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Poll Your most anticipated Xbox exclusive

Which one is your most hyped game ?

  • Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

  • Halo Infinite

  • Everwild

  • Avowed

  • Fable

  • Bright Memory Infinite

  • Scorn

  • The Ascent

  • Forza Motorsport

  • State of Decay 3

  • Perfect Dark

  • Starfield

  • The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Next Doom

  • Gears of War 6

  • Forza Horizon 5

  • Next Compulsion Games

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Jul 24, 2020
Is Tunic exclusive? If so, that. Nothing on that list interests me.

Sign me up for Ori 3 too at some point (but that probably won't be exclusive either).
I'm pretty sure that while moon is an independent studio, ori is a Microsoft exclusive IP.


Jan 15, 2017
That is one tasty list of exclusive games. So tasty that it was hard to pick just one.

In the end, I went for ESVI. Skyrim is still one of my favourite games of all time, so I can't wait to see how a new ES looks on the XSX when it releases.........in 2027!
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Aug 29, 2007
Land of the OKC Thunder
I'm easily most excited about Infinite. I'm a long-time Halo fan and it is the closest to releasing out of the games on that list. But yeah, I also can't wait to see Fable and so many others. It may not look like much now but I'm certain Everwild will be something unique and fun. Can it be E3 already?
Mar 16, 2021
Probably a toss up between Halo Infinite, ES6, and Perfect Dark, but I voted Halo because like many other games on the list Perfect Dark/ES6 doesn’t really have any concrete gameplay info yet.

With the delay, I’m cautiously optimistic about Infinite. 343 has made a good campaign before (Halo 4) and also a subpar one (Halo 5), and that’s my main interest. If the Campaign is good I’ll be down. The multiplayer being F2P also means I won’t need Gold to play it, so that’s nice too. Hopefully the MP is at least as good as 5’s.
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Captain Toad

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Dec 1, 2020
I'm pretty sure that while moon is an independent studio, ori is a Microsoft exclusive IP.

Microsoft owns it, but Ori isn't exclusive to Xbox. I played both games on Switch. Microsoft actually publishes quite a few games on other consoles, especially Switch, but some even on PlayStation too.
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Torrent of Pork

Gold Member
Aug 29, 2018
Bartow, Florida, USA

I would had said ES6 earlier this year, but after getting Series X and plowing through hours of Skyrim, I think I had enough Tamriel for now. I'm going to put in another 5 hours on the weekend and beat it for good. I'm at the end of Act II, and looking at web guides, Act III doesn't seem long (I dont think).

I was going to do that the other day but instead spent 3 hours doing Thieves Guild quests. lol

It's cute that you think you aren't going to be lead around by the nose for those 5 hours by some shiney tangent.

Cutty Flam

Dec 3, 2019
Going to support Halo: Infinite and hope for the best. It has the potential to be the most fun. Also excited to see how nice the forge mode is bc I love spending time crafting maps best suited for CTF, Bomb the Base (Neutral Bomb or the other gametype) and Oddball is alright too sometimes

Big Team Battle crew
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