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Y'all wanna see how some classic Sony Trinitron tube televisions were made?

Anyone here also own one of these "flat screened" Sony tubes at one point?

I had a 32' version of this Sony, but the boarder around the screen was the same color as the rest of the TV instead of it being a dark grey like in this video. My set also included wireless headphones. Too bulky so never used them.

I remember buying this TV for PS2 and Xbox. Damn it looked good through component cables. Once the 360 came along I would routinely force widescreen mode through 360's settings to make games look even better! I could do that through the television itself but it squeezed the image too much. Never felt the need to buy an HD television during that time since it looked that good.

Edit: Just wanted to add a strange fact about forcing widescreen through 360's settings. It only had a negative impact on two games out of everything I had played on that set. For whatever reason, EA's NHL series would have framerate drops if I forced widescreen. Same thing would happen with SSX, which led me to believe that game was built on the same engine. Not sure, though.
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Cant remember the model but we had something like this in the 90's:

Fantastic TVs.


Really surprised no one revived this tech just for gaming, sure its big and bulky but the results speak for themselves
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