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Xbox Series S fire sales & low Series X supply: should we expect new models soon?


With rumors of a new PS5 model coming it's easy to guess that Xbox Series wouldn't be far behind. But Series S is pretty much perfect as is as far as design go so should they make it smaller to cash in on the "TV Box" crowd or up the clock rate to get a little more out of the hardware. What about Series X should they release a new model without the disc drive since most Xbox players buy digital now.

What about the 3rd model that was only seen by a codename a few years ago should they release an even more powerful Series console?


Actually think a Series X without a disc drive would sell well. Depending on how much they’re willing to lower the price.


Are we far enough into the generation that you could put the power of the Series X into the Series S box?

Mr Hyde

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MS just announced the new Series S Oreos model. What more do you want?

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