Xbox Survey: would you sell back your digital games at 10% of purchase price?

Found this on Reddit

Looks like Microsoft are still toying around with this idea. 10% of your original purchase price would mean $6 in store credit for a $60 game. Seems pretty low but then again you'd get nothing for it anyway if there wouldn't be a way to sell it.
10% off the purchase price would only mean something valuable with sports games, where 3 years later you can sell it back for $6 when it is essentally valueless.

I think 30% of the current value of the game is a reasonable number for both sides (gamestop gives around 40%)
20%, maybe for games I don't touch anymore. 10% is nothing. 6 dollars from a 60 dollar game? May as well keep it for the nothing I'd get back.

That said, I'm intrigued that they're interested in the concept, perhaps this could be the start of something.
I assume they would remove the game from your account, and give you credit for their store.
But like what's the incentive for either party? Digital games are infinite. Selling them back to whoever owns the infinite printing press seems pointless.

I could see selling the license to someone else, but the store itself? Doesn't make any sense.
So what is this, just a courtesy service or something? What would they actually do with the digital licenses they buy back? Would it actually save them money from making new license keys or something?