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Xbox Series X outsells the PlayStation 5 in South Africa


hide your water-based mammals
Jan 18, 2007
The Confederate United States of America
My sister lives near Knoxville so we always go through that area when we drive back and forth from Florida to Indiana and Cades Cove is such a gorgeous area, see black bear almost everytime we make that loop its well worth the stop.

We always stay at a cabin in Maggie Valley NC as our pit stop between trips its nothing overly special just far enough up a mountain we dont even get cell service and kind of enjoy the unplugging for awhile
Ironically we did the same thing coming from Florida as well. We usually stop by our families in a suburb of Atlanta. We will drive the rest of the way in the morning after visiting with family for a day. Needless to say I'm pretty excited as I've only driven through it coming from Michigan and back.

We'll make sure to get Xbox and Playstation sales from Cades Cove as well!
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