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Your game of the year for 2021?



As of right now, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is my 2021 game of the year but im fully expecting Halo Infinite to surpass it.


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Shin Megami Tensei V, since it delivered just what I was expecting but even more.

Other cool games would be Nier: Replicant, MH: Rise and Metroid Dread.


1. It Takes Two
2. Deathloop
3. Psychonauts 2
4. Returnal
5. Lost Judgement

I think objectively FH5 could be up there too, but I didn't play them enough and though it was vapid.
Also has much as I like Supergiants game, Hades was release in 2018 FFS.
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Punished Miku

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IMO, overall this has been a really bad year for software. I own a Switch, PS5, and a Quest 2. Across the board I could count the really great titles in one hand. The Virus is a big reason why.

I don't care for the franchise games like Call of Duty, Madden, Battlefield, etc anymore due to be being burned out on them ages ago.

My runner up Game: Ratchet and Clank: A rift apart. Easy to argue it's the prettiest game ever made but the more important part is it's just pure Fun. A story line that doesn't take itself too seriously, Silky Smooth 60 fps gameplay, An interesting Upgrade/currency system, it's simply a joy to play.

My GAME OF THE YEAR FOR 2021: This is a shocker but most will not play it. This game takes and old outdated game and totally makes it feel like a new experience. The original was GOTY when it released but playing this in First person mode along with being inside the world totally makes it feel like a new experience. I haven't had fun playing a game like this in a long time. A classic remade. RESIDENT EVIL 4 VR FOR QUEST 2 is my GOTY for 2021.
Im very excited to play RE 4 VR. Getting the system for Christmas and it will be my first VR game.

My GOTY now is Metroid Dread by a large margin.. one of the finest action games ever made, up there with Ninja Gaiden Black.

I have many other contenders to play still. Busy year.


I just discovered this the other day and I am pissed i cant play solo. You could play Brothers singleplayer so not sure why this wasnt able to. So bummed I cant play it
I wouldn’t recommend playing it solo. Would almost completely kill the experience IMO.


Played a lot of good games this year. But honestly don't have a real game of the year.

Would have to give it to either RE village or guardians. Still have to open up far cry 6 and give it a try tho


Psychonauts 2

Hades, It Takes Two and Returnal are runners up. I just started Forza 5 (just got a Series X) and I can already tell it’ll be up there, just haven’t put in enough time yet.

Cutty Flam

1. Mario Party Superstars
2. Metroid Dread

Haven't played it yet but the true GOAT of the year 2021 is most likely Resident Evil Village


Hitman or Psychonauts 2. Haven't completed Metroid Dread yet, so I don't allow myself to pick that game.


Forza for me hands down. Then maybe Ratchet or RE Village. Nothing else has really grabbed me this year, not even Pokemon or Metroid


No idea honestly. 2020 was pretty really easy with Alyx but this year I wanted it to be Halo. Idk though, the more gameplay i see the less I want to play it for some reason.


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It’s been an amazing year when you think about it I can’t choose one. I’ve been absolutely hooked on Halo infinites multiplayer since launch so my mind is on that, I could be blown away by that single player shortly.

honourable mentions in no order as I couldn’t choose one.

halo infinite multi
metroid dread
forza horizon 5
it takes two
psychonauts 2
monster hunter rise

awesome year
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It Takes Two.
There was a dude on here comparing the puzzles to Mario Party mini games. Wtf.


console wars 2020 - participant

One of the most atmospheric and twisted games I've ever played. Incredible soundtrack too.


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MHW+iceborne, i onestly had more fun learning hammer\greatsword in my 4th run on this thing than any other game i played in 2021.

curse of the dead gods
guardians of the galaxy
outriders with friends
ME legendary edition
ender lilies
death door
the ascent
halo infinite (probably)

I had fun with those but no one is my goty, if i have to chose with a gun pointed to my head then returnal or ascent or guardians.
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I commented on a thread with an identical title a month or two ago i swear.

Followed by aoe4.


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Ys IX, always a series with consistent experience

Runner ups:
Yakuza Like A Dragon
Lost Judgment


Unless Halo Infinite campaign changes my mood today, I gotta have to go with.......

No More Heroes 3! This will be a cult Switch classic for sure!

RE Village is second place, then 3rd is Psychonauts 2


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Holy shit what a year!

I can't decide on either Like A Dragon or Shin Megami Tensei V as #1 as both games are absolutely top tier.

I have a gaming PC too btw, but there's not much PC (or XBOX) games that tickle my fancy these days. Age of Empires 4 should maybe get a mention as that's the only game for PC i bought this year.
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From what I've played this year, it's a 3-way race between Forza Horizon 5, Resident Evil 8, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Surprisingly, I'm actually leaning towards giving it to Forza Horizon 5! I'm going to wait until I've gone through Halo Infinite Campaign though.


Gotta go with Mass Effect LE followed by GotG and Metroid Dread.

Ratchet and RE8 would probably be next. I think they were both good but they wouldn't even be close in a better year.
I think i choose Psychonauts 2. They put so much love ans passion in this game and not just some nice graphics. Also great level design, characters and art style.


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What a great year. In no particular order
  • Halo Infinite MP
  • Age of Empires 4
  • Forza 5
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Resident Evil 4 VR
  • Days Gone
  • Splitgate
A bunch also I have not played like Ratchet and It takes Two that probably belong on list.


Well, NIOH2 came to PC this year. I think that`s the game I spent the most time with aside from League of Legends.

I can see BF2042 topping that, though, as that one`s pretty amazing with friends (and terrible with randoms).
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