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Xiaomi Has Overtaken Apple To Become The World’s Third Biggest Smartphone Firm

Airbus Jr

Aug 12, 2018

The contest to be the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer has become a game of snakes and ladders over the past few years, with companies jostling for position in a very crowded market.

Xiaomi is making all the right moves, with the Chinese company officially overtaking Apple to become the world’s third biggest smartphone firm.

Analysts IDC reports that Xiaomi shipped 46.2 million devices in the July-September period – a new record for the company that represents a year-over-year growth of 42%. It’s the first time the company has outsold Apple, with the Cupertino-based giants shifting 41.7 million units in the same period.

Xiaomi’s 13.4% market share has catapulted the brand into the top three, and it’s hot on the heels of fellow Chinese company Huawei, who have continued to suffer from being caught in the middle of the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China.

Huawei has struggled for a while now in the west, but in a new blow for the company it looks like sales are now dropping in China too, with the brand seeing shipments in its home country decline by 15%.

As a result, Samsung has retaken top spot in the global smartphone rankings, with the South Korean company shipping 80.4 million units for a 22.7% market share.

Xiaomi’s meteoric rise to the top has been contrasted by Apple’s fall from first to fourth in less than a year. The company has had a bad 2020, shipping five million fewer units than the same time last year.

Experts say Apple’s sales have been affected by factors including the total manufacturing shutdown in China at the start of the year, and the delayed iPhone 12 launch, and analysts expect that the company will bounce back following the shipment of its newest devices.
Following a shaky start to the year the smartphone industry seems to be bouncing back, with research showing that companies racked up a total of 353 million smartphone shipments during the 3rd quarter of this year, lagging just slightly behind the figures for the same period in 2019.

And it looks like the story continues to be the rise of the Chinese companies, with Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus also registering impressive new sales.

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Jul 6, 2014
Are their phones using some form of android? Or is that still not allowed?


Fingerlickin' Good!
May 22, 2018
Sweet my iPhone is even more exclusive now


Mar 23, 2013
Are their phones using some form of android? Or is that still not allowed?
Its Huawei thats banned from Google services (android still allowed i believe but they invest in their own OS now), xiaomi has never been resticted. Very good phones btw.
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Jul 31, 2006
Apple hasn’t really been innovative since jobs died. Just the same handful of products that get slightly faster or have some a slightly better camera or some shit. I think the watch came out after him but i think he has been involved in its development. I hope this serves as a kick in the pants they need to be exciting again


Jun 6, 2004
Vancouver, BC
It really feels like hardware and price wise the Chinese brands are ahead of Apple, I am going to stick with the iPhone for life since I’m an iSheep but having to wait for features like 5-10x optical zoom to make its way onto the iPhone kind of sucks.

Oh, I forgot: China!!! Lol


Feb 26, 2017
Been using one for the past month. Phenomenal price/quality ratio and just a solid phone all around. Sure, China might be watching but if not China it'll be Google, or whoever else and I'd take China over them any day.
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Nov 5, 2018
Apple believes they’re the best in the world which is why they charge so much for their phones, first second third place whatever doesn’t matter to them.
because there are enough suckaz who'll pay sucka price for this phone. and the USG doesn't help by labelling chinese tech as a national security issue. thats simply them cockblocking from chinese tech to enter US markets. or stealing personal information lol