Xbox, Sony and Nintendo Won’t be at E3 2023 – Report

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Xbox, Sony and Nintendo will reportedly be skipping E3 2023. According to IGN, sources have revealed that the three platform owners will
not have any presence at the E3 2023 show floor when the event takes place later this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

E3 is slated to return in 2023 with a new production partner in the form of ReedPop—a company
well-known for producing annual events like PAX, New York Comic Con, and Star Wars Celebration, among others.

While the three platform holders themselves seem to be skipping the event, the company that hosts the event—the ESA—has expressed excitement about the upcoming event.
Not too many publishers or developers have revealed their plans for the event, which is slated to take place on June 13-16.

Xbox revealed in a recap of its recent Developer_Direct that it will be holding its own event in Los Angeles at around the same time,
albeit not as part of E3 2023. Rather, Xbox will host its own event in the same time frame.

We’ll likely see Sony and Nintendo both hold their own online events for games around the same time as well.


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that's fucking lame. Quit thinking you're so special and want your own event. I miss the days of who won e3 and it was an event everyone was excited about. Now you'll just notice a couple new game trailers on a random day and you're like oh I guess it was the Treehouse thing today.


My dream as a kid was to one day be rich enough to fly to Cali for E3. I loved how every single big company was there and big wigs like Miyamoto literally were walking around the floor, asking kids about their opinions on demos that they brought. I got a real job just before COVID hit and now that dream is dead.

It'll never be the same.
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I'm old enough to remember when Sony and Microsoft fans mocked Nintendo for merely skipping live show events at E3. Now, all three don't even bother showing up. Guess Nintendo was leading and the others followed.

However, it does kind of suck in a way. The hype was enjoyable and occasionally the live events had numerous quality announcements. (Especially Sony in certain years)
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