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Yet Another Fantasy Title - Announcement Trailer (open-world, top-down action RPG)

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Get your first look at Yet Another Fantasy Title, the upcoming open-world action-RPG parody game that pokes fun at all of the cliched fantasy-game tropes. It's in development for PC from the makers of Rustler (aka Grand Theft Horse).

Yet Another Fantasy Title (YAFT) is an open-world, top-down action RPG set in an absurd fantasy universe full of pop-culture references. Play as the Rogue who uses a sword and a bow as a warm welcome to anyone who crosses his path.

Remember, respect is everything​

You are a rogue in a fantasy world. Most epic characters usually just kill your kind for side quests. But not you! Get rid of the handsome knight in shining armor, steal his unicorn and become The Chosen One… by accident. Find respect among elves, dwarves, goblins, and orcs that populate the world. They might help you on your quests!

Fight all kinds of fantastic creatures​

Set on a journey to kill the dragon that terrorizes the neighborhood. Fight stinky ogres, wicked goblins, and huge bridge trolls. Complete various epic quests and crazy missions, or don’t give a damn about the story and bring chaos to the valleys and villages. Fight with a sword or a bow while exploring the dirty fantasy world on foot, via cart, or by a tamed wolf. All that and more spiced up with a ridiculous sense of humor.

Complete absurd quests​

Learn spells that will make your enemies flee. Treat them with fire and ice or simply blow up the entire battlefield. Tired of magic? Grab your sword and wreak havoc all around. After all that hard work, join a group of orcs for a frivolous evening. Throw bottles of the filthiest possible liquor at nasty goblins. Or rob the rich, don’t give anything to the poor, and see for yourself how it feels to get hit in the head by a bottle.

Burn them all!​

Learn magic from a suspicious wizard who drinks way too many potions. Slay the mighty dragon. Wanna experience some monster-hunting? Or pimp-a-wolf a bit? Maybe steal The Ring from The Gang of The Ring? Easy peasy. Gather your magical homies’ respect and rule the kingdom with their help. Without you, there’s no injustice in the world. Not unless you make it.
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