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Xplays Preview and Review of Dino Crisis 3 is a great appetizer of what went wrong


Sep 2, 2010
Isla Nublar
*Sorry for the quality, but these are the best I could find since it's all lost to time now*

Preview (Youtube Video is Mistitled): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww8gvOXR8Gw
Review: https://archive.org/details/g4tv.com-video22089

Yeah it's 2017 and i'm posting xplay, but let me explain. I do a lot of routine checks for Dino Crisis content to see if there's anything old I have missed, or for anything new that might have developed. Thus my recent search reminded me of this content
(Along with these other two videos - Xplay wanting Regina for MVC3 and Dino Crisis being a PS1 title that deserves a sequel)
I don't usually talk about Dino Crisis 3 for obvious reasons. But I felt these two videos (for the most part), were a pretty good summation of before and after Dino Crisis 3.

When DC3 was coming out, it had been 3+ years since DC2 (Though there was Dino Stalker in between). So people were curious to what was next for the series (I plan on going through older forums at some point to see an actual general reception to the DC3 reveal and release). The 3rd game being set so far into the future and in space with alien dinosaurs was absolutely crazy. Crazy enough that maybe, just maybe it could work. You had an interesting idea of a ghost ship that transforms, a jetpack for maneuverability, and unique alien dinosaur designs. However all of this absolutely crumbled with a nonsensical (not in a good way) story, terrible characters, repetitive gameplay, and one of the absolute worst cameras I have ever seen. I wont go too in extreme detail right now, since this is about the xplay videos themselves more than anything else. But I wanted to set a bit of ground work (that and I plan to fully replay the game and do a full on recap of it at some point) .

The preview video is similar to my feelings when I first found out about the game. Yeah it was different, but that's not always a bad thing. The CG alone was really impressive and had me hoping for the best. So there wasn't a big reason to be too alarmed yet.

The review video sums up (much like my earlier text), a lot of the issues that plague the game. Of course in the typical xplay fashion, that i'm sure at least one person will say is cringe now. I dunno what adam sessler was talking about saying it was worse than Dino Crisis 1. I'm hoping he meant that he was disappointed that the brand new xbox game was worse than the old ps1 game, due to the obvious advancement in gaming at that time.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this little look back at both Xplay and Dino Crisis 3 in time capsule form. Currently i'm trying to get a hold of some japanese Dino Crisis 3 guides (which are expensive and rare), to try and get more insight into just what got this game made before I do full recap thread). Since I know the title is one of the biggest curiosity's of forgotten failures, whenever it is brought up.

Thanks to Vazra for the gif


Aug 7, 2015
This game really was the ultimate series killer, lmfao. Right up there with Ultima IX and Metroid Other M.


Feb 7, 2013
Didn't know it existed until now (for real).
Now I have to fake it... Didn't know I was so lucky.

Still wishing for another one, as I wish for another Dead Space.

Great thread and info gathering. I like your threads about Dino Crisis.


Mar 11, 2015
I for one enjoyed that, but now I need to wash the taste out of my mouth.

Luckily I own and planned on playing the first two games soon, maybe I will push my timetable up.


Mar 12, 2013
Be grateful that Regina wasnt dragged through the mud with this game.

Her dignity remains intact


Feb 22, 2011
Shame it turned out that way. I'm not especially familiar with Dino Crisis, but the general pattern here feels like a setup for success: take a well received game from last gen, after a few years have gone by, and revitalize it with a sequel. The preview looked fresh and interesting. Capcom in general makes good games (of course in practice that varies a lot). If I was a Dino Crisis fan when I heard about DC3, I'd have been so excited.