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Your Most Wanted Rockstar Remaster ? Bully vs GTA IV vs RDR 1

Which if the Rockstar classics would you like to see get the remaster treatment for a newer generati

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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Which if the Rockstar classics would you like to see get the remaster treatment for a newer generation ?
Red Dead Redemption remastered for current gen consoles and PC would definitely be my choice followed by a remake of the excellent Bully but with all the humour intact (without any tiresome politically correct editing if you please!).
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I was a pretty disappointed how small the difference between GTA V from the past generation and the enhanced version for the series X was. So I fear being disappointed again when they to GTA IV.

Bully would be a pretty big step, but maybe a remaster would not work and that would need a remake?


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GTA IV would take more than a remaster for me to play it again. It needs a full on remake. The game sucks and no amount of fancy graphics and performane improvements is going to change that.

Not interested in Bully. It's trash. Table Tennis is a joke answer.

The only real answer here for me is RDR but of course Rockstar abandoned that because they realised they couldn't hire some shitty ass mobile studio to do it and that they'd need to do it themselves. They ain't got time for that shit when they are busy milking idiots dry on GTA Online and working on GTA VII which they will use to milk idiots dry well into the 2030's.
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None as GTAIV and Bully are already "remastered" on PC and RDR and Table Tennis would need native pc versions that could not necessarily be a remasters.
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Their best game of course:

I want all the processing power of Ps5/SX/PC put into a single room with 2 players. 4K/120fps, the most realistic animations ever. When I loose a point I want to see the disappointment in the face of my player, when I loose a tournament I want the light in their eyes to fade ever so slightly.


GTA IV because it had the best city but it also looked very ugly at times (foliage looks awful) and it's the worst performing game in the series. It's was held back by the hardware more so than the other games in the list.


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Despite not finishing GTA4, I just love a western so much more.

Bully, I like as well but I doubt it's gonna be as popular as the other two.
Would love red dead remastered for the new consoles. Yes please

But as for my choice, I went with gta4.

First gta I didn’t finish and the first that I thought the vision was limited by the hardware at the time (and I Include the slow down on the ps1, when you almost finished each level/city)

Think they could deliver and if not. Well the dlc for gta4 was all sorts of fun


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I'd like RDR1 on PC the most, but you're making a tempting offer with that table tennis.
If they remade GTA4 they'd get rid of the cool physics engine

I'd say Bully but I don't even like Bully that much... I remember distinctly looking forward to the game because of all the controvery making me assume it'd be hardcore, it's Rockstar so UK devs right??? (lol) + I knew the main character had a shaved head so I figured I'd get to be a proper chav prick. Thought I'd be sneaking knives into school, bricking houses and napping dogs to use as bait for bigger, harder dogs in some sort of dogfighting arena minigame

Then I realised it wasn't Rockstar North... then I heard the kid's American accent when I started the game and immediately got pissed off. This kid's school doesn't even have a metal detector or drug dogs. Pussy shit.

What I'm saying is they should remake Bully but according to my ~artistic vision~ as outlined above.


GTA IV for sure tons of memories and fun moments had on that map and Niko's story and Ballad Of Gay Tony were sick.
if we're picking any rockstar game. I'd say a proper remaster of the GTA 3 trilogy. Not done by the phone game idiots that keep ruining it.

Didn't they even make it so the backwards compatible version of the original trilogy on Xbox, doesn't even play the actual games, but instead downloads the terrible mobile ports?

The Warriors was a great game
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