Your most exciting gaming memory. Or memories.

Falcon F-16 for the Mac, first time I beat the full campaign

Prince of Persia original, finally beating level 8 after 2 years, with my brother

Loading up Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness after 5 years in a foreign country where the latest game I had played was in fact Prince of Persia

First few days of playing Starcraft 1 on battlenet over 56k.

4 hour guild BRD run in WoW back in 2005.
Knowing absolutely nothing about Goldeneye 64 and being introduced to 3 player splitscreen at a school mate's house. Holyyyyyyyyy shit.

EDIT: Oh seeing Quake on my Dad's work Mac was mind blowing as was playing Diablo online for the first time too :)

EDIT2: Probably the greatest one was finding a N64 on my bed the day before my birthday - safe to say I flipped out!
Lots of em

Playing Animal Crossing on GC collecting NES games.
Playing Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
Getting a Game Boy Advance(early days) when I went to buy a Game Boy Color instead, but my father helped me with the rest of the money at that moment.
Playing Wind Waker.
First time I played Super Smash Bros N64 with my bros.
And recently, playing Journey.

There's a lot more I can't think right now.
The SMB/Zelda family marathons in the winter of 1987 will always be the gaming pinnacle. We couldn't find a NES anywhere and a friend who had one and was in no hurry to open it let us purchase it from them and replace it when they were more readily available after the new year. The Konami code was mindblowing and home entertainment was never going to top the first Zelda.
Completing Super Mario World with my cousin.

Completing Metal Gear Solid in one night.

First time playing Resident Evil 2 as a kid. Was so scared, but kept going as I loved it so much.

Playing the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo that came with ZOE2. Most played demo ever.

Completing games with friends. In particular, Silent Hill 2, Amnesia and Shadow Of The Colossus.

Half Life 2.

Late night instances in WoW. In particular. Spamming karazhan with a large amount of close friends.

Going to the Midnight releases for Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4.

Getting Metal Gear Solid 4 a week early. I completed it in one sitting, then went for a nice coma sleep.

Importing Super Smash Bros Brawl and destroying it with friends.

(not my screenshot)

Taking this fucker down with 39 guildmates. Our first real raid end-boss, and a challenge we'd worked on collectively for 8 or 9 raid nights over a period of a month. (everyone sucked back then, come on, haha)

Several of us confessed to each other later that our hands were shaking upon victory. Not afraid to admit that, haha.
Aaah so many to choose from.....

- Playing pokemon games prior to the GBA many fond memories of toilet gaming.....

-getting a dreamcast and playing soul calibur, sonic adventure, and power stone until I was blue in the face.....

-playing EQ and diablo2 all through my junior year of high school

-playing FF Tatics for the PS1 since it was the first RPG I ever owned

-taking a week of vacation from work just to beat Mass Effect 2 and KOTOR
SMT3 and Vagrant Story, easy.

Also, Soul Calibur 1 and Tekken 3 when they debuted in the malls. Twenties were spent. Asses were beaten. Good times were had.

Playing Dark/Demon's Souls for the first time.
This so much. Funny how dungeon crawlery RPGs with their mechanical gameplay and longish segments of travel and work and calculating somehow end up some of the most exhilirating gaming out there. Speaking of dungeon crawling...

Actually I just thought of one aside from FF VIII.

Went on a Tempest Keep run with a random group only to have Ashes of Al'ar drop and rolled a 98. Granted that was before everyone had one so at least at the time having it not only drop but to win it was crazy exciting for me.
Similar, dropping Kael'thas like a bad habit in Nov. 2007. Three weeks of fightin', now on to Hyjal!

Cue someone talking to Jaina when only 15 people were zoned in, of course. :lol

Then you have Ossirian, Vashj, Gruul, RoS, Razorgore, Vael, Hakkar, Jin'do, Illidan, the first four bosses in Sunwell we got down before the Funwell patch. Teamspeak/Ventrillo echoed deafeningly.

(not my screenshot)

Taking this fucker down with 39 guildmates. Our first real raid end-boss, and a challenge we'd worked on collectively for 8 or 9 raid nights over a period of a month. (everyone sucked back then, come on, haha)

Several of us confessed to each other later that our hands were shaking upon victory. Not afraid to admit that, haha.
I love the font on that mod.
Probably getting either my Dreamcast or my Gamecube.

The Dreamcast was brought home by my dad one early saturday morning. My little brother and I were watching saturday morning cartoons and my dad surprised us by coming home, usually we'd only see him once a month since he was constantly working. He brought us a Dreamcast along with Sonic Adventure and Soulcalibur. The graphics blew our minds and we spent that weekend playing the shit out of Soulcalibur.

My dad also brought me the original GBA the same way, I wouldn't put it down for like a week and brought it to school every day.

The Gamecube I kind of knew about before hand, it was a Christmas gift, but I caught my dad and my uncle playing Smash Bros. Melee on Christmas eve. I didn't sleep at all that night because I was too excited to play the damn thing the next morning.

It's things like that, that help me forgive my dad for all the stupid shit he's put me through in my life.

Also, almost every Nintendo E3 conference has brought on an excitement akin to Christmas.
Playing Power Stone on JP Dreamcast until 1am after the game store closed, after having driven to another mall to go pick it up because the store we worked at didn't get their shipment :(
  • Just moved to America as a seventh grader. Spoke very little English and had no friends my age aside from my cousins. My aunt surprises me with a PSX and a copy of FFVII. I knew nothing about FF but it looked awesome enough for us to immediately go nuts over it.
  • Renting a Dreamcast from Hollywood Video before it was released for purchase and pulling an all nighter with cousins.
  • Buying a Gamecube with a copy of SSBM. Dat handle!
Super Mario Bros 3 for my 4th or 5th birthday.
Sega Channel
N64 on Xmas when my mom specifically told me she couldn't find one. I actually opened up Mortal Kombat Trilogy first and she joked "oh, for when you get the system". <3 her.
PS2 and 3 games for Christmas including SSX
FFXI and CS:S stuff.
Now SC2 stuff.
-waiting in line at sams club on new years eve, and all of sudden i see my dad bring a bundle with a black n64, ocarina of time, and an atomic purple controller. my brother and i were almost screaming when we saw him bring it towards us. we stayed up the entire night getting through the deku tree and getting all the way to the dodongos cavern.

-was on vacation at the time when super smash bros brawl came out, so i had asked my friend to get it for me. played smash for hours on end, and couldnt stop playing it.

-beating jet force gemini, perfect dark, and gauntlet legends on the n64 with my good buddies. just getting all the damn tribals, beating all the challenges, and defeating skorne were crazy good times.

-getting into the diablo 3 beta. :p

-playing through mgs4.

-doing my first ever raid in wow: wotlk. that was pretty effing awesome.

-playing final fantasy 7 and 8 on the pc with much better graphics. it absolutely made up for the fact that my friends had a ps1 with both games.

-beating all sorts of NES, SNES, genesis, and diablo 1/2 with my brother. just the best thing ever.

so many more, but its late :p

I didn't have access to the Internet when I bought Pokemon Gold, so this was a total fucking surprise. Incredible moment.
THIS. The whole game to be honest. Still my favourite to this day.
Also all the hype surrounding Super Smash Bros Brawl with the dojo, and then it actually coming out and playing the shit out of it.
Camping out for the Wii was insane too because the night I did it on it happened to be the worst storm in the past decade where I live. I still remember the nearby stop sign SNAPPING IN HALF from the wind. That and just talking all night with the people in the line, reminiscing about old games...those people behind me that is, since I was 1st in line :D
Oh god you bastards are making me cry at work.

I remember some kid came to my grandma's house (separated parents, father's mother) so I made him play with my SNES. But when he saw Super Mario World he started talking about how he had this new console with a new Mario game (I was probably 7). When he went away I asked my dad about that new console. Then later on a friend of mine received it with Mario Kart 64..

That Christmas I received a shitty dinosaur documentary on VHS. I tried to act satisfied (but I felt like after E3 2008 because my father was the one who usually gave me vidyas). Then out from nowhere there it is, that fucking huge box, what a console my beloved Nintendo64.
If only I could tell that bastard how I miss him.

*runs away in tears and gets fired*
For a solid three of four months, a friend of mine and I played the shit out of Perfect Dark. Every mode, every level, every type of sim (Fucking Dark/perfect sims). It's still my favorite game of all time, and I'd kill for a proper sequel, with all the features it had on the N64. and a british Joanna... god.

Also getting my gamecube and playing THPS2 and Pikmin.

Getting the Xbox and playing JSRF.

Playing Halo and thinking it was the first game I'd ever played that really felt like a movie, with the perfect timing of music and action and plot twists and it just amazed me. I went out of my bedroom and told my mom, " This game I'm playing is amazing. I don't know if I want to finish it." even though she wasn't the type who'd understand at all what I was on about.

when I was four, I was allowed to play SMB3 at daycare. If I never played it, I don't think I'd be anywhere near the person I am today...
-Playing Mario 64 for the first time
-The first 30 minutes of God of War 3 on my new TV
-Playing my first RPG Final Fantasy 7
-Getting ganked awhile leveling in WoW and killing the ganker
Playing Salamandar (Gradius) on MSX with my cousin.

Playing SMB3 and I didn't know Mario by then or even knew about the hype, just tried on my uncle's NES and was hooked for life.

Remembering how my neighbor's daughter showed me Kirby GB for the first time but couldn't play it because of her older sisters :mad:

Finaly trying my first Zelda ever Link's Awakining on GB....Sigh :(

Horse Detective

Why the long case?
Playing Fallout 3 for the first time. Also, Half Life 2.

Discovering new things in FO3 while listening to 40's music is probably my happiest gaming memory. I knew nothing of the genre on either game so my expectations were non existent.
I took a whole eleven days off of work for the Wind Waker. I bought a case of Bawls, a few cases of Barqs, some Lotte Milkis, a freezer full of what I called "stoner food" (pizza rolls, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, etc), a whole cheesecake, some tiramisu, etc etc etc. It was a junk food bonanza - enough to last the whole vacation.

Then, I went out and bought a new surround sound speaker system to go with my big TV. And some blackout liner for my curtains then. And lots of candles to set a great mood for my living room.

It was an absolutely glorious vacation. I spent all week long on that sofa, dog at my feet, sailing around Hyrule. I had taken time off of work for gaming events before, but this was escalating it to a whole different level. It marked my transition to adulthood, where I didn't have binding obligations like college classes any longer - indeed, I could finally devote serious time once again to my beloved hobby.

This vacation would set the base standard for all of my future video gaming-related vacations.


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Installing Half-Life 2 on (shitty) Steam... exciting in many ways.
Thank you, first reply! The anticipation from those HL2 videos leading up to release was insane. Don't think I've ever been so excited for a PC game - and for me, it delivered ;)

Before that, most definitely playing Super Mario 64 in Hamleys toy store, London.
Then getting an N64 with it for my 11th birthday (coming home from school and finding it) and setting it up myself... ridiculously hype. I pretty much was the N64 kid (weren't we all?)

Then recently, as a huge Demon's Souls fan, I was unbelievably pumped for Dark Souls. Having recently moved to Japan and suddenly finding myself with less money/time for games, Dark Souls was going to be my first gaming indulgence in a long time. And boy, what a success it has been. Until a couple of weeks ago I've been playing it exclusively on a tiny old, which (aside from squinting to read text) is a testament to just how great it is. As sad as it sounds, I don't think I could enjoy many modern titles in SD.

Now, on a beautiful 32" LED screen, it's the gift that keeps on giving, all over again!

Edit: Just wanted to say the post above is beautiful ;_; *tips cap to HylianTom*
When I had been playing Quake for about 2 weeks solid back in 1996. This was my first PC at home and it was a blazing DX100 with 16mb ram and a modem. I read in a PC magazine that you could play it online so I dialled up on my 20 hours free compuserve account and looked on Altavisa search for "quake servers" and found a random IP address.

The document told me to press a key to bring down a console (of which I had no idea about) and then type connect <ip> - which didn't make a lot of sense to me so I just did what they said and hit enter. Some text flew past the screen then I appeared in DM1 and thought "didn't think it would work, it's just loaded the first DM map :/". Then, I saw a quake guy run past the door firing, then another behind him shooting a nail gun. I couldntquite comprehend that these were other people so I ran after them with my mind blown and tried to greet my fellow Quake players so I just jumped to say hello!.....then exploded into a pile of gibs as the guy shot me with his rocket launcher then I saw a text communication pop up with a simple ":)" . I smiled wide and then 4 years of my life were sunken into Quakeworld.
I remember my first video game back on the Atari 2600, Video Pinball.... but that's not my favorite gaming moment lol.

My favorite gaming moment of all time... Summer of 1999. Chrono Cross finally got released. I was the happiest kid there was, seriously. The music, setting, characters... battle system, I love EVERYTHING about that game. It's the best game I've ever played to this day.

There's only one way I can get that same feeling again & that's when Final Fantasy Versus XIII finally comes out.
When I first got into online gaming in a big way on PC. Mostly with Blizzard titles. Between StarCraft and Diablo I and II me and my friends practically lived on Ladder matches, comp stomps, item dupes, random custom games. So much fun.

Also, the first time I played Grand Theft Auto III. Driving around Liberty City for the first time was a pretty big moment. It felt alive and I felt like I had total freedom.
Summer school holidays, 93/94, I'm 9 years old and staying at my uncles place. We go to the big shopping centre and I rush to the arcade. I see huge crowds huddled around two machines...

Mortal Kombat 2 and Super Street Fighter 2! Wowwww
Getting my PS2, my first game was Ty the Tasmanian Tiger which was greatly under appreciated.
I like you.

Watching my little brother win a Nintendo-run Donkey Kong Country competition after putting him through three solid weeks of daily training. Never was so proud.

He won a copy of Donkey Kong Country WTF
AS a kid, getting Secret of Mana then FFVI and Chrono trigger in the same week (Had to be imported from the states)

As an adult - getting my NEO GEO AES and Supergun for the first time..really ticked a lot of boxes for me.
I was at a convention and was hyped to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the first time ever there. They had setup sticks and everything for folks and it was on the bigscreen projector and folks were playing till they lost. I tried it out and wanted to play Tekkaman and Casshern because I actually knew about them and were big fans. I did okay, but lost due to spending too long learning inputs.

Then I got back up and had the moment that made me decide to learn to play fighters more seriously than casually.

I got back on and switched to Volnutt/Tekkaman and I won 3 in a row. Then someone serious shows up and chooses Chun Li/Morrigan. Up till then folks had been trying out all the cast possible and being hype over the game. This guy has been stonefaced in line the whole time and picks cast thats not likely to be different in this game from others...this guy was serious. We throw down and its tight. I'm going back and forth with them and it ends up on the last round and I'm nearly dead with both guys. Volnutt mounts a comeback of massive proportions to even the score and it eventually comes down to Tekkaman or nothing for me.

We go at it and its rough and finally its neck and neck at last seconds. He jumps away and does Morrigan's missile hyper...time slows...the missiles are going to be slow coming...they chip me I die...I can't dodge in time...I pop Tekkaman's hyper DIRECTLY OVER HER HEAD and before her missiles connect my hyper KILLS HER.

I win and I'm suddenly hitting the ground on my knees with my arms in the air in victory with the whole room exploding as I throw my head back and whoop it up with them and their cheers. I left after that knowing I'd never top it and went out on top. The comebacks, the last second turnaround, the crowd, the screen, the made me decide to get better at fighters. I'd always loved them, bought them all, and played them. I had never gotten serious with them. I did after that. It was awesome.


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Losing a player to a red card on the cusp of halftime and consequently being down 2-0 at the break in FM2012, only to score the winning goal in the last minute of the match to complete a 2-3 miracle comeback in a Champions League final.

My better half thought I was watching a live football match.
Playing Afterburner and Sonic on Genesis whilst tilting the controller to try to move with the camera.

Booting up Golden Sun, hearing the opening music and the rest of the wonderful journey it took me to.

The glorious game that was Ghost Recon when it first graced the PC. Dat realism.
I have lots of great memories in the C64 days when games were so cheap (a pound or two) that I would get one every week with pocket money. Was always nice to get one on a Saturday morning and my brother and I spend the rest of the day ploughing through it.

Another vivid one was when I was 8 or so and had asked for a Mega Drive for Christmas. I remember last minute Christmas shopping with parents on Christmas Eve and standing outside a game shop, staring into the window display transfixed on Sonic 1 on demo mode.

Also, when I first seen Tomb Raider in action on the PS1, my jaw literally dropped. I was happy enough with my 16-bit MD games and so to see a 3D world was mind blowing in 1996 or whenever it was.


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I remember skipping school for the two Halo 2 map packs

Picking up the limited edition at the midnight launch was pretty exciting too
My best memory is probably from back when I got a Sega Master System II on Christmas Eve.

"But mum, there are no games!"
"The store manager said there was one inside."
*boots up Sonic*
"Ohhh shit!"
Having a blast playing Gears of War online with friends, midJuly '07 in a really hot night (well over 78F).

And other stuff that has been already posted, mostly pokemon and fallout moments ;)