sales month-on-month. In fact, it is the biggest month yet for Xbox Series X and S, even beating its launch month in November 2020. The increase was driven by a significant increase in stock of the X version of the console.

There have now been over one million Xbox Series consoles sold in the UK since its launch in November 2020, Gfk says.

It means PS5 slips to third position this month, but it was still a successful sales period for Sony's platform, which enjoyed a 28% increase in sales compared with November. It was the second biggest month for PS5, and the biggest outside of its launch month.

Almost 2.1 million accessories (GfK panel data) were sold in December 2021, a rise of 77% over November, but a drop of almost 20% compared with December 2020. December 2020 benefited from the huge number of consoles that had been sold during November (Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X) -- this is because there is typically a lag between hardware sales and add-on accessory sales.

Sony continues its dominance of the accessories charts, with the DualSense White (No.1) and the DualSense Midnight Black (No.2) taking the top two positions. But there was a big jump in sales for the Xbox Wireless Controller (Black), which reflects the strong performance of the Xbox Series consoles.

In terms of software, the GSD data (which tracks physical and digital sales) show that 6.8 million games were sold during December, which is a 12% drop over the same period last year (we slightly adjusted the week comparisons to make the figures like-for-like).

Link: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/artic...uk-sales-in-strong-december-uk-monthly-charts
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