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Yakuza 6 ‘Play Spots’ trailer



Sega debuted a new trailer for Yakuza 6 at Tokyo Game Show 2016 introducing the game’s various play spots. Manage a cat cafe, play an orthodox baseball simulation game, go free diving and shoot fish, chat with women on the internet, visit club Sega and play games like Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and Puyo Puyo, join in on a group of regulars at a local bar, babysit Haruto and make him happy, and much more.

Thanks Gematsu


I cannot believe I am legitimately entertaining the idea of importing this, buying a PS4, and learning Japanese to enjoy it.

Yakuza got me strong. I haven't even played 5 yet.


Looking ridiculous and great, but I'm gonna really miss the Taxi missions and Haruka's dance missions from Yakuza 5.
Cat cafe and livecam girls.. whaaaaaaaat!

Seriously though, there is gonna be a point where there is TOO much to do in the Yakuza games. I never platinumed yakuza 3 cos of the minigame trophy. lol

This game looks so awesome, wonder if sega can try to market this game in the west

p.s for the people wanting to learn Japanese to play.. It's a massive step, there is SO much text in this game. N alot of the Japanese isn't really something you'd find normally. I speak Japanese pretty well but i get lost pretty quick with all this slang-yakuza talk. ><


So I'm guessing we see where the cut will happen for the English version :p

But even without cam girls, what a game!
So I'm guessing we see where the cut will happen for the English version :p

But even without cam girls, what a game!

Yakuza hasn't really seen any cuts since the 3rd game. Sure songs here and there get cut, and answerXanswer was never translated (not really missing out on much there trust me) but everything else has made it in. I guess the best way to tell is to see if Yakuza 0 is truly uncut in content - you have "Cat Fights" (ladies wearing next to nothing wrestling) and unlockable videos showing women in skimpy clothing smiling at the camera and playing with balloons... if both those bits make it into the English release I see no reason for 6 to have any cut content (though if Sega were merciful they'd cut Cat Fighting, its an awful mini game from a gameplay standpoint).

Did I spot a playable version of OutRun?

Yes, both Yakuza 0 and 6 have playable retro games in the Sega arcades - Space Harrier, Outrun, Super Hangon and Fantasy Zone.


they're using real girls for the live webchat thing? and not a 3d version that they usually do for the hostess stuff?
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