Your favorite lesser-known arcade games?

I always wanted home versions of the following:

Strikers 1945 III
Alien Vs Predator
Aggressors of Dark Kombat

And I never got them. I looked on Youtube for videos of some of my favorite arcade games that not many people know about and it made me want to play them again so badly! Its weird though cuz almost nobody I know (this board aside) knows what these games are.

Your turn.
made me want to play them again so badly!
MAME can help you there quite nicely. ;)

3 good arcade "unknowns" to try:

Puzzle Uo Poko (Cave 1998) - fun and very simple puzzle game

Biomechanical Toy (Gaelco 1995) - fantastic action platformer

Valtric (NMK 1986) - oldschool SHMUP with some interesting powerup ideas


Ninny Prancer
I'm not 100% sure what did and did not come out as a home port, but I was a huge fan of most of the late 80's and early 90's Data East games like:

Sly Spy
Midnight Resistance (Genesis port)
Heavy Barrel (NES port? I assume its shitty)

I am not aware of any collections that feature these games, which is too bad.


And even i am moderately surprised
Penguin Brothers

Fantastically fun single screen platformer a la Bubble Bobble

Cannon Dancer/Osman

Strider style game (from some of the original team). Absolutely stunning looking and a great game to boot.

The Outfoxies

Hard to describe - one on one vs. fighting where you use the environment (which changes as the game goes on), using a whole host of weaponry. Sort of like one on one Rolling thunder.
Knuckle Bash

Ring Rage

Daraku Tenchi - The Fallen Angels

Burning Fight


Vanguard (not entirely obscure though)

Dead Connection

Hammering Harry

Last Resort (hard as hell)

Mercs (does this count?)

I, Robot

The first videogame using 3-D filled polygons.

I actually played the real deal of this when I was 9 or so. It was at a truck-stop of all places.

Last Duel

I really enjoyed playing this one for the first time in a laundrymat with some dude I met there. A couple of dollars and hours later we beat it. Good times.
bjork said:
The only correct answer is Guwange
I agree. Still holding out hope that Cave will give us a PS2 pack w/ that, Dangun Feveron, Esprade, Ketsui, and Progear. Hell, even two or three per pack would rock like hell.
Someone help me out here. My dad used to run a company that placed vending machines, slotmachines and even the odd videogame at snackbars and coffeeshops.

15 years ago ( maybe even 20 :D yeah, the age is creeping up on me ) he placed a cabinet shoot-em-up in one of those places. The only things i can remember is that its a vertical shmup with a pretty nafty helicopter. Thing is, halfway through the first or second level you can spot some little guys down below, now you can actually shoot those little guys only to have them take revenge and attack you while flying over soime forrest-zones...

Can anybody name me that shmup ? I'd ask my dad, but he passed away little over a year ago but when i did years ago he named the shmup "Buzzerd" or something like that....

heeeeelp me :D
KyanMehwulfe said:
The two Dungeons & Dragons games and Knights of the Round Table.
never played D&D but Knights of the Round was good! I remember levelling up with the blonde guy. At a certain point he becomes bald:lol

i mention this one also: sponsored by aerosmith& with guns (like operation wolf)