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Young female Japanese biker is really 50-year-old man with luscious hair using FaceApp

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017

Young female Japanese biker is really 50-year-old man with luscious hair using FaceApp​

Can't trust everything you see online these days.

There exists this Twitter account: azusagakuyuki.

It is essentially a repository of photos and tweets from what appears to be a female bike enthusiast in Japan.

The account currently has over 16,000 followers.

Some examples of photos on the Twitter account involve what looks to be the young biker, often posing with the bike:


But spoiler alert: Given the state of technological advancement these days, one can never really believe what they see online all the time.

In one of the photos, it was revealed in a side mirror that the person behind the camera looked nothing like the one in the photos.

The person behind the camera​

Japanese media picked up on this curious turn of events, and eventually tracked the biker down.

According to a Japanese variety show,

Here's the reveal when the crew rolled around to interview him:

The man reportedly said that nobody wants to see an "uncle", and so, he turned himself into a "beautiful woman" so that his photos would be popular.

One filter allows users to "change their gender".

Source: Mothership


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