Your milkshake duck

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All right, let's do it, your top milkshake duck

And for anyone who's yet to experience this phenomenon personally, here's the origin:

Your milkshake duck can be someone you know in person, or a more well-known figure (which requires less explanation since more people would know what made you like the person to begin with).

I need to think about mine, but it's probably that Gamergater futuristic game:

Jontron for me, laughed so much at his videos and then suddenly :(

Also threedog the MGS streamer who I thought was a legend turned out to be a pos.


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Bill Cosby. Long game milkshake duck there.

Oh, realizing that Mel Gibson probably would've sided with the bad guys in Lethal Weapon 2 kinda sucked.


Was getting caught part of your plan?
This was already a long time ago, but James Woods turning out to be completely nuts really affected all viewings of Disney's Hercules afterwards.
Probably not well known, but I loved the commercials for Alexander Keith's beer (Canada) in the mid 2000s, label peeler/spilly drinker.

Then the actor was busted for child porn.


Was getting caught part of your plan?
Jontron for me, laughed so much at his videos and then suddenly :(

Also threedog the MGS streamer who I thought was a legend turned out to be a pos.
I remember that guy from all the last few weeks of hype leading up to MGSV.

The dude was already annoying to me, but can I get some more info about that?
Jon Tron. The guy is a Nazi, like a genuine Nazi. You wouldn't have thought that watching his videos a couple of years ago, the guy seemed completely normal.
Now and then I want to post that stopit.gif and then I remember that he is straight up KKK racist, like, not even a little bit racist or just a bit problematic, but full on white nationalist racist.
I was too old to get into the YouTube streamer generation, I caught the rise of PewDiePie and laughed at some of his stuff and we all know how that turned out.

Now my kids all love gaming streams and I'm like "Just be careful." It's everywhere, tv is old to kids today.
Doug Wildey, the guy who is responsible for Johnny Quest. I met him at a con. I had an earring in. He asked me if I was some sort of queer boy.
That dude who spent years building up an internet reputation of being a lovable oaf character, only to come out a full blown genetics-obsessed nazi.

For celebrities, I echo JonTron. I used to look forward to his videos, even if they weren't exactly top-tier stuff. Then all the racism, anti-immigrant, and ugly stuff happened, and it really made me remember the times where he got racial with humor on Game Grumps. There were even a few times his comments was censored out because he said something so heinous. I used to think it was just him being stuck in a dumb edgy sense of humor. Then I realized it was that AND he believed some of the stuff too.

In my personal life, there was this science teacher I had in middle school who stood up for me a lot when I was dealing with bullies. He generally seemed like a cool, confident guy and someone I looked up to. Then I grew up and found him on Facebook. Turns out he was a hardcore conservative and anti-liberal, which wouldn't have been as disappointing had I not also remembered what I heard about his firing later on. He apparently got fired for calling one of the teachers a wetback, partially due to her disagreeing with the Iraq war.
I don't think I have one. I've never been actually fussed by the personal beliefs or political advocacy of artists. I do however reserve the right to eye roll when some developer or celebrity goes on a political rant on twitter that basically amounts to whining that as a general rule, most people don't particularly care about the political beliefs of artists. They'll play a game or watch a film regardless of whether they agree with the author's beliefs or the message of the work. It's quite possible to enjoy Lord of the Rings regardless of whether you're a Republican or a Monarchist.

This was just silly. This kind of polarizing nonsense is of no practical use to anyone. This was a "Milkshake duck" moment for Trump supporters, I suppose. This developer actively hated them for their perfectly legitimate choice of failed businessman candidate.

Quite a few indie game developers in America are Planned Parenthood supporters, as are quite a few people in the film business. That's their business. It's their money, and they can do whatever they want with it. I think a vast majority of anti-abortion people wouldn't refuse to play <insert random game here> if they discovered that the lead developer was pro-abortion. It's really the vocal minority who get up in arms over the political allegiances or advocacy of artists.

I do understand people not being able to personally stomach an artist who advocates for something they find reprehensible, but the reality is that most people hold political stances someone on the other side of the fence finds reprehensible in some way.
Had a friend who seemed so positive and friendly all the time. Hung out with him at a cafe and somehow we started talking politics. Found out he supports trump, believes America built for whites, wants immigrants deported, and wants ban on gay marriage. He himself is an immigrant and not white so it just perplexed me and left me shook.
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