Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Releases December 1st 2017

Yeah what they showed just personally turned me off even more. Just gives off so much Tales vibes. And that's definitely my least favorite RPG series. I'll definitely pick this up eventually though.

The controller looks awesome but I'm not sure about getting it for the general Xenoblade franchise as opposed to XB2 specifically.

Hoping the quick development bodes well for future games. Hopefully a follow-up to XBX.
Well i'm sorry but i still don't believe it will come out in 2017.Also why the hell the artbook in the European CE has 20 pages less and is softcover??

Also i checked at amazon.uk but the CE still isn't up for pre-order.
I'm certain the gameplay will deliver here, so the generic anime aesthetic doesn't bother me too much. Also, loving the environments and soundtrack.
It's hard to muster excitement with the art style unfortunately. Like there is no character in it at all :/

Talking about the characters here because the environments look cool.
The box art looks amazing. The art in general does

Actually tempted to get the Collectors edition, but too much money. I'm already getting Fire Emblem Warriors. I'm just gonna go regular.
I get the impression that it's a step up from Xenoblade X everywhere that it matters. A seemingly greater focus on story, a cleaner art design (faces are so much better), and yeah, I prefer the voice-acting as well. Much prefer a Scottish drawl to an American twang.
I'm a bit worried that combat takes way too long to kill enemies, it's like they're too tanky.
If Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X are anything to go by they will feel tanky at first, but once you master your gear/character synergies you will be 1 shotting superbosses with ease. I suspect that the "Tankiness" is just a result of trying to show off the "battle system"


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
I'm a bit worried that combat takes way too long to kill enemies, it's like they're too tanky.
I mean they try to explain the battle system as well in these videos...would be difficult if they would just steam roll all fodder enemies with OP units.

Just like with every new area int he OG game you will likely need some time to adapt to the new enemies but after a bit will steamroll them with new equipment and leveled characters....
Well the environments look quite beautiful just like the other two Xeno's. I actually like the character designs though they dont mix well with the backround imo.
Glad it is coming out so soon, will absolutely buy it but the trailer they showed in the direct was really underwhelming.

World looks beautiful but the character designs are just..... I don't know, just not feeling it. Main character looks like an 8 year old and his sword companion looks like an exotic dancer :-\

Maybe I'm just getting old lol
does the US version have other EU languages or just english? I'm from EU too and the US version looks better.
The game is english only in the european eshop too as of right now.
I suppose that means both that there's no japanese audio and that it is not being localized in Spanish/French/German/Italian.
Please share with us the rest of the experience
That's one hyper myopic and pedantic way of looking at that kind of comment. Or we can acknowledge that pandering, fan-service armor is a major, immersion breaking problem for a lot of people, even if you may not agree.

Xenogears is still my all-time favorite RPG, but I see a generic anime art style and eight kingdoms and my eyes just kinda glaze over. Will probably still hold out hope and buy the SE and play out of obligation to Takahashi.
The only thing bugging me is the 'point' noses on some of the characters, notably on Rex and Pyra.

That's hardly going to put me of the game though. Hope Nintendo UK has a decent stock of LE bundles when pre-orders go up.
The presentation was a little long (felt the second part could have been a seperate video upload instead of being in the direct) but I really like what I'm seeing. The setup with all these different kinds of people living on the different titans is neat. And the titans in general are begging to be explored just like the worlds in previous Xenoblade games.

Btw it is really cool (and kinda crazy) that this is really coming out this year. I admit I was one of the skeptics. Monolith are very efficient.
I don't think anyone's posted it yet, so here's a less janky translation of Takahashi's message from here.

And there it is, the December 1st release date.
The office has been a whirl of activity lately, fixing bugs and making final balance adjustments, but we’re almost there. I’m so grateful that everyone has put so much effort into crafting the game up until now. (Just look at all that grass that’s grown.)

I finished up a full check of the game the other day...we’re checking through the enormous amount of quests and in-game content now, but [Koh] Kojima(Producer) and everyone will be assisting, so I’m honestly not worried at all.

So, the trailer today only just introduced the basics. The characters and areas shown were only a small part of the whole, Xenoblade 2 has plenty more in store for players.

And the Blades are a must-see. We debuted “Finch”, who was designed by Kunihiko Tanaka, and there are many more rare Blades for everyone to look forward to! By the way, the song playing in the background of the battle explanation was “Fight!!”, by [Kenji] Hiramatsu, and it primarily plays in the early areas of the game. Different locations and situations will have different battle themes, so you can look forward to those too!

There are so many more things to talk about, but I don’t want to step on the PR staff’s toes, so that’s it for today. We’ll be revealing more and more details from here on, so please stick with us all the way until release!
The different Titans and the environments look amazing. Just made me want to buy the game so I can go explore. Very beautiful game, yeah the characters are typical anime but so what? It's a JRPG... From Monolith... Um... Didn't they make Xenosaga?? lol not really sure what you all were expecting.

Combat looks a little slow, kinda seem like X's might be more fun but we'll see. I think it's going to be a pretty good game, a nice Christmas present from Nintendo.


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How do you take that away from his comment ? Hrs asking how he cam possible know anything else about the "experience" given he hasn't played the game
The post he is answering to implies that the rest of the experience will be good otherwise there would be nothing to hurt. So his comment doesn't make sense unless he thinks that the assumption about the rest of the experience is wrong.
At first I thought the Pro Controller was super ugly, but when I saw that the red on the grips cover most of the back I started liking it a lot more. Looks pretty nice.