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NSFW Your Embarassing Videogame Confessions


Sep 30, 2020
Here are some of mine:

1. Despite starting gaming on the Atari2600 I never played any console Mario games until Super Mario World. My first Mario game was on the Gameboy.

2. I never played Zelda until the N64 because i thought the title sounded lame.

3.My main RPG at 16 bit was the first Lufia. I never played any of the much better rpgs on the SNES including Lufia 2.

4. I bought my cousins a Dreamcast when it first came out with 4 games. I was convinced that it would be a big hit.

5. I never played a Playstation or Playstation 2 or Playstation 3 opting to go N64, GameCube, Wii only.

6. I bought an Xbox360 in response to being really disappointed with demo-ing the Wii U. But it wasn't even my idea: my wife pointed out that I would get much more bang for buck with an X360.

7. I use my PS4 much more for TV and movie streaming than for gaming.

8. My neighbour friend used to kick my ass with his copy of Kick Off2 on the Atari ST. I secretly bought my own copy and hid it from him hoping that I would get good enough to beat him without him knowing that I had practiced. He still Kicked my ass and found my copy hidden in a drawer.

9. By best friend from high school and I used to enjoy fairly balanced Virtua Fighter battles. He secretly practiced with my own character and then Kicked my ass with it and then seeing my shock confessed what he had done. I was furious for about 15 mins. Same friend would regularly kick my ass in Street Fighter 2 using Blanka's lame jumping with medium and low kicks repeatedly. My Ken never stood a chance especially since I always struggled to pull off a soar you Ken on command.

10. I used to get my little cousin upset by "accidentally" beating up his character on Battletoads over and over again. I only stopped when he finally burst out crying and told on me with his mom.

11. Some guilty gaming pleasures: Boomblox 2, Elite Beat Agents, Oh Mummy, Altered Beast, Friday the 13th 8bit, Quackshot, Toejam and Earl 1 and 2.


Jul 26, 2013
In the tree
I'm playing baldurs gate right now.. and every now and then I talk out loud to my party members like they're my friends. Especially the rabbit familiar, the little guy kills NPCs with one bite.
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Dec 21, 2020
I'm playing baldurs gate right now.. and every now and then I talk out loud to my party members like they're my friends. Especially the rabbit familiar, the little guy kills NPCs with one bite.
I do that in mass effect



Nov 24, 2014
Returnal is too fucking hard. Been playing for over ten hours and ive never gotten past the first area. For the record. Ive beaten all the souls borne games and platinumed demons souls and resogun
Same, but 20 hours and the 2nd area

Mine is despite being a massive Zelda fan, I've never beaten Link to the Past or Skyward Sword

Also when I barely had money for new games in 2011 ish,(I missed out on Skyrim for years, still never finished it, I always get hours in and lose interest for something new, despite liking the game) I watched LP's instead, usually by an old favorite here: DarkSydePhil
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Dec 6, 2018
I've owned and loved every PlayStation console.....except PS2,yea the most popular one,lol.Owned the OG Xbox and then had a flirtation with PC gaming at that time and missed so many great games....was able to play a lot of them later on PS3 due to remasters though,Ratchet & Clank,God of War etc.


Gold Member
Dec 3, 2019
I bought the PS4 for 600€ on eBay three weeks after launch because i couldn't find one and forgot to preorder.

On launch day i walked to the electronics store to buy one. I was sure i will get one.
When i came there about 25 people were already waiting. When someone found out how naive i was the whole row started to laugh.
Jul 13, 2020
I was a dumb child when I started gaming. Ocarina of Time was my first game. I completed it without understanding that I could Z target. Phantom Ganon was the hardest thing in the world.

In the same vain, I got to the Shinra Headquarters in FFVII without using Materia.

I bought a launch model 60gb PS3 for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

I panhandled at my high school to crowdfund for Kingdom Hearts 2 on release day. It worked.
Jan 15, 2021
United Kingdom
I bought Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the PS3 upon release, and sold the game and console the very next day after I discovered that when you make contact with other cars (gentle contact) you lose excelaration. I was promised driving realism and got a turd! Those that want to race like Ayrton Senna best avoid Gran Turismo games.
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Mar 19, 2019
I bought a PS3 because I thought switching from PC to console would save me money in the long run. Shortly afterwards, the number of games on Steam exploded and regular sales with ridiculous discounts became commonplace.


Dec 8, 2020
Despite how incredibly inaccurate it is, Captain N was my favorite video game based media until Netflix's Castlevania. Isekai fan before I knew what it was.


Edit: oh yeah, and I thought Bob Seger's song 'Shakedown' was from the show for years afterwards.
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Dec 3, 2011
I bought at least, dunno, let's say FOUR games made by Platinum (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, Nier Automata, Legend of Korra, maybe I'm forgetting something else too) out of sheer "social pressure" of people on the internet repeating at nauseam how fucking amazing they allegedly were, but for the life of me I never managed to enjoy ANY of them and wasted my money like a fool.
They have this hidden talent for boring me in a matter of minutes and it's only out of pure stubbornness that I begrudgingly managed to push into the two-three hours of each.
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Gold Member
Dec 3, 2019
I skipped work (school as a teacher) 2 days + weekend to play MGS5 on launch with one run being 51 hours with no sleep, making my base 1# in the world for 2 weeks unintentionally in the process.

Got a salary cut penalty then in the same month.
Like a true "BIG BOSS"! :messenger_grinning_smiling:
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Apr 19, 2005
I played Mafia Wars by Zynga avidly, and was obsessed with the robbery mini-game because there were 8 rare diamonds (each was a real life rare diamond like "Star of the Ocean"). I completely understood that Zynga made the diamonds "rare" by giving them an outrageously low RNG drop rate. I knowingly bought into this ridiculous tactic that leads players to want to spend real money on Zynga games.


Dec 4, 2020
1. Although being a huge MGS fan, I never finished Snake Eater (actually never went past the first Ocelot fight).

2. I couldn't finish BotW without using cheats for having weapons not breaking. And still did not enjoy the game.

3. I'm a trophy whore.
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Alan Wake

Aug 28, 2020
I never got past the first boss in Ninja Gaiden.

I traded Silent Hill 2 for Blinx.

I have never finished a Super Mario game.

I was too scared to finish Resident Evil 7.

I had more fun with Terminator Resistance than TLOU2. Different expectations, sure. But still.

I bought the N-Gage with Sonic N and Tomb Raider when it launched.
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Dec 7, 2020
1. I always thought link was Zelda and the adventure of Zelda was you controlling Zelda and never realized the princess you are trying to save is named Zelda until a few years ago
2. I never beat metal gear NES despite trying multiple times
2. My gamer score was reset in 2016 from 230k and I’ve wasted countless hours playing crappy games with easy achievements to try and claw my way back
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