You can invite 3 video game characters to a dinner party tonight. Who’s coming?

Md Ray

Surprised nobody said Arthur!

Fare thee well

- Jake Logan (cause motherfucking Bruce Campbell in space)
- Gaunter O'dimm (evil, dangerous, and eternally entertaining)
- Nick Valentine (sarcasm overload, and to keep tabs on gaunter)

It's a weird bunch, but you know it would be entertaining af.


Laura S. Arseid (Sen no Kiseki III/IV)
Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

I'm curious about the conversations that would occur that evening.

Neil Young

So, if "dinner party" means coming over to fuck....then Tifa, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. Otherwise, if it's just literally dinner....then Tifa would cock tease and bore me with her non sense, Catwoman would rob me and Harley would light me on fire so I'd have to rethink my choices.





Link's grandma from TWW to supply tasty island 肉じゃが…

Professor Layton for the factoids...

Max Payne to keep everything bright and sunny


Sam and Max and Captain LeChuck.

Perfect recipe for a fun night out at the bar after dinner. Except for the bouncers.
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I was thinking in Dante plus 2 girls. But I can't with Dante... Lol Man has the looks, he will took the girls attention...

So, 2B, Mai Shiranui and I-NO.
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From Halo:
  • Master Chief (Blue Team) and or Kurt (Green Team)
  • Arbiter
  • Primordial
Would make for some seriously interesting conversations. I couldn't decide between Chief or Kurt. I love the Master Chief but Kurt might be my all-time favorite Spartan from the books. Although Samus would be pretty awesome too. The primordial is just creepy and mysterious. He'd probably corrupt our minds with his words and cause us to go insane or to join the Flood. I wonder if he likes pizza.
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Joel If the dinner is at a golf resort.

Pyramid Head to help cut down some trees before dinner

Mario to help unclog the toilet after dinner


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Yellow 13 from Ace Combat 4
Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed
Lee Chaolan from Tekken
Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid
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Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, and Rachel Amber. I'll give them lots of red wine and just wait for the action to begin.


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Thirsty fuckers all of you

I’d go with:

Zero Suit Samus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Shout out to Square Enix on Twitter, they asked this question a while back but only for Square Enix characters. I thought it would be fun to see who NeoGAF is inviting and extend it to all video game characters.

You can invite 3 video game characters to a dinner party tonight. Who’s coming?
How will it go?

For me:

I have to invite Tifa. For one, an opportunity to see her in person cannot be passed up. For two, she's gonna be the one to break the ice and hopefully get everyone talking.
Master Chief because it would be cool to see him in person as well and he deserves a break. Will he take his helmet off to eat?
Ayane because she is the best waifu and a ninja and I have insider info on her favorite foods.

I imagine it will be really awkward at first. Ayane won't want anything to do with this. Master Chief won't know what to do. Tifa would be awkwardly laughing looking at the other two not talking. Things will improve when Master Chief goes to sit down and the chair breaks underneath the weight of his armor and he says his catch phrase "I need chair", then everyone laughs. Tifa and Chief get burgers and fries while Ayane gets all her favorite food and drink items: Crab, Marrons Glaces, Succulent Grape, Sushi, Tomato, Cream Soda (thanks to DOAX gift giving guides). Ayane's cold disinterest will break just for a moment while seeing all her favorite foods and hopefully it gives me lots of relationship points. It'll be cool hearing all the stories from their battles and at some point during one of Master Chief's stories he'll say "hey look, it's the Arbiter!" somehow eating his burger and fries while everyone looked away and still had his helmet on. Yeah....that would be a pretty nice dinner party.
Master Chief is an emotionless shell. He would be a terrible dinner partner.

That being said.

Rintaro Okabe
Vincent Brooks
Link (SS/BOTW/WW preferably)


Pyra because she can cook and is a 2 in one character as she comes with Mythra.

Kat because she loves the sweets.

Tifa because the thirst is real.
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