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Your Gaming History


A thread about generations/pop culture that defined our childhoods in the Off-Topic forum made me think it might be interesting to share what gaming platforms we've owned over the years from the start to the present. Group stuff however you like in terms of things that kind of straddle generations (especially portables vs. consoles).

Here's mine:

-Atari 5200-first machine we had in the home growing up. I played a decent amount, but less than I'd have liked as a kid as the crappy button on the controller broke often so we were often limited to things like Pac-man and Frogger that didn't need the fire button or whatever it was called.

-NES and Gameboy- NES is what really got me into gaming. Loved SMB and Duckhunt and played a ton of games in general. Gameboy I think was mostly bought for my little brother, but he wasn't a big gamer so I ended up using it a ton. It's the only thing my parents really played a lot of too. My dad was sucked into Tetris and my mom got really into Kirby Pinball.

Really, really got into gaming here with great games like Super Mario World, Link to the Past, Final Fantasy 3 (6), Super Metroid etc. Never had a Genesis, but played some at friends places.

-N64, PS1 and Gameboy Advance-N64 was the first gaming hardware I bought with my own money. Mario 64, OOT and moving to 3D in general was mindblowing. Eventually had droughts on N64 and got a PS1 after playing FF7 and RE1 at a friends place. That really helped shift my tastes to where they are now as a lover of story-driven games. GBA was great to get a 2D fix with the couple of Metroid games the Metroidvanias etc. with the consoles so focused on 3D games.

-Gamecube, PS2, Xbox-bit of an odd generation for me as I loved/love a lot of games, but I was swamped with finishing up college and then on to grad school so I wasn't gaming as much as before or after this generation. Got the Gamecube first as I was still mostly a Nintendo fanboy, but ended up playing PS2 the most probably. Xbox got the least use as I got it later on and mostly for KOTOR.

-Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS-I got the Wii first, mainly as the other two were too expensive early in the generation on my grad student in a pricey big city budget. Got tired of waggle and lack of HD once I got an HDTV and grabbed a 360 bundle deal after being blown away by Gears of War at a friends' place. That ended up being my main that generation. PS3 I got later on when my Xbox Live account got hacked and migrated to Russia and took a few months to get back (along with access to my saves). Loved Sony's exclusives. DS also got a shit ton of usage.

-Wii U, 3DS, Vita-I'm just popping these together as I had them at the same time and they don't neatly fit with in the often cited console generations. Wii U was great to finally get Nintendo games in HD, 3DS had a shit ton of great first party games, Vita was mostly disappointing to me but was a great place to play indies--especially pixel graphic things that I don't like to play blown up on a big screen.

-PS4, Xbox One/PC, Switch-MS lost me at launch with their bad reveal and then being $100 more with less powerful hardware due to a Kinect that I didn't want. PS4 has been my main and probably my favorite console since the SNES. So many great, story-driven exclusives and mostly great versions of AAA multiplats. I eventually got an Xbox One for Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, and Quantum Break primarily. Sold that off when Play Anywhere started and just grabbed a gaming PC as I needed to replace my desktop for working at home anyway. Switch has been phenomenal for me with the first party support, replacing the Vita as my go to machine for retro-ish indies, and I love the hybrid feature of playing the same games on the TV and on the go vs. trying to juggle and make time for a separate Nintendo portable game library along side their consoles.
My neighbor had a 5200 when I was a kid, and I was so jealous with my crappy :p 2600. I did get to play it some. I think I remember being blown away because it had a pause button. I think I'm remembering right.

The Fartist

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- 1st game I played Super Mario Bros NES 1989.
- 1st console owned Genesis 1992
- Bought 32X for $30 bucks Electronics Boutique (later EB Games, now GameStop) clearance sale 1995.
- PSone 1997
- PS2 2001
- GBA Micro 2006
- PS3 2007
- PS4 2015
- PC 2018
- I need to upgrade my PC in 2020.


Ms Dos / Sega Megadrive

Then PC/ PS1

Then PS2 (only generation I didn't game on PC, I was a broke kid and the family PC got old)

Then Xbox 360/ PS3 & PC

PS Vita (lol)

Then Ps4 & Pro/Xbox One (lol) /PC

In the middle of upgrading my PC now, wait and see on the PS5 but as long as they come in hot with exclusives I want then I'll buy it.
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Old Retro

Late 70s - coin op games in arcades, pizza parlors, convienence stores. As a wee lass, I stood on chairs to reach the controls if I had to.
Atari 2600 - Something about it that made me ignore all other consoles. Renaissance of 1985 in the form of $3 games made me love it all over again.

mid 80s Nintendo Entertainment System with Gyromyte and Duck Hunt - received as a gift, had to get SMB seperate. I consider this one of the greatest quantum leaps in generations. It really brought the arcades home from me. Still spent gobs of money on coin ops. This is my alltime favorite console.

late 80s Sega Genesis & SMS convertor - I had to get this because of arcade ports like Ghouls & Ghosts and a sports library light years ahead of NES. Hearing speech on a console was astounding!

early 90s - Game Boy was great for its 4 pea soup green color palette. Best handheld since the Tiger days of the early 80s
Super NES - console wars were for suckas: get both! Again focused on arcade ports like SFII Turbo, and great RPGs.

mid 90s - the other quantum leap in generations was like going from propeller planes to the Space Shuttle. Got Sega Saturn, PSX, and N64 within the span of a few months. Finally consoles truly caught up to coin op performance. A legendary time in the 1990s for me. Late 90s ushured in a new era of hacked consoles. Smoked and drank all night while gaming in this timeframe.

early millennium - Playstation 2 and Dreamcast. Simply upgrades of previous consoles to me. Witnessed arcades dying out.

late 2000s - Nintendo Wii was the last real innovation that astounded me. Got PSP which really never grabbed me, and PS3 which took me online gaming, something I said I would never do.

mid 2010s - PS4. Simply another upgrade to me.

2020 - still gaming

2030 - still gaming


console wars 2020 - participant
Atari 2600 - blissfully unaware of how shit it really was
NES - first real system with real games. Glorious memories
Megadrive - next level shit. Fell in love with Sega immediately
Gameboy - Tetris basically
Mega CD - Ooooh, look at the fmv, listen to the real audio. Really liked it.
SNES - was sleeping with the enemy but I had to have Mario All Stars and a few other AAA titles the Megadrive would never get
Saturn - fuck you Sony. I'm playing Virtua Fighter and Sega Rally in my bedroom!
Playstation - forgive me Sega, I still love you but there's some serious fucking games on this thing
Nintendo 64 - fuck this controller, fuck it! It ruins everything I'm playing. Hated the n64
Dreamcast - if God was a console, this is truly it. Best console ever, best library ever, my favourite ever time as a gamer.
PC - ever reliable. Class myself to this day as a PC, not console gamer first and foremost
Playstation 2 - bought as a dvd player, hated Sony with a passion by now. Bought a few games but my interest was waning after the Dreamcast
Gamecube - This is nice. Now I can throw that evil PS2 in the bin
PSP - don't know why I bought this. Piece of shit.
Gameboy Advance SP - Cute
Gameboy Advance Micro - Cuter
Xbox - So this is where Sega is now. Gaming interest ever so slightly invigorated.
Nintendo DS - Meh, Never connected with it.
Xbox 360 - Bought as a hd-dvd player along with my first hdtv. Blu-Ray will never catch on.
Playstation 3 - Bought as a Blu-Ray player. Fucking hd-dvd......
Nintendo 3DS - headaches
Nintendo Wii - wtf is this shit? Interest in gaming critical...
Nintendo WiiU - unopened
Playstation 4 - interest in console gaming officially dead. Was about 12 months before I took it out of its box. Have barely touched it.
Playstation VR - Fuck me! This is cool! Astrobot is the most fun I've had in years.
Nintendo Switch - All is forgiven Nintendo, I love you. It's just me and you now, Sony and MS can go fuck themselves.

That's it. I skipped the Xbox One and as of now have no interest in buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Might change, likely won't. I'm 41 years old, will continue with PC gaming and Nintendo is the sole survivor of my console gaming exploits.


And now to decide if I continue my PlayStation career or in a gaming midlife-crisis move do I switch to Xbox to see what I've been missing since its fully back-comp.


Patient MembeR

Early childhood - Game Boy and PC. Regular visits to Arcades. Friends had a mix of PC, Game Gear, NES, SNES, and Genesis. Loved platformers and top-down shooter / melee games like Mercs, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, etc. I enjoyed most of what I could get my hands on.

Adolescence - Pokemon on Game Boy and still lots of PC. Started getting into RTSs and FPSs a lot more. Fell in love with Star Control II and X-COM. Still played a bit at the arcades as they waned. Also began exploring PC freeware, shareware, and pirating older (70s and 80s) PC RPGs and point-and-click adventures.

Teen years - Stopped going to arcades because the selection went to shit and/or they closed their doors. Lots of PC use and emulation to try out old consoles that I'd missed, replay old favorites, and try new games. Still a lot of RTSs and WRPGs like Baldur's Gate II, Total Annihilation, Shogun Total War, etc. Bought my first SEGA console, a Dreamcast and built a fairly big collection. Got into the Xbox with friends and played stuff like Halo. Fell in love with roguelikes.

18 to early 20s - Picked up a Game Boy Advance, then got into Wii, DS, PS2, PSP, 360 (briefly), and PS3. I lost interest in new PC games because I couldn't afford a new rig and I was still enjoying old favorites and emulated stuff. Started getting into Monster Hunter and Guilty Gear, two pivotal games for me. PSP was a great source to play 8bit and 16bit stuff and so I used that more than my PC for emulation. I was also replaying stuff like X-COM, Star Control II, and Nethack on a regular basis during this era, I dunno why. Gaming comfort food.

Mid-20s - Married at this point. Wife enjoys gaming so we played Wii, DS, and PS3 regularly. By this point I explored most of what I wanted to explore with older consoles. I got back into PC gaming bigtime like a true Dad with a shiny new expensive rig. Caught up on recent games and started buying new stuff. Built a fairly large Steam and GoG library over the course of a few years. Started focusing on fewer games and getting better, esp Monster Hunter and GG. Started building my retro collection.

Late 20s - Retro collecting, mostly. Added the PS4 and 3DS to the collection while dabbling in Wii U. Bought and played fewer new games but spent a lot of $$ on old games and old hardware. DDR pads. Controllers. Arcade sticks. CRT TVs. The works. Got into SEGA Saturn and Genesis big time. Started narrowing my playtime into fewer genres. Vs Puzzle, shmup, and fighting game genres. Fell in love with a lot of all-time favorites during this time period. Gave up on PC entirely at this point. I'd eaten my fill.

30s to present - playing all my old stuff. I only seem to be buying games for Switch and PS4, so I guess it's safe to say my retro collecting is over. Not buying very many brand-new games anymore (2020 is year 2 of "No New Games" challenge). I love gaming more than ever and perhaps that is in part because I have never felt more detached from the New Hotness that the industry is offering right now. I sample what I want and bask in the glut of excellent games from my childhood to present day.


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From Apple2 to Commodore64 to Amiga500 and a GameBoy to PC & having some access to PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Saturn and Dreamcast via a friend who had them all and sometimes even let me borrow,
to long period of nothing due to being busy with other things, to Xbox360 to PS4.

Now - mainly PS4Pro and sometimes game on my non-gaming PC, with the addition of PS3 that I bought just to play Demon's Souls. Hoping to get both XeX and Ps5 at launch.
Parents bought me nes, snes, n64, and then gamecube with mario sun.
Bought my first game ever with my own $, smash melee! Bought metroid prime 2 day one!

....And so on.

Good times.
I was born in '93 and can't remember a time where we didn't already have the NES, SNES, and 64. Shared a Game Boy Pocket with my brother and immediately got hooked on Pokemon . Can't remember the time frame but my family also had bought a used (and continued to buy used and throwback because my parents forget that we have it) Sega Genesis'. Then we got the Gamecube, Wii and every iteration of Nintendo handheld devices. My brother bought a ps2 and got to play that every now and then. Skipped the original Xbox and ps3. Then I was able to play my brother's copy of Modern Warfare on 360 and I've been hooked on XBL and CoD ever since. Bought the XBO, skipped the Wii-U (because I was broke), and split the cost of a ps4 and switch. Will probably be buying a Series X sometime this year and wait on PS5.

Grew up with almost all of the classic Nintendo games. Grew up with a lot of classic racing games (waverace, sw podrace, f zero, beetle adventure racing, any rc game, etc). Grew up with fighting, sports (tennis, golf, madden, fifa), some shooters (perfect dark, jet force gemini, etc), classic platformers (mario, DKC 1, 2, 3, etc), select rpgs (chrono trigger, pokemon), adventure (banjo, gex, dk64. never got into zelda), puzzle (glover), various star wars games and so much more. Grew up in the ghetto but man did my older siblings work my parents to buy all of this for us, mostly from birthdays and christmas though.

There are really only a few large franchises that I never got into, a lot of Sega (obvi had Sonic) and a lot of PS. Never had Spyro, Crash, Metal Gear, Zelda, Final Fantasy (been slowly playing catch-up), Metroid, Castlevania, and a few other big ones. I don't feel like I really missed out on a lot of these though. I have had a pretty healthy tasting from a large selection of games growing up including very unknown games like zoop, gex or glover.


SNES - Loved it as a kid.

PS1 - I wanted a 64, but got a PS. Turned out for the best.

PS2 & GameCube - Loved my PS2 for years and got a GameCube later in the gen and preferred it's first party.

PSWii60 - Our household on Christmas 2006 got a Wii and 360. I preferred the 360, only played the Wii when a big Ninty game dropped, got a PS3 mid 2007 and 360 was my main console until 2010. After that PS3 exclusives all day yo.

WiiU - Just deserves a weird spot of its own between gens. Didn't really like it or play much, but I enjoyed Bayonetta and Mario 3D World.

PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbone, Switch, 2 PC's - Play my PC mainly, PS4 with friends, Switch gets that handheld love and my Xbone broke and I don't give a shit lol. PC is a must for me this gen. Consoles don't cut the mustard for me now. I actually spent a crazy amount on 2 PC's because I upgraded from a 970 (I replaced with a 2070) build to a 2080 build and gave the 2070 build to my mum because she plays wow and I wanted to treat her as her PC was getting old.

When I list the consoles and my PC it's funny how I can see myself transitioning into having my own money and being able to afford everything myself.
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Early 90s kid here

First console was SNES. Most played games were Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, This was also the era of Disney video games like Alladin, Lion King, Toy Story. My uncle had a Nintendo 64 so I played with him games like Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007

PS1- Some of my first games were Tekken, Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, Twisted Metal

PS2- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1&2 was probably one of the most popular games at the time. After that then Rockstar games became popular with Grand Theft Auto, Bully, Manhunt, The Warriors. All of my friends had played Grand Theft Auto and it's all we talked about. We used to talk about how cool it would be to one day play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas online with your friends. Back then this was not possible. Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 was my first Resident Evil game. Late in the PS2's lifecycle my dad had purchased for me the original God of War and it became one of my favorite games at the time.

PC- My dad had really gotten into Everquest which was an MMO so I got into it as well for a little bit. I got into Roller coaster Tycoon and the Sims. I also played a lot of counter strike. I also played a bit of Halo on pc.

PS3- I graduated high school during this time and was going into college. During this time I got really into gaming. It's pretty much all I did when I wasn't studying.

Currently on PS4 right now. With family, work, and the gym I barely have time for gaming, but do so when I can. Will be getting PS5. I've never owned an Xbox in my life. I plan on getting one next-gen because I feel like I missed out


Atari 2600 - Not mine, family share.
Amstrad 6128K - My first computer (Gauntlet, Barbarian, Robocop)
Sega Megadrive (Genesis) - Sonic, Altered Beast
SNES - Final Fight, Street Fighter 2. Super Mario World
Gameboy - Mario, Tetris
PC Engine GT - Battery eater
Neo Geo AES - Money Eater
Playstation - Resident Evil, Tomb Raider
N64 - Mario64, Zelda, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64.
Dreamcast - House OF The Dead 2, Sega Rally
PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 2
GC - Wind Waker, Metroid Prime.
Xbox - Halo
Xbox 360 - SFIV played for 8 years
PS3 - Nothing memorable

My history of games systems.

Edit: Forgot Wii and Switch.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
So many consoles, there's been so many consoles.

I was born in '78 and started playing games in the 80's.

Tandy 1000 SL - My grandma bought this for my siblings and I because she believed computers were going to be something big. She couldn't figure out a calculator but she was sharp enough to see things for what they were. I remember Thexder, Janitor Joe, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry at my friend's house (his mom answered the questions so we could see tits), Family Feud, and my brothers making actual playable games in Basic.

NES - We had one NES between 4 siblings on a 13" Sanyo TV. Dad was a "Go outside" type of guy so we got games in when we could. The co-op Ninja Turtles games stick out in my memory. We played through Turtles III probably 100 times.

Gameboy, Virtual Boy and SNES - This may still be my favorite era. StarFox was my jam for a solid year. Racing games started getting interesting. I rented Top Gear 2 on my birthday one year and my friends and I played it for almost 24 hours straight. Super Metroid, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, DKC are all still among my favorite games. I remember my cousin strapping the Virtual Boy to his head and playing all day, then having beet-red eyes when he was done. What a wonderful piece of shit.

Gameboy Color, N64, Saturn and PS1 - I played Starfox at the lake so much one summer that I'm sure my mom knew the every line of dialogue by heart. Banjo 1/2, Mario Kart 64, and of course Mario 64 were amazing back then. I got all but 3 Stars in Mario 64 without activating any of the hats. My parents went on a trip leaving us all alone. My older brother was already working and we got ourselves a PS1 for Final Fantasy VII, the PS1's drive started failing just as we got to the end for the first time and ruined everything. Also mom and dad came home a day early thinking they'd catch us partying it up. We bought pop and candy and stayed up late. The house was clean before they walked up the driveway.

Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, Gamecube and PS2 - My grandma made a trip to the city I now live in for my birthday and to see my new place. It was one of the last trips like it as she was getting pretty old. I was playing GTA San Andreas. I got dropped off by Tenpenny in the alley at the start of the game. I immediately ran over to a guy on a BMX and started beating him. I think I sat there stomping the corpse for two minutes before she finally said something. She thought it was a show :messenger_tears_of_joy:

X360, Wii, WiiU, DSi, 3DS and PS3 - I was a really big Nuts & Bolts fan and made some really cool shit like an aircraft carrier three times the length of the build area that folded out when deployed with a detachable airplane that flew and could land on the carrier. Rare contacted me about putting the blueprint for a robot I made in the game as part of the DLC. When Forza 4 was out Dad swung by for a visit. Dad was absolutely not interested in video games but while he was there I put in Forza and drove the GMC Vandura in a race. He owned the exact van once and really got into seeing what cars it could outrun. We spent a while farting around with it. That was the first and last time he ever really took interest in a game but it was one of my favorite memories of him. I really think he would have been interested in the PC I built but by then he was already gone 😞 Just about any time the Wii was on with people around something memorable happened. One memory that sticks out was when my cousins were visiting. I was playing Wii Sports Resort Swordplay against my cousin and he started jerking the Wiimote like he was jacking off. He beat me in just over a tenth of a second that round. Everyone in the room absolutely lost it :messenger_tears_of_joy:

PC, Switch, 3DS XL, New 3DS XL and Xbone - First PC I ever assembled despite having one pretty much since the early 80s. The mid-gen consoles thing really turned me off so I figured fuck it and jumped in. For my first build I spent weeks deciding on parts, got them together and assembled it all over an afternoon, trying to figure it out as I went. It fired up right away with no issues. I was pretty proud of myself over it even though all I really did was put the parts together and hit the power button. All my siblings bought Breath of the Wild and we all played the game differently and were constantly talking about what we were running across. It was the first game in over a decade that we all played and the first time I can remember watching someone else play a game like we did as kids. At one point even my neighbor came in and sat on the floor just to watch what we were doing in the game.
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Late 70s - coin op games in arcades, pizza parlors, convienence stores. As a wee lass, I stood on chairs to reach the controls if I had to.
Atari 2600 - Something about it that made me ignore all other consoles. Renaissance of 1985 in the form of $3 games made me love it all over again.

I remember those glory days of dirt cheap games during the video game crash. Riding my skateboard down Toys-r-us with my friends and $20, and walking out with two Atari 2600 games and two Colecovision games. It still left me with enough money to pick-up a Big Gulp and a pack of baseball cards on the way home.

Dark Star

Sega Genesis - Sonic the Hedgehog, Jurassic Park (I was like 5 years old when I played these games, my much older sisters first console, early-90's)

(I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing PS1 games at friend(s) houses and stuff, never got one though ... Spyro)

PS2 - ATV off road fury 2, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Shadow of the Colossus, Need for Speed Underground 2, GTA : San Andreas, RE4, Silent Hill 2, Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, Hitman Contracts, Downhill Domination, Ratchet and Clank, etc, etc ... (so many great games ... early-2000's goodness)

Nintendo DS (original, so like 2005 i guess) - Super Mario 64, Mario Kart

PSP - Tony Hawk's Project 8, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition (I never played PSP much, my sister won it a contest around 2006 and let me have it)

Nintendo Wii - (ummm barely played it TBH, my uncle got me one in like 2007) Wii Sports ? lol

(HUGE hiatus from gaming, like almost a decade)

PS4 - (skipped the ps3 and xbox, I was into skating/guitar in middleschool/highschool. I got heavily into gaming again during my college years, around 2015) Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, GTAV, DOOM, MGSV, Witcher 3, Uncharted collection and 4, TLOUR, Bioshock remastered, Outlast 2, etc, etc ... (PS4 is easily my favorite console since PS2, lots of remasters)
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NES, SNES, PS1, N64 (won it in a contest), PS2, PS3.
PSP-2000 -> PSPgo (sold the 2000)

Now I am waiting for them to unveil the PS5 so I can hop on. :)


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Seeing a lot of Atari and NES in here, making me feel young again :messenger_sunglasses:

Let's see if I can recall console history + game got with it:

SNES - super Mario world
Genesis - sonic... can't remember which one
N64 - star wars game that was really popular
PS1 - FF7
360 - Oblivion
PS3 - Uncharted
PS4 - Killzone 4
It started with IBM 286 God knows how long ago. PC only gaming until 2000 when I bought Playstation 2. To this day I game on PC and all current gen consoles. No point in limiting yourself to just 1 platform.
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  • NES - My Uncle had this as I was a child. Played Duck Hunt at age 5 probably
  • Sega Genesis - My first personal console bought for me by my father
  • N64 - Purchased by my mother as she said I could have this or a PS1. I went for N64 because of wrestling
  • PS1 - Finally got one then MGS changed my life forever
  • PS2 - The anthem of gaming for me. From the Smackdown games, Socom, GTA my God!
  • GameCube - Played Japanese import of Naruto 2-4 and WWE Day of Reckoning
  • Xbox (lol, Ok. Redo)
  • Xbox 360 - Was cool, Shooter prime with COD4
  • PS3 - Another cool system, bought because of MGS4 and backwards compatibility
  • PS4 - "Gaming has changed" FOR THEE WORST
  • Xbox One - Whole lotta nope (And I had the audacity to purchase two) Same as PS4
  • PC - Didn't know what I was missing. Loving every minute of it.
I owned a Gameboy fatty and a Gameboy color. Great times to be alive. PSP was cool for homebrew. PS Vita I bought at crackhead prices, but it did nothing for me. But ultimately for me N64, PS1 and PS2 will always be unmatched gaming for me.


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First thing I have any memory of is the Commodore C64. It's hazy, but I know I played some stuff on it.

Nintendo was my first gaming love, with the NES & more importantly, the SNES. Super Mario World was the first game I obsessed over. Street Fighter 2 was good stuff as well.

For a few years I didn't game much at all, but then I bought a PS2 because Shadow of the Colossus looked outstanding. It was. That got me interested again.

Next up came Oblivion, which looked like (& at the time was) my dream game come true. So I had to have a 360. Which lead to Mass Effect, The Witcher 2, Halo, Gears, Fable, etc... Probably my personal favourite console & best gaming memories.

The 3DS was the only hand-held that hooked me. It was brilliant. Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 2, Link Between Worlds... Great stuff.

This gen I moved on from Nintendo. Not because I'm above them or anything like that, just because there aren't enough hours in the day anymore. I decided to go with both PS4 & Xbox 1. I've enjoyed both. God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man. Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, ReCore. On top of stuff like Hellblade & The Witcher 3. I've had great fun this gen.

Looking forward to what's next :messenger_sunglasses:


My uncle had an Apple Macintosh that had some simple games on it. They also gifted us some Amstrad CPC-derivative, which ran games from tapes that took forever to load.

NES was my first dedicated gaming device and the first one I have real memories of. Super Mario Bros that came with it was for about a year the only game I had. Every year an aunt would bring me to a store and let me select one new game that she would buy me for my NES. That were some tough decisions. I never owned more than a handful of games, the rest was borrowed from friends.

My parents bought a PC at the beginning of the 90ies that I could also use to play some games on. Compaq Prolinea 3/25 with Intel 386 SX 25 MHz, 2 MB RAM, 120 MB HD.
This is the first game that I remember:

It took weeks just to get it to run. There was no internet to explain what config.sys and autoexec.bat do, needed to read up everything and translate various instructions from English. In high school I bought a new PC from money I had saved up. Pentium 133, 8 MB RAM, 2 GB HD, some pretty basic graphics card which I remember struggled with most games. In 97(?) a major upgrade to this machine:

I played the hell out of MechWarrior 2, which had a version specifically for the Monster 3D and looked mindblowing.

When I went to Uni I spent most of my money from summer jobs on a crappy hot and loud laptop to be able to study. The laptop was really crappy, the only games that would run on it with any sort of performance were Diablo 2 and Starcraft.

In 2003 I had some money scraped together to buy a new desktop: AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (IIRC), Radeon 9500, 1 GB DDR-SDRAM, 250 GB HD. Diablo 2 ran without slowdown! That was also the time when GPU numbers got batshit crazy, as AMD and nVidia were throwing out new chips on what felt like a daily basis with new, even higher numbers

2007: had finished Uni, moved to a new country and having a little money to spend, I got a new computer: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, GeForce 8800 GTS with 320 MB, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 400 GB HD. The first game I played on this was the bundled Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. There was also the picture of a grim looking soldier on the graphics card. That was the time when pictures were on graphics cards.

In 2010 some friends gave me a PS3 for my birthday. The first game I played was Uncharted 2, which came in the box, then my gaming life changed forever:

My gaming time really is divided in "before Demon's Souls" and "after Demon's Souls".

After Demon's Souls:

In 2011 I jumped on the Intel i5-hype-train and got a new computer again: i5 2500K, Radeon HD6870 with 1GB, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 60 GB SSD, 2 TB HD
GPU upgrade in 2015 to a Radeon R9 390 8GB, along with 8 GB DDR 3 RAM and 240 GB SSD replacing the 60 GB SSD. But realistically speaking, the R9 was not really a GPU, it was a radiator. In summer I could barely play, the room just got too hot (no aircon in my house).

In 2015 I also got myself a PS4 along with Bloodborne. Really the only reason I got a PS4 was Bloodborne.

2017: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Dgd3D8
Ryzen 5 1600, GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, 500 GB SSD, 4 TB HD

2018 I bought a PSVR. Haven't really been playing many flatscreen games since.

edit: tl;dr: I really only had a NES when I was growing up, since my parents wouldn't spend money on games, and quite frankly we didn't have that much money growing up. They would have never spent any money on a console that has no other utility than gaming. They also took age ratings on game packages serious. I was not getting away with buying games that were not rated appropriate for my age.
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Orenji Neko

Platform and favorite games:
Computer, Pretty sure it was a MSX- Antarctic Great Adventure is only game I remember but I liked it.
Famicom- Rockman 1-6, Super Mario Bros, Dragon Quest III, Final Fantasy III.
Mark III- Phantasy Star
Game Boy- Saga 2 Treasure Legend and Seiken Densetsu

Mega Drive- Bare Knuckle 2, Monster World 4, Super Shinobi, Vampire Killer, Rocket Knight Adventure
Super Famicom- Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest V, Zelda Triforce of Gods
486 PC- Doom, Wolfenstein, King's Quest V, Warcraft
PCEngine- Dracula X
Mega CD- Lunar Eternal Blue
Game Gear- Batman Returns
Windows 95 PC- Doom 2, Warcraft 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo
Playstation- Dracula X Nocturne in Moonlight, Dragon Quest VII, Chrono Cross, Rockman X4, Final Fantasy Tactics
Saturn- Dead or Alive, Mega Man 8, Xmen Vs Street Fighter
Nintendo 64- Goemon Neo Peach Shogun

Dreamcast- Phantasy Star Online, Dead or Alive 2, Crazy Taxi, Eternal Arcadia, Grandia 2, Marvel Vs Capcom
PS2: Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid 3, Monster Hunter
Gameboy Advance: Castlevania Minuet of Dawn, Battle Network Rockman EXE
Wonderswan Color: Saga 1 remake. Final Fantasy 1 remake, Final Fantasy 2 remake.
Gamecube- Mario Golf, Metroid Prime, Wonderful Life, Zelda Baton of Wind
Windows XP PC- Final Fantasy XI, Everquest, Diablo 2, Knights of Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Morrowind
Xbox- Ninja Gaiden, Halo, Dead of Alive 3, Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball
Xbox 360- Ninja Gaiden 2, Gears of War, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon.
DS- Dragon Quest IX, Dracula: Cross of Pale Moon, Mario Kart, Dragon Quest 5, Saga 2 (Remake), Pokemon Diamond
PSP- Rockman Rockman, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
PS3- Battlefield Valkyria, Metal Gear Solid 4
Wii- Super Mario Galaxy, Rockman 9, Mario Kart Wii, Punchout, Wii Sports

More Recent
3DS- Zelda Triforce of Gods 2, Dragon Quest VII, Bravely Default, Dragon Quest VIII, Metroid Samus Returns,
WiiU- Mario 3D World, Mario Maker

PC Modern and Primary Platform- Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest XI, Senran Kagura series, Monster Hunter World, Doom 2016...too much to list.
Nintendo Switch- Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Octopath Traveler, Mario Maker 2, Monster Hunter XX.

These days I am PC and Nintendo only so I look forward to new hardware for PC, and games and such from or for Nintendo Switch or whatever machine comes next. I do still have my old game machines but I really only play the 8 and 16bit ones regularly, mainly Famicom, Super Famicom, and Mega Drive.


Started with a sega genesis. From there it was the ps1, n64, xbox, dreamcast, gamecube, Wii, 360, xbox one, ps4 and switch in that order. Also the gameboy pocket ,color,gba,ds and 3ds. A few pc games here and there as well. Overall, this gen has been the most I've ever played games,especially since I finally got into jrpgs and other stuff of that nature.


First console was SEGA Master with Hang-On and Safari Hunt in '92, became a SEGA fan since.

Had an OG GameBoy with Tetris, but couldn't get into Nintendo as much.

Genesis AND SNES topped my early '90's, but I still hooked more easily with SEGA and really only enjoyed 3rd parties on SNES.

A blue Game Gear just meant more SEGA goodness for me.

September of '95 changed my life forever, both a Saturn AND PS1 on the same day.

I'm probably the only Virtual Boy fan here, the only Nintendo platform I ever really liked.

Got a Nomad, SEGA CD AND 32X finally after moving to another state, along with a N64 that I really couldn't get into in '97.

That Dreamcast remains close to my heart this very day. Got it a couple months after launch with MvC1 and SA1 as my start.

Lost an opportunity to get a PS2 at launch, it was heartbreaking.

That January of 2001, I actually got the news of VF4 coming to PS2 first, which left me flabbergasted, BEFORE I would find out why later that day, I was devastated.

I went to New York with my parents and got a cheap OG GBA with Sonic Advanced 1... in September, 2001, a couple of days before events I'd rather not talk about.

After much intense training, I won a local Tekken 4 tournament at a Game Crazy, and shocked people when I got OG XBOX with my winnings, mainly for Shenmue 2.

Had to complete the then current gen collecting up with a Game Cube for RE-Make. My last Nintendo platform, in 2002.

November, 2004, mother passes due to lung cancer and brain metastasis, dad and I had to give up over half a million in gaming inventory due BS circumstances, we were homeless for a while.

February and then July of 2008, after finally getting a new roof over our heads, I finally had enough saved up for a 40GB PS3 to start over my gaming life Flower's beauty would finally help me cope with my mother's passing a year later, gaming becomes a constant coping mechanism since.

I got a PlayStation TV on the cheap in 2015 as my only second console after starting over.

Due to extreme conditions, a friend got me a PS4 after unfortunately buring out my PS3 in 2016.

After moving to Indianapolis, I find out my father passes due to terrible circumstances and gaming solidifies itself as my permanent coping mechanism.

As of this post, I just got a Samsung QN32Q50R 2 days ago to get myself 4K ready for PS5, whenever I can afford to get one after launch.


I've played a lot of games going back to the Atari 5200, the most memorable games I've played were:

Atari 5200 - Pitfall
DOS - Scorched Earth
NES - Bubble Bobble
SNES - Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Star Fox, ALTTP
GB - Pokemon Blue
Sega Saturn - Nights, Guardian Heroes, Virtua Fighter
Sega Dreamcast - Shenmue, PSO, Sonic Adventure, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi
N64 - Mario 64, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Pilotwings, San Fransisco Rush 2049
PSX - THPS2, 2xtreme, FF7-9, Xenogears, Chrono Cross
Xbox - Halo, Fable
Xbox 360 - Oblivion, Skyrim, Project Gotham Racing 4
PS2 - FF10, GTA San Andreas
PC - Ultima Online (first two xpacs), Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft and all their sequels, CS 1.3-1.6, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft from 2004 to current.
My history:

- Atari 2600 (not mine, around 1987-89): my first experience with gaming. Playing on my brother's Atari 2600 at grandma's when I was ~3 years old. My country was at the ending trail of a 17-year-long dictatorship, so consoles and import products were expensive and hard to come by and the Atari console was still very common. Aside from my brother's, a lot of other kids had their own Atari 2600, 7800 or even Chinese Famicom clones that played NES ROMs and Famicom cartridges (I don't know how those came here). Think as if we were five years behind the U. S. in terms of console generations. With the end of the dictatorship in 1989 import products started to become more common. We had few games. I remember playing Moon Patrol, Montezuma, Pole Position, Tank and Pac-Man.

- NES (Christmas 1992): My father bought me this console for Christmas. Though, as a 7 year old child, it was my 16 year old brother who played it well into the night while I watched :/ I remember this console fondly more because of the people I played it with rather than the games, because I had a SNES soon after.
Games I owned: Super Mario Bros. 3, Mega Man 5, Wizards and Warriors 3 (yup, that's it).

- SNES (1993): Got this console that year and I consider this is when I really started gaming. I didn't speak English back then and the games were pretty expensive, so I couldn't enjoy the RPG library on the console (because in a South American country you always got the U. S. version in English which I couldn't read) and because the games were expensive, I owned few titles and rented like crazy. It's a time I remember very, very fondly.
My games: Super Mario World (bundled with the console), Super Mario All-Stars, Mortal Kombat and Mega Man X 1 and 2. And also the Super Famicom version of a Macross game my brother got I don't know how.

- Sega Genesis (1996?): My father gifted me this console for Christmas, though I'm not sure of what year it was. I owned it but didn't enjoy it that much, being more of a Nintendo gamer back then. However, I had a close friend with family in Brazil, where the Genesis reigned supreme, and he lent me a lot of games to play. In the end, my sister and my new-born nephew enjoyed this console more than I did. Sadly, it died when my nephew (1 1/2 years old back then) showered in toffy (he also destroyed some VHSs and other thinks I still remind him of >=( ).
Games we owned: just Sonic 2. The rest were lent by my friend.

- Nintendo 64 (1996): Again a Christmas gift (thanks, dad!). I enjoyed this console very much, specially because of those afternoons playing Mario Kart 64 with my brothers and nephew. My lack of English was no problem back then because this console didn't have any memorable RPG, though the text in Mario 64 was just gibberish to me (not that it affected me in any way as it was a platform game, but I still remember asking myself what the hell was that Toad saying). Owned some games, but after knowing of my next console I ended up selling it.
Games: Super Mario 64, Wave Race 64, Pokémon Stadium, Mario Kart 64, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (awesome overlooked game!).

- PlayStation (1998): With my brother we got this console after watching the game Dragon Ball GT Final Bout on a TV special. Dragon Ball Z was at the highest popularity at the time in Latin America. Of course, that was the first game we bought... Though, something to consider: I never owned an original PS1 game until the 2010s. As in a lot of Latin American countries, original games were rare (mall stores didn't sell them and you had to go to the few specialized stores that existed) and were also very expensive, so burned copies were sold instead. And we bought them. Internet was in its infancy and downloading a 650mb game could take a year (download speeds of 2kbps if you were lucky). So I played that console like crazy and it ignited my romance with Sony and their consoles, even if they never received money from me buying an original game :) Also, since I started learning English at this point, I finally got into RPGs. (and you could get pirated PAL games in Spanish, too).
Games: Too many to count.
Favorite game: Final Fantasy VIII (because you always love your first Final Fantasy)
Traumatic Memory: Replaying over and over the first staged of Tomb Raider 2 because we didn't own a memory card yet :/ Also, my brothers kicking my ass in Tekken 3.

- Sega Dreamcast (2000): Curiously, my next console was a Dreamcast, My best friend of the time had one, so I got mine too. And what an awesome console it was. Luckily I already spoke English by that time, so I played a lot of RPGs. Shenmue, Grandia 2, Phantasy Star. I was never a Sega gamer before and its arcade roots were still weird for me, but I enjoyed my time with this console until Sega discontinued it. Time passed and me and my friend of the time don't get together as much as we did back then, but we still keep our (dead) Dreamcast consoles as memento of that time. Curious.
Also, no-body sold original Dreamcast games, you could only get pirated ones.
Games: Too many to count.
Favorite: Shenmue.

- Nintendo Gamecube (2002): I loved this console. AND I LOVED THE CONTROLLER. The last Nintendo console I owned until the Wii U (yup). Again, my friend bought one so I just followed. For the first time in decades, though, I was forced to get original games to play, but this console was so good I bought them nonetheless. It's curious that the think I most remember of the Gamecube were its shape and the feeling of the controller on my hands. It was just perfect.
Games: Prince of Persia trilogy, Mega Man X collection, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Dragon Ball Z Sagas, Dragon Ball Z Budokai.

- PlayStation 2 (2006): I went back to Sony with the release of Final Fantasy XII, one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. Owning a PS2 was a no-brainer as it was the mainstream console back then... and you could finally download and burn your own games! Again (and I'm not proud of it, but it's part of my history) I never owned an original PS2 until the PS3 era, when I bought an original copy of Final Fantasy X. My memory of this console are too fond to sum here. Suffice to say it marked one of the best times in my life. And my PS2 is still alive, so I enjoy it from time to time.
Games (original): Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, Jak and Dexter: The Lost Frontier, Drakan.

- Xbox 360 (2009): I tried this console. It died on me. Got repaired. Lent it to a friend (were it miraculously survived a rock falling a few centimetres of it during the 2010 earthquake!). Got it back. Sold it. Got a PS3. I learnt how to patch it and download burned games for it. It was a good console, just not for me. This was the last console I used burnt games on.
Best game: Mass Effect.

- PlayStation 3 (2009): A good console, though I hated the controller. At first I had a love-hate relationship with it, but the possibility to play online for free, the RPG library (not JRPGs as it was a bad generation for the genre), the chance to download games from the store won me over. I had a good time with it and sometimes I still get it out of its box to play some games, but it hasn't aged well. I also owned a PSP during this time.
Games: Too many to count.

- PlayStation 4 (2013 to present): The only console I bought day 1. I will never buy a console day 1 again, as it came with a lot of technical malfunctions (my launch PS4 still releases the discs on its own :/ ). It's a very good console that has given me a lot of awesome experiences and content (also, this is the gen were everything is a experience and content). It has pretty good RPGs. It's been a great generation for Sony and I hope they do good with the PS5. I owned a PS4 Pro for some time but it wasn't really worth the investment.
Too many games to count.

- Nintendo Wii U (2014): My oddity in this list. I wanted to try a Nintendo console again since I didn't own one since the Gamecube, and I ended up buying this one. And I don't regret it one bit. I was a very good console with very good games. It's a shame it flopped. I sold it to get the next one (and I'm still wondering if I made a mistake, as it will become a collector's item).
Favorite game: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

- Nintendo Switch (2018): Luckly, Nintendo released the Switch and now everything is fine for them. I use it as a secondary console, so I don't play it as much as I do on my PS4 (or as I did on PC), but every game I have it's one I've enjoyed. It's a shame Nintendo doesn't know that there are countries to the south of Mexico, because I had to create a U. S. account to get games. And that's distrusting. I don't know what could happen to all my digital games if my console gets stolen or if it dies, that's why I tend to buy physical games for it (very few, their price is way higher that on PS4) or buy digital games just when necessary. Nintendo being Nintendo.
Favorite game: Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

And that's my history so far. It's curious that I categorize some stages of my life depending on what console generation I was back then or on what console I owned. That's what being a gamer means, I suppose.
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Systems + noteworthy games:

- Atari 2600: space invaders

- 286/386*: Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Cannon Fodder

- Sega mega-drive + Mega-CD + 32x converter: Earthworm Jim, Sonic, MK2, MK3,

- SNES: MK2, Starfox, Mario Kart

- Gameboy: Gargoyle's Quest, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Prince or Persia

- PS1: FF VII, FF IX, MGS1, Soul Reaver, The X-Files, RE2, Driver

- PS2: SotC, SMT: Lucifer's Call (Nocturne), SMT: DDS, MGS3, GOW, Killzone, FF X-2, Timesplitters 2, Second Sight, BG&E, Socom

- PS3: MGS 4, GOW, COD4:MW, Beyond: Two Souls, Demon's Souls, TLOU, KZ2, KZ3, MAG, BFBC2 (Vietnam), Folklore, Heavenly Sword

- PSP: LocoRoco, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Killzone: Liberation

- PS Vita: Gravity Rush

- PS4: FF VII Remake, The Order, FF XIV, MGSV, Bloodborne, HZD, Infamous SS, Death Stranding, Driveclub, BF4, Until Dawn, Hellblade, Dreams, Paragon, Destiny 1

- PSVR: Firewall Zero Hour, Skyrim VR

- PS4 Pro

- PS5 (soon)

* not sure what those 286 and 386 were actually called, but it's those old skool PCs.
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Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
Atari 2600- We had this when I was small, but I don't think I've played it much. Whenever we would play, which was like once a week, we'd have to take the console out of the closet and attach it to an old TV. Which was a cumbersome process. So I don't consider this era much.

Mega Drive/ Genesis- Ok, this is my real beginning as a gamer. First games were Sonic 1 and Golden Axe II. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Sega Saturn-One of my fav systems of all time. Played a lot of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and got proficient in Virtua Fighter via VF2.

Nintendo 64- I only owned a couple of games, but I rented like crazy. Very good system.

PSOne- This was the last I got from the 64/32 bit gen. Only owned Tomb Raider II, and rented many games. My fav was RE2.

Dreamcast- I got the japanese version, one of the very early shipments in like 1998. Graphics blew my mind. Really enjoyed it.

PS2- MGS2, what else can I say!

Gamecube- Metroid Prime.........

Nintendo DS- I think probably this was my favorite console ever. Played countless games on it.

Wii- Really fun, a different experience.

PS3- eh...I got it because of my history with PlayStation, but it was so-so.

3DS- Second only to the original DS,

PS4- Very good console, but it's not really my cup of tea either. It's better than the PS3.

The Fartist

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Systems + noteworthy games:

- Atari 2600: space invaders

- 286/386*: Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Cannon Fodder

- Sega mega-drive + Mega-CD + 32x converter: Earthworm Jim, Sonic, MK2, MK3,

- SNES: MK2, Starfox, Mario Kart

- Gameboy: Gargoyle's Quest, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Prince or Persia

- PS1: FF VII, FF IX, MGS1, Soul Reaver, The X-Files, RE2, Driver

- PS2: SotC, SMT: Lucifer's Call (Nocturne), SMT: DDS, MGS3, GOW, Killzone, FF X-2, Timesplitters 2, Second Sight, BG&E, Socom

- PS3: MGS 4, GOW, COD4:MW, Beyond: Two Souls, Demon's Souls, TLOU, KZ2, KZ3, MAG, BFBC2 (Vietnam), Folklore, Heavenly Sword

- PSP: LocoRoco, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Killzone: Liberation

- PS Vita: Gravity Rush

- PS4: FF VII Remake, The Order, FF XIV, MGSV, Bloodborne, HZD, Infamous SS, Death Stranding, Driveclub, BF4, Until Dawn, Hellblade, Dreams, Paragon, Destiny 1

- PSVR: Firewall Zero Hour, Skyrim VR

- PS4 Pro

- PS5 (soon)

* not sure what those 286 and 386 were actually called, but it's those old skool PCs.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who bought a 32x, no Sega CD, however, just a Genesis. Blackthorne ALL DAY BABY.


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Christ on a bike, I am 46 and been playing games since the Atari 2600. You don't need my history suffice to say it has had every 'bit' going at some point, 8, 16, 32, 64... you name it, I've had it or still own it.


I'm 41, been playing games since NES with SMB/Duck Hunt being the first video games that I ever played. Great console back in the day except for blowing into the cartridges later on.

Then, I moved on to SNES (with Genesis as my secondary console) which is as of now, my #2 all time gaming console but will be #3 once the current generation ends. Genesis was fine as I mainly played it for Streets of Rage and the Sportstalk sports games.

Next up was the switch from Nintendo who I loved at the time to Sony's PlayStation as it was simply better. Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 were my secondary consoles. I enjoyed all three but PlayStation was my favorite and is currently #3 on my all time gaming console list.

Stayed with Sony and PlayStation for PlayStation 2. Owned a Gamecube and Xbox as my secondary consoles but Xbox was literally for one game - ESPN NFL 2K5 as you could edit so much of the game using FlyingFinn's GameSave Editor. I also owned a Panasonic 3DO which was pretty damn cool. Loved Road Rash and Need For Speed.

With the following generation was where things got interesting. With Sony releasing PS3 for $600 and me not jumping into next gen until 2007/2008, I went with Xbox 360 as my primary gaming console. This is currently my #1 gaming console of all time but will drop a spot once the current gen ends. Loved the Xbox 360. Being able to fully install disc based games onto the hard drive so they could run off that instead of the disc was great. Eventually bought a PS3 in Fall 2009 when the Slim model came out for $300 and Uncharted 2 was a month or so away. Played Dead Nation and the Naughty Dog games and that was pretty much it for my PlayStation 3. 95% of my gaming time was on Xbox 360. Loved the console overall. I did own a Wii (lol) for literally two months in Summer of 2011/2012 (I forgot which to be honest) for the 2D Mario/DKC game and then sold it off. For me, Wii will probably be my all time worst gaming console. Didn't buy or ever own a Wii U.

So I go from Xbox 360 and Microsoft fucked up big time in 2013 so I went with PlayStation 4. So for me, my primary gaming console of the current and last generation was because of what the other company did as opposed to the brand I went with winning me over pre-launch. PS4 has been my primary. Outside of the shitty touchpad which I fucking hate, no complaints whatsoever in regards to PS4/PS4 Pro. Xbox One was my secondary console for exclusives only as was the Switch. Both gave me 5 exclusives each which matched the 5 exclusives I had for PS3.

Now, im getting ready to wrap up this generation on PS4 Pro as I head into next generation. Thankfully, I have no backlogged games as I eliminated the few games I had backlogged because im not into playing them and no point in forcing myself to play and complete them.

I will be buying both Xbox Series X (primary gaming console) and PlayStation 5 (secondary, exclusives only) day one and once October hits, I will trade in my PS4 Pro and get ready for the next generation of gaming baby!!! Six more months to go!!!

Well, that's pretty much my gaming history with PS4 about to be #1, Xbox 360 dropping to #2 and SNES being #3.


Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
However. At some point or another I have had or had access to

Atari 2600
ZX Spectrum
ZX Spectrum 128
Commodore 64
Atari ST
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
Amiga 4000
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Xbox Scorpio
PS4 Pro


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From then to now, at least as best as I can remember... Some of the earlier consoles were adopted from my brother, but they still count IMO! I'll mention the most stand out games, moments, or point of purchase with each experience. :messenger_horns:

  • Atari 2500 - So much Pitfall.
  • Nintendo - Duck Hunt blew my mind.
  • Master System - I played a ton of Alex Kidd and Wonderboy.
  • Turbo-Grafix 16 - So much Splatter House, gave me nightmares.
  • Gameboy - So much Super Mario Land, remembered thinking it was such a weird Mario game, lol.
  • Genesis - Splatter House III gave me nightmares, played a ton of General Chaos and Haunting.
  • Super Nintendo - I LOVED Mario as a kiddo, so Super Mario World is burned into my mind. Star Fox is right behind it because of the graphics, and Super Metroid because it showed me a video game could tap my emotions.
  • Jaguar - So much Alien vs Predator, borrowed a pal's Wolfenstein and DOOM quite a bit as I didn't have my own PC and loved those games.
  • PlayStation - So much Twisted Metal 1/2 and Resident Evil, more nightmares, lol.
  • Nintendo 64 - So much Super Mario 64, DOOM 64, WCW Vs NWO Revenge, Golden Eye, and Mario Kart. I adored FPS games ever since I first played Wolfenstein on a PC, so I loved that there were so many FPS games on it.
  • Compaq Presario (My first home PC!) - Opened Pandora's Box, played YEARS of Quake II, Half-Life, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike, and Jedi Outcast.
  • Dreamcast - Seeing Power Stone running at 60 FPS for the first time at Electronic's Boutique BLEW me AWAY. Played a ton of Shenmue, House of the Dead 2, Zombie's Revenge, and Dynamite Cop. Runner up was Phantasy Star Online, a lot of my friends and I would play quite a bit together locally.
  • PS2 - I remember playing Twisted Metal Black for the first time and just staring at the screen in awe. The starting level with rain and it was all running at 60FPS. It was insane.
  • Gameboy SP - Loved the DOOM port a TON.
  • Gamecube - Honestly didn't own too many games, but fondest memory was Resident Evil 4. Runner up was probably Smash Bros Melee.
  • Nintendo DS - I imported Jump Superstars and played that the most. Runner-up was Super Mario 64.
  • Xbox - Purchased it primarily for Phantom Dust, played quite a bit of Halo 2.
  • Xbox 360 - Bought for Dead Rising, played a TON of Halo 3. Red Dead Redemption comes to mind before anything else though.
  • PS3 - Purchased for Resistance, played a ton of it.
  • Nintendo DSi - I don't remember much about it other than the rage I had considering by the time I bought it the XL was announced. I vowed I would never buy another handheld from Nintendo, lmao.
  • Wii - Wii sports was wild, played a ton of Mario Kart, and Smash Bros Brawl.
  • Wii U - I remember Mario Kart 8 the most.
  • 3DS - A Link Between Worlds was one of the main reasons I wanted one, well, and more Smash Bros, haha.
  • Xbox One - I remember playing GTA V online and Titanfall the most. Sold it at one point because I stopped touching it.
  • PS4 - Got it for God of War, and Death Stranding. Played a ton of Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Switch - Got it because interesting gimmick, haha. Played Mario Kart and Smash the most.
I will mention around the times of their release I was about to rent or borrow (in no particular order): Virtual Boy, 32X, Sega CD, Sega Saturn.

Other systems I never owned but played in stores or at a friend's house (in no particular order): CD-I, 3DO, Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket

I would've loved to have kept all of these systems and all the games I had. But because of my age and income, I had to trade or sell to move on. I don't have any regrets cause man, at 36, I would be so annoyed hauling all of that around, lmao.

Of all these systems above, the only ones I currently have in my possession are Nintendo Switch, N64, PS4, and my PC. :messenger_sunglasses:

Forgive me for any errors or what have you. :messenger_squinting_tongue:


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Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Sega Master System
TurboGraphix 16
GameBoy Color
NeoGeo Pocket Color
Xbox 360
PS3/PS3 Slim
Wii U
Xbox One
Xbox One S
PS4 Pro
Xbox One X


God, I guess I had better start at the beginning... This is depressing as I have sold all of my previous consoles due to money issues, but here goes.

For reference, I am 39 years old (turning 40 next week). As a young child, we had a ColecoVision. Lovely memories of playing Smurfs, Cosmic Avenger, LadyBug, Carnival and Donkey Kong were highlights for me and gave me the gaming bug.

Visiting my uncle when we were younger he owned an NES with the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt pack in game. Well I needed that in my life so, come my Holy Communion (I was raised a Catholic in a Catholic school) I received a 34 cm tv along with an NES with SMB/DH game! All my xmas' had come at once! Eventually got games like Terminator 2 (I liked it), Battletoads (finished it many times), Mega Man 3 (still one of my fav games of all time), Super Mario Bros 3 (another classic) and Alien 3 (eh) and I was in gaming heaven as a young kid!

I moved on up to the SNES. My parents got it for me and my brothers, and the pack in game was Super Mario All Stars. Ended up getting Doom, Mario Kart, Mario World, Star Fox and all the classic Nintendo games. But up until that point I wasn't yet working so I was relying on my parents to buy us games until...

I purchased a Sony Playstation. My life (in terms of gaming) really changed that day. I felt like I was playing something an adult would play, and not a kids toy anymore. I purchased MANY classics on the Playstation, but some standouts were the entire Wipeout series, Alien trilogy, Castlevania SOTN, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot trilogy and Crash Team racing, the Resident Evil trilogy and so many others. It truly was a great time to be a gamer, and seeing the transition from 2D to 3D was amazing.

I sold the Playstation (fucking hell I was a fool) to get a Nintendo 64 (I was always a Nintendo fanboy as a child). I picked up ALL the classics- Mario 64. Goldeneye. Banjo Kazooie and Tooie. Starfox. Mario Kart 64. Doom 64. You name it (in terms of Nintendo and rare games) and I had it. Loved my N64.

Graduated to my 1st Sega console next- the Dreamcast. The leap in graphics quality jumped up a significant amount with the dreamcast, and seeing Resident Evil Code Veronica for the 1st time was mind blowing. It was all polygonal without the need for pre rendered backrounds! We had truly hit next level! This was the console where I went crazy buying games, as I purchased so many Dreamcast games. From Sonic Adventure to Soul Cailbur to Crazy Taxi and Ecco I really did purchase the best of the best. I truly loved the Dreamcast, but a bigger beast was looming, and I knew I needed it.

The Playstation 2 was released when I was working in a major aussie retailer in the receiving dock. When the 1st batch of consoles arrived, we were not to put them on sale for a certain period of time, but I managed to open the box and study the console. It was beautiful. I purchased my PS2 along with SSX and, oin the 1st day, my PS2 died! Had to get a replacement but from that day on, I truly believe I had the most amazing experience I've ever had playing a console. Just playing Silent Hill 2 alone would be enough, but to play Devil May Cry, Metal Gear 2 and 3, Gran Turismo 3, GTA series, Shadow of the Collosus, Ico, Tony Hawk etc, was just an absolute pleasure.

Next up was the Xbox. Saving music onto my hard drive and playing Burnout 2 was so much fun! Knights of the Old Republic was one of the great gaming experiences I have had. I never was a Halo man so I can't speak on that, but still had a fun time with the original Xbox.

I purchased a Gamecube. loved it. Metroid Prime 1 and 2. Mario Sunshine. Mario Kart. Smash Bros. Star Fox. resi 4. Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2. All the truly great games. Unfortunately didn't last long and, in my opinion, the big N has never been the same after the Gamecube. Never competed with the big boys again in terms of power.

I then moved up to my fav console of all time- the Xbox 360. Not only did it have online, plus voice chat (1st time i'd spoken to someone playing a game), but it showed me what HD graphics looked like!!! I upgraded to an HD LCD tv and haven't looked back. The fun I had on this console will never be matched. Guitar Hero. Rock Band. Lost Planet. Modern Warfare. Gears of War. It was just the best time to be a gamer and especially playing online. As I said, I never had more fun playing with friends as I did on the 360.

I purchased a PS3. Took a while to warm to it but once it got going, boy was it amazing. Ratchet and Clank was brilliant. Gran Turismo looked unbelievable. Uncharted was mind blowing. Metal Gear was phenomenal. It had a slew of games I will treasure forever but was easily overshadowed by the 360.

I purchased a Wii. I liked it for games made by Nintendo (the Galaxy games are sublime) but I really feel Nintendo lost something with the Wii (and Wiiu as well). It was mainly played for Wii sports with wife and friends but wasn't used much like my PS3 and 360 were.

I purchased a Wiiu next. Great Nintendo games and that's it. Not my fav console that's for sure and was sold pretty early into its life.

I purchased n Xbox One thinking the fun of the 360 would magically transfer over. It didn't. Somehow the later part of the 360's life carried over into the One's life (once the 360 got kinect it went downhill for me). The One started off with some great games (I liked dead Rising 3 and LOVED Titanfall). But the fact it had inferior 3rd party games that the PS4 could not only output in true 1080p but in some cases 60 fps meant I had to get a PS4. I love my PS4 but I'm truly convinced this generation lost something that the 360 had. I had so much fun playing the 360 and, try as I might, I can't get close to replicating that on my PS4 or Xbox One.

I purchased a Switch mainly for Nintendo games, and I love the games they've released so far but cmon Nintendo, release a sequel to Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart already! You don't have 2 unit to make games for so why the hold up on making games we want?

In terms of handhelds, I purchased a Game Boy Advance (funnily enough never had a Game Boy), a DS, PSP (loved my PSP), a 3DS and PSP. Minus the PS4 and Xbox One, every console I've owned with all the literally thousands of games I've owned I sold. I really had no choice and it's a massive regret. My kids know of the consoles and games I've owned previously and my regret today is not being able to allow them the experiences I had with these consoles. I will never sell a console or my games again.


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I could write more, but it’s a long story. I tried to bring up my past and history versus focus on what I currently enjoy.

NES - My first introduction into Video Games were from a neighbor who lived behind me. It was Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. That’s when the lights, sounds, and ability to move something on screen became so fascinating to me. I did not play a lot of NES games until I was much older, but I played Turtles, Contra, and WWF at a friends house. I never owned an actual NES, just bought digital ports over the years.
SNES - my very first console. I had the Super Mario World Bundle. I also got Pilotwings, Super Mario Kart, and F-Zero. I rented so many games from Hastings and Blockbusters. I bought Super Metroid from Toys R Us and I was the only kid on the block who owned it. Outside of that I’m very familiar with SNES games.
GameBoy - I had the Tetris bundle. Games I remember the most were Tetris, Kid Icarus, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Yoshi.
Game Gear - I didn’t have that many games. I stuck to Columns, Sonic, and Judge Dredd.
N64 - First kid on the block with an N64. I had kids over just to look at the box.I was a huge Ocarina of Time fan. Before that I was playing a ton of 007, StarFox and Goldeneye. After Ocarina of Time, there wasn’t much else besides Turok to play.
Genesis - I got this sometime after because Sonic was everywhere. I play a lot of RBI 94, FIFA, and X-Men. I owned Gunstar Heroes and played a lot of Comic Zone.
Arcade - I went to the arcade as much I possibly could. I grew up playing Mortal Kombat 1-4 as they released. A lot of Street Fighter II and Killer Instinct. I owned both at home because of the arcade. Killer Instinct 2, Sunset Riders, T2, D&D, Time Crisis, and a lot of other Namco and Capcom games. I followed Soul Edge/Soul Calibur as much as I could. I was a big Tekken fan, waiting for Tekken Tag to be released. Third Strike and MvC were some of my favorites. The arcade experience (for me) sorta ended around the time Street Fighter IV was out and Tekken 6 was hitting the arcades.
Sega Saturn - I did not own one until I was an adult, but I played NiGHTs whenever I could.
PlayStation - I remember owning Crash, Time Crisis, Nuclear Strike, and renting lots of games for PS1. I have a hallmark moment with the amount of Squaresoft. Working Designs, and Enix games I played. I still go back from time to time. It started my love of RPGs.
Sega Dreamcast - I was into the 9-9-99 “It’s thinking” hype. I had Blue Stinger, Sonic, MvC, and later on imported ShenMue. Importing ShenMue and getting Code Veronica at launch were probably the key moments for me with the console.
PlayStation 2 - I had one at launch. The PS2 had 2001 and that year defined gaming in a lot of ways. I had Silent Hill 2 and MGS2 on launch. Same with Kingdom Hearts and GTA3. I played a lot of major titles on PS2 and some odd titles. I also really enjoy importing for PS2. There were some dud games that left a sour taste in my mouth, but it was an amazing console.
GameCube - Walked into Babbages the Sunday it came out. RE4 was one hell of a GameCube game. I had Smash and Zelda at launch. Same with Metroid Prime. A good console, not a ton of games.
Xbox - I enjoyed my time with Halo, Half-Life 2, and DOOM 3 on Xbox. There were some good years with KOTOR and Silent Hill 4.
360- I had a launch console that kept RROD. I played through the major games like ME, BioShock, Gears, Oblivion, and etc.
PS3 was a great console I mainly stuck to that after exclusives tapered off.
This is kinda long but I’ve had NDS Lite, PSP, Vita, Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Lots of great times and a lot to look forward to in the future.
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