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You can now sleep together with Hatsune Miku thanks to Oculus Rift




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But if you're asleep, how can you see thru the VR headset?

The point is that when you fall asleep your eyes will close with your waifu right next to you and when you open your eyes she is still there across from you.
Thanks Japan

Also this is SLEEPING you sick bastards!
You say that now but it's only inevitable for a certain few
....God help us if it ever happens
Edit: watched the vid.... Sorry certain people here who might be excited but I just don't understand the amusement with this :/


Ok, this is fucking awesome. Now they need to make it able to allow me to sleep with and fondle Kagamine Rin and/or MEIKO and then I might budge.


( ≖‿≖)
Why would you want to nap with a shit Vocaloid, aka any Vocaloid that isn't SeeU, though.
Why would anyone do that with so many girls alone in the world?

It's better to sleep with a warm and smooth girl, with the side of your face against her naked boobs.


That's scary. If an MMO like WoW ruined lives and made people never leave their homes. What the fuck is this thing going to do?


So someone made an app for a visual device for an event where you're supposed to close your eyes.



Wonder when we'll see the first article about someone being choked to death by their oculus rift cables in bed because of this
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