"y cant metroid crawl?" first time (Miiverse) players cry for help in Super Metroid


I'd be in the dick
"y can't metroid crawl" is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Holy shit.

Also, this is exactly why we don't get games designed like Super Metroid any more.
Zebes can be a bit obtuse at times, but I'm more amused by Pauly calling Samus "Metroid" than anything else. Not hating, I just find it cute. XD
Just wait till they get to the first "dash" room! you know, the one that locks the door behind you and makes you stuck unless you remember how to dash. :lol
It's not sad at all - it simply illustrates the difference between older, more challenging games that don't really give you any indication of whether you have the proper capability to go somewhere or not and newer games that guide and help you along the way.