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Yakuza: Like a Dragon details vending machine rummaging, can collection, side quests, and Jay-san summon


Nov 21, 2014

Sega has released new information and screenshots for Yakuza: Like a Dragon introducing vending machine rummaging, can collection, side quests, and the Jay-san summon.

Get the details below:
■ How to Make Money at the Beginning of the Game

At the beginning of the game, protagonist Ichiban Kasuga starts off penniless at the garbage dump homeless town of Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama. Therefore, he will have to start earning money in ways such as rummaging around vending machines for change and picking up cans.

Rummaging Around Vending Machines

By looking around near vending machines, you can pick up items and money. Kasuga, who was dumped in Yokohama without a penny to his name, does not have any equipment, so winning battles will be difficult. It is important to steadily earn money by rummaging around vending machines and such early in the game.

—If lady luck is on your side, you may even come across big amounts like 500 yen.

Survival Can Collection

After Namba introduces you to a can collection job, you can play the “Survival Can Collection” play spot, where you collect cans on a bike. Collect the required amount of cans or more and reach the goal within the time limit to clear the game. However, you will lose a large quantity of cans if you collide with garbage trucks, other homeless, or drum cans, so be on alert.

Also, by drinking the nutrition drinks that fall all over town, you can enter a “boost state” to move at a higher speed for several seconds. Utilize boosts to escape other homeless trying to run into you, or to reach the goal in time and get a high score.

Collected cans are converted into “Eco Points,” which can be exchanged for various items. Eco Points can also be turned into money, so they will also serve as a means of making money as a homeless person early on in the game.

—The locations of cans and other homeless are displayed on the map, which you can check to more efficiently collect cans.

—If you run into other homeless while boosting, you can steal their cans. Since boosting is essential for efficient can collection, be sure to pick up any nutritional drink you come across. But be careful as carelessly running into other homeless will result in you losing your own cans.

—The more cans you collect, the higher the bonus, so aim for the high score.

Part-Time Job Quests

Part-Time Job Quest is a new element that sees Kasuga register as a member of “PartTimeJobHero.com,” a service he learns about via a certain event. By taking care of the quests from the quest list, you can obtain rewards such as money and items. There are various types of quests, from getting rid of hoodlums to searching for cats and more.

Since there are a wealth of quests, from going out to rescue someone, defeating specific enemies loitering the streets, and obtaining and delivering specific items, keep the details of each quest in mind when walking around the city.

By clearing quests, you will earn “Membership Points,” and once you save up a specific amount or more, your “Membership Rank” will increase, allowing you to take on higher difficulty quest with stronger items as rewards.

—After a certain event, you will meet a man named Hiroo who wears a hero mask. Hiroo manages a service called “PartTimeJobQuest.com.”

—The quest list.

Quests are divided into three categories:

  • Support – Quests like supplying items and searching for someone, which can be resolved by walking around town.
  • Rescue – Quests where you have to defeat hoodlums causing people trouble.
  • Challenge – Quests where you can improve yourself to become a human worth of the title hero. You can significantly develop Kasuga’s “Life Experience” by clearing such Challenges.
—A quest where you have to go out into town and find a cat. Cat finding quests may even have unexpected rewards.

—Quests such as item delivery or defeating specific enemies are cleared by reporting back to contact persons, where you can obtain your reward. Contact persons can be found all over Yokohama, including Hiroo’s company, the convenience store POPPO, and more.

—You will receive a detailed report for clearing a quest, which includes your money and items received.

■ How to Spend Your Money

Equipping stronger equipment and summoning strong allies as you progress through the story is essential, but you will need a lot of money to do so. Here, we will introduce “Delivery Help,” which can be called upon in battle as powerful help and is an effective use of your money.

Spending Money on Delivery Help

“Delivery Help” is a feature in which you can pay money to summon powerful assist characters in battle. Here we will look at a strong character that requires a lot of money to summon, as well as the character select screen.

—The Delivery Help screen displays information such as a character’s traits and summon cost.

You will be able to summon more characters as you clear the game’s sub-stories. The effect and price of a summon varies per character, so try summoning them all. Naturally, the higher the cost of the character, the greater their effect will be. If you earn more money, you will be able to summon stronger characters.

—Character Name: Jay-san | Service: “Butcher’s Show”

A mysterious and giant man wielding a large meat cleaver, whose meat-chopping skills are top-tier. A strong character, one summon costs 60,000 yen, but the effect is suited to the price. In addition to dealing major damage to enemies with his skillful knife handling, he may also inflict the “nervous” status ailment.
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Dec 25, 2018
Manchester, England
Hobo Simulator and Rent a Hobo Hero Side Quest structure sound awesome.

Already loving these new systems in the game and referencing SEGA games of old too! :LOL:

Looks like they also have references to Friday 13th too!


Nov 21, 2014
No hype for Yakuza in GAF? And I thought you people were awesome..


Jun 8, 2004
No hype for Yakuza in GAF? And I thought you people were awesome..
I'm kinda hyped. Just a bit concerned about the changes to combat and the new protagonist (although I didn't mind playing a new character in Judgement).


Nov 21, 2014
I'm kinda hyped. Just a bit concerned about the changes to combat and the new protagonist (although I didn't mind playing a new character in Judgement).
Give the demo a go. I was concerned till I played the demo mate