Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Releases December 1st 2017

I always believed, but still earlier than I expected which is awesome.

Game just looks absolutely incredible. Will get the collectors edition
Love the Xenoblade series, but think I'll pass on the special edition. I don't exactly love the art.. so the art book is moot. And I don't really listen to CDs anymore.

I never lost faith this would be 2017!!
God the world design and all the stuff with the titans has me really excited but the characters, Pyra especially, just completely turn me away. The fact that they haven't talked or shown off armor customization like the previous games is pushing this into pass territory for me.
This game coming out this year is a bit surprising. Good news in a way, and I will surely buy it, but it doesn't seem like Nintendo has left enough stuff for next year.
Oh man, that trailer was bad. What happened to the person who did this trailer, and how did we get to this trailer
before the gameplay explanation.
? There's so much needless exposition that the game will cover. Honestly, just throwing out awesome moments into a trailer makes it more interesting than a complete analysis of competing political factions (it also would cover less of the voice acting too).
The question is what do they have for next year?
ReSmashtered. I don't know what's left. DLC? Farmed out IPs to 3rd parties that could be mixed depending on developer. People like that rabbids game. I don't know at this point because smash is the last logical thing that will have a real dev cycle. Or maybe just other random games like doom. That partnership seems strong for now.
Man, I wish I could get hyped but the character designs just keep turning me off. The faces look like dolls, and 95% of the gameplay shown had the screen being dominated by the backside of Pyra, who looks like to be 14 at best...

I'm not against anime aesthethic (Xenoblade 1 is one of my favorite video games), but all we've seen here is just gelling the wrong way :(.
while still excited,

but every time nintendo shows this game off the trailer/footage is always ruined :(

this time the nararrator ruined the entire thing damnit
Looked really good, pretty excited for the soon-ish release date. Just ordered my Switch today, so I'm all ready for it.

On another note, it was interesting to see how Rex's full diving suit actually looks like.
US Special Edition:

EU Special Edition:

I think both the artworks on the US & EU Boxes are good, digging the more colorful US version though.
What.., no standard case in the NA version!?
I don't like it when they do this, standard case should always be there. they can put the soundtrack in the steelbook or just leave it empty :\

By the way the standard edition just went out of stock on Amazon. I guess a lot of people were impressed by the new trailer.
I hope there's an interview in the future that specifically mentions the players' speculation of the release date and how/if it affected the team lol.

I thought it was going to be delayed. I'm ecstatic that its not :p
I'm wondering if they will release a standalone japanese artbook like they did with XC and XCX. It couldn't be much more meaty than the one included in the LE, can it?

I just don't want to import it if it's basically the same art.
Ugh I feel the need to have that art book. Wasn't expecting it to actually be that big if they put one in. I pre-ordered the base game a long while back during one of those Visa deals with Best Buy so canceling is unlikely. No need to buy two either.
Is it me or is the footage more than a step up over the gamescom and pax demo? It looks smooth and I don't know if it was because the camera was way closer in some of the shots, but it looks like the characters are a bit more cel-shaded? I really like the graphical style they're going for and it didn't really click until now.