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Your Embarassing Videogame Confessions


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I cheated on Bejeweled PC using a slow down mod, then took my save file over my friends house and deposited it into their high score folder when they weren't looking so I could brag about beating their high score.
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I bought a Game.com when it first released. I got a couple of games for it but ended up bored with it and sold it. Around six months later they announced a bunch of new games coming to it, including WCW Whiplash, NBA Hangtime, Madden Football, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid, etc. and I thought maybe they had someone new in charge at Tiger that knew what gamers really wanted to play, and so I bought another one. Not a single one of those games actually released.

I don't know if this is embarrassing, but I really liked the Virtual Boy. It has been a long time since I've played it, but I was especially a big fan of Wario Land. I used to bring the VB to school, other kids would beg to play it during lunch, so I'd let them. I even let my bus driver play it, he'd play it when we were stopped at red lights and I'd tell him when the light turned green.


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I leveled a sword and board warrior through WoW classic and Burning crusade and didn't realize "Shield Block" was an actual useable ability... i thought it just passively meant I had X% chance to block attacks.


I cheated my playthrough in Pathologic 2 with console commands.
I loved the game though so it didnt take away from my experience, but perhaps it did, i didnt allow myself to be crushed.


I really enjoy playing Minecraft and I’m an old person.

Also when I was a kid I spent my birthday money on xmen for nes and it was one of the worst games I had ever played.
I was determined to beat it and get my money’s worth out of it and I did.

it was literally 1000 tries until some rng at the end let me win.
Garbage game, that.
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Bioshock got me fired. I called in sick for 2 days to play it. Played through the first 2 nights so there was no going to work in that shape on the 3rd day. I did not call the 3rd day. 4th day I go back to work and flabbergasted they fired me.. Some people, amirite?


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Bioshock got me fired. I called in sick for 2 days to play it. Played through the first 2 nights so there was no going to work in that shape on the 3rd day. I did not call the 3rd day. 4th day I go back to work and flabbergasted they fired me.. Some people, amirite?
For Bioshock it was not worth it, and less if it is Bioshock 1.
Only woth it if was Gravity Rush, there it is more than justified.
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When I was a kid, my favorite publisher of C64 software on the playground was Eaglesoft Incorporated.
How times have changed.


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Getting beat by my 8 year niece (at the time) in Super Smash Bros. Ya, she's practiced, but she's still not great at gaming. I can pick up a game for the first time and beat her in stuff since I have experience with general gaming for decades. I destroyed her in Dragon Ball Fighterz playing for the first time.

But when I played her (I've never played Smash ever), I was getting torn to shreds and blasted out of the level KO style every minute. No idea what the fuck I was doing and my past experience playing SF and Tekken kinds of fighting game controls were useless in that game.
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I cant beat dark souls games. I've purchased 1, 2, 3, sekiro and bloodborne and they just sit on my shelf, mocking me with their smug aura.

Demons souls tho, my two time GOTY hands down


-I love the ending of mass effect 3 and I have the highest respect for BioWare, being able to produce such a great game despite the short development time given them by EA

- I have an unnatural hate for everyone using the term roguelike for action games like Isaac, enter the gungeon or similar

- I think no man's sky is one of the greatest masterpieces in videogame history

- I find most of jrpgs vomit inducing

- fallout 3 is an amazing game, better than the first 2 and New Vegas


I bought Demon's Souls on PS5 thinking it wouldn't be that hard. Completed the first level and started the second (Stonefang Tunnel). Got my ass kicked by those fat blokes shooting fire and now I don't want to start it again. I feel like a filthy casual that needs to git gud.


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I've bought GTA V like 6 times :(
I've bought Gravity Rush like 10 times

Gravity Rush PS Vita Digital and physical version

Gravity Rush Remastered Usa, asia, Korean, European And Review Version... Digital versión

Gravity Rush 2 japanese límited edition and Usa versión physical.... And Digital version
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Mhmmm 2077

This is gonna be oddly specific and most people won't understand, but I have played Dota 2 since 2012 (with a 2018-2021 break), I have over 3500 hours in it. My highest MMR was a little over 3000. Since I came back, I dropped to 1500 already and I really don't believe I play that bad, it pisses me off. Playing alone sucks, enemy team almost always seems to be better coordinated. So yeah, it's embarassing for me to have such low MMR and I believe I will drop below 1000 by the end of the year, sadly.
I really enjoyed Bujingai The Forsaken City on PS2.

Did not like No More Heroes. Played till the second boss (?), guy in a baseball stadium, then quit. Game was telling jokes, I wasn't laughing.

Old Retro

You guys must have looked for a naked Lara Croft cheat back in the days. 🤣

Me and some friends fell for the damn EGM Sheng Long trick in 1992. I'll go to the grave thinking there's an actual Sheng Long sprite embedded somewhere in the code.



1. Joining neogaf. (thinking people here enjoyed video games)
2. Reading some of the comments here, you guys need help. :eek:
3. I went through zone of the enders without realising there was a block button till a certain point where its impossible to progress without blocking a certain attack. :')
Hey if it's more fun to complain about games than play them then maybe the industry can stop making garbage shit games.


I played Resident Evil 1 remaster with a trainer (infinite health-ammo)
I can understand that, the player is not meant to kill all of the zombies they encounter. I always struggle with that myself, because I like cleaning out locations of all enemies in video games.

What's funny is that it's not such a big problem in some of the later RE games, at least not on normal difficulty. I've done that in RE2 and 3 remakes to be able to search the rooms without being bothered by the monsters.


I worked on a horrible kart racing game called " Pulse Racer " where if you went too fast your driver would have a heart attack.

a fucking racing game where you get penalized for going too fast. ugh...

RaZoR No1

Even though I love NieR Automata, I didnt bother to do all of the achievements...
I unlocked them in game in the "secret"/new shop.
Additionaly I didnt deleted my Savefile to help the other gamers...

don't think there's anything im embarrassed about. i just buy consoles that have games i want to play. i don't feel the need to buy certain games just because a lot of people like them. even if people shit on a game it's not gonna stop me buying it if i want it. i don't 100% every game, get all achievements, etc. i'm not ashamed to admit i sometimes use easy mode or follow a guide. i'm here to have fun and i'll do that whatever it means without caring what others think.
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