Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Releases December 1st 2017

Great job on getting this 2017. And I think it fixed the problem for me on Wii U Xenoblade where the text was super small. The text here looks nice and legible.
I'll admit that I was starting to question if we were going to get XC2 this year, but it is great to know that it will be coming towards the tail end of 2017. Kudos to the developers for keeping that promise and hope that the game meets expectations. ^_^
I am so unbelievably happy that it is well and truly confirmed this is coming this year. I always believed it would, but the amount of people who disagrees made it hard to keep believing sometime.

Game looks incredible.
Looking incredibly forward to picking this up but I really wonder if that needed to take up 8 minutes in a Direct and be narrated by Mrs. Doubtfire.

Other than that... 2017 baby! SO GOOD!
Great to hear. Don't think I have any game of interest around that time so should be a good time sink. Glad that the direct clarified the battle system which sounded quite simple to follow after some people claimed it was hard to follow. The screen is a bit cluttered with info during battle though.

Different design and seems like a different artbook? 220 vs 200 pages, hardcover vs softcover.

Jesus Nintendo, just release on good version for all.